Sebago Docksides Vs Sperry Top-Siders: Better one? [2024]

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When talking about boat shoes, Sebago Docksides and Sperry Top-Siders are the absolute hot sellers.

But when it’s time for crowning, which brand would you vote for?

Confused, right? Well, not just you, but the majority of people, are debating which is best between Sebago Docksides and Sperry Top-Siders.


But don’t you worry!

In this post, I have discussed every feature and function of both brands so that you can choose the ultimate one according to your need.

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the writing.

Sebago Docksides vs Sperry Top-Siders [Detailed Guide]

 Sebago DocksidesSperry Top-Siders
MaterialFull-Grain Unlined NubuckFull-Grain Leather
AppearanceNeutral ColorsBright Colors
FittingTrue To SizeTrue To Size
PriceVarious Price RangeVarious Price Range


Sebago and Sperry are made from the best leather you can get.

Sebago Docksides shoes are made of full-grain unlined nubuck. The nubuck leather on the shoes gives them a smooth and velvety feel.

The upper and interior are composed of tough leather that can endure abrasion.

Sebago also features a rubber sole that is both non-marking and slip-resistant.

On the other hand, Sperry shoes are made of full-grain leather that is strong and long-lasting.

Sperry shoes are handcrafted by the best artisans to assure perfection.

Not to add, the Sperry Top-Siders sole is built of durable rubber with patterned grooves that keep your feet secured and avoid slippage on wet surfaces.

Overall, the materials used in the Sebago Docksides and Sperry Top-Siders are ideal for keeping your feet safe when boating.

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Which is the winner: Draw


The outlook of Sebago Docksides and Sperry Top-Siders is top-notch.

Both shoes have moccasin-stitch toes, the upper is neatly sewn to the sides with white thread. The white thread contrasts nicely with the dark hue of the shoes.

Sperry shoes are available in a variety of bright colors, whereas Sebago makes more neutral-tone shoes.

Both Sebago and Sperry shoes contain rust-resistant eyelets and a safe lacing system.

The Sebago and Sperrys shoes don’t look too boaty, so you can wear them to any event, formal or casual, and they’ll definitely make you stand out among all.


In terms of appearance, Sebago and Sperry shoes go head to head, but because Sperry provides shoes with vibrant colors, my vote goes to Sperry.

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Which is the winner: Sperry Top-Siders


In terms of comfort, both Sebago and Sperry shoes offer benefits and drawbacks.

Both shoes are lightweight, which means they won’t add extra bulk to your feet, allowing you to wear them for extended periods of time without tiring your feet.

However, you must wait a few days to experience the comfort. Because both brands require a break-in time, when the shoes are broken in, their comfort level skyrockets.

Both shoes are unquestionably comfy, but in a battle, the Sperry Top-Siders come out on top. Why is this the case?

Sperry shoe soles are more cushioned, giving the foot a padded sensation and long-term comfort.


On the other hand, Sebago Docksides are closer to the ground, allowing your feet to feel the hardness of the ground. Nonetheless, the sole is sufficiently flexible.

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Which is the winner: Sperry Top-Siders


Sebago and Sperry boat shoes are extremely durable. They are strong enough to endure any hardship.

Both manufacturers employed real leather as the fabric for their shoes, which are hand-sewn for durability.

In comparison, Sebago outlasts Sperry in terms of durability. The upper of the Sebago Dockside is made of full-grain unlined nubuck, which is extremely durable and rigid, resulting in increased longevity.

However, how long these shoes will survive is all dependent on how you use them. If you wear the shoes every day, they will rapidly degrade.

However, if you properly maintain them and replace your shoes every other day, they will last for many years.

Which is the winner: Sebago Docksides


For boating, a pair of waterproof shoes is a must. Do Sebago and Sperry shoes have waterproofing quality?

Both shoes are water-resistant rather than fully waterproof.

Since leather upper is used in the shoes, they have some water-resisting properties which keep your feet protected from water to some extent.

However, you can’t expect boat shoes, both Sebago Dockside and Sperry Top-Siders, to be fully waterproof.

When you wear the shoes in deep water, water penetrates through the seams, stitchings, and welt. No matter how fancy the stitchings are, water will find its way and enter the shoes.

Sebago and Sperry both have a section of shoes that says waterproof, but I reckon, those waterproof shoes are only labeled to hook the customers.

Because in reality, neither Sebago nor Sperry cannot be completely waterproof.

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Which is the winner: Draw


Sebego and Sperry shoes run true to size that’s why it is recommended to choose the accurate size of your feet, neither tight nor loose.

Additionally, if you have wide or narrow feet, you can choose the fitting according to your feet shape because Sebago and Sperry have varieties of fits.

But remember, Sebago and Sperry shoes are stiff right out of the box. They need to break in to become flexible and comfortable.

You can speed up the break-in process by continuously wearing the shoes with socks for a week straight. They will feel very tight and uncomfortable at first but once they break-in, the shoes become too comfy.

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Which is the winner: Draw


Sebago and Sperry brands have both affordable and expensive shoes. Obviously, the expensive ones have more features and functions well than the affordable ones.

Since Sebago and Sperry shoes are available in all price ranges, you can pick the one according to your budget and purpose.

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Which is the winner: Draw

Which One Should You Buy?

So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Which brand do you consider to be the best? Which one are you going to buy?

Both the Sebago Docksides and the Sperry Toper-Siders have advantages and disadvantages that distinguish them as experts in their respective fields.

Sebago and Sperry provide a variety of shoe models, each with its own set of characteristics that influence how the shoe functions.

I’ve just compiled a list of common qualities found in both Sebago and Sperry shoes, so you can acquire a complete grasp of them and find the best boating shoes for you.

Sebago and Sperry offer a range of boat shoes at various pricing points. So it’s up to you to choose which brand to use.

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Final Verdict

Which is better between the Sebago Docksides and the Sperry Top-Siders is a never-ending dispute. One set of individuals adores Sebago, while another group loves Sperry.

Hands down, Sebago and Sperry both produce excellent boat shoes, which is why they continue to lead the boat shoe business.

Now that you’ve weighed the benefits and drawbacks of Sebago and Sperry shoes, it’s up to you to decide which brand to go with.

That’s all today, but do let me know which brand you choose for your boating in the comments area.

Happy boating!

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