Red Wing Vs Doc Martens [Comparison of the Worth]

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In the boot world the names, Doc Martens and Red Wings shine as bright as the morning sun. Bold, luminous, and enduring.

When it comes to picking only one brand, the process is puzzling.


This article will give you the core information about Red Wing and Dr. Marten’s basic differences to ease your selection process.

Now, let’s jump right to it!

Doc Martens Vs Red Wing: A Quick Overview

There is no doubt both Red Wing and Dr. Marten are on the market for decades, and they have earned the place. To have a better knowledge of these iconic shoes, you must know the fine details.

Let’s travel through Doc Marten and Red Wing’s world:

Doc Martens

If you wanna buy good quality orthopedic footwear, only Doc Martens is all you need. Their boots, shoes, and sandals are top-quality leather-made. These shoes ensure the overall health of your foot.

DM boots are comfy, cushiony, last longer, and are suitable for most of the activities except heavy movements like basketball, volleyball, etc.


Also, the manufacturers have launched vegan versions of the most popular models such as Doc Martens 1460 Boots, Jadon boots, 2976 Chelsea boots, and so on.

Red Wing

The RedWing company is widely known for its premium quality boots and shoes.

From the selection to the final product’s packaging, these boots go through several monitored processes.


Though these shoes feel quite stiff at the beginning, the cork and leather footbed slowly takes the shape of your foot to give you a comfortable experience. The resolable sole is another benefit of this footwear.

Just wait until the break-in period, and you will be amazed by the service you will get.

Differences Between Dr. Martens And Red Wing Boots

Though both Doc Martens and Red Wing boots are top-notch brands, there are many dissimilarities among them, from their manufacturing process to materials to fitting and sizing.

These pieces of information are necessary to buy the ideal pair for yourself.

Here are the 5 differences between Red Wing and Dr. Martens boots:

1. Materials And Manufacturing

Doc Martens are mainly focused on Sustainability. The main manufacturing materials of these iconic boots are leather, polyester, and PVC, due to the vegan models. The soles are also made with air pockets to provide more comfort.

Doc Marten boots come in various models and colors, but you need to know how you stop the squeaking these leather-made boots make.

For Red Wing, the building materials are also leather. These are well-prepared before sewing, using old Puritan Sewing Machines. Depending on the models, they are also glued to the midsole.

Each individual piece is properly sewn and welded together for a better boot experience.

2. Leather

Both of these brands use chrome-tanned leather, but the similarities end with Red Wing using full-grain leather (the outer part of animal skin). I have seen the texture of the skin on my Father’s Iron Ranger, but over years it’s almost faded.

This oil-tanned Amber Harness leather is quite lighter. The Red Wing Merchant also has the same leather.


Now for Doc Martens, Leather is corrected grain which means it’s been smoothed down and has a glossy finish. So, if you are into shiny shoes, Dr. Martens is your piece. DM boots are more urban and less rustic than Red Wings.

Compared to Red Wing boots, Doc Marten’s leather is cheaper and lower in quality. Here the winner is Red Wing.


There is a clear difference between regular and vegan Doc Martens. Before buying, make sure to clear the concept.

3. Sole

Doc martens soles have superior traction and are terrifically bouncy to provide the right amount of shock absorption. Compared to Red Wing boots, they are on the softer side, and the Air Wire soles make them comfier.

On the other hand, Red Wing shoes come with rubber sole which is hard and firm too.


Along with cork and leather-made midsole, these boots are not as good in shock absorption as DM.

But the advantage of the cork-made sole of Red Wing boots is, they mold according to your foot’s shape over time, though they feel like hardwood at the beginning.

Finally, you get a custom boot that fits like a glove, this feature is not available in Dr. Marten’s boots, along with the resolable feature.

4. Price

When it comes to pricing, Doc Martens starts from $65 and ranges over $220. The price varies from model to model. Such as you will get a pair of 1460 Women’s Smooth Leather Boots at $170.

In the meanwhile, I got my Blaire Hydro Leather Strap Sandals at $110.

Red Wing boots are not cheap either. Man’s Iron Ranger 8085 Leather Boots cost around $364 on Amazon. While there are models that prize, $94. While Red Wing Black Smith will cost you 300 dollars.

So, clearly in pricing, Dr. Martens wins through the quality, material, comfort, and service they provide.

5. Fitting and Size

Doc Martens don’t have half sizes. If you are in between sizes, go a size up. And for more petite feet, you can go down one size. Make sure to try your DM boots before buying.

I am a size 9.5, but as there are no half sizes, I got US 10, and my 8053 Leather Platform Casual Shoes fit me perfectly and are super comfortable.

I have styled my DM boots in so many ways and visualized many.


For your Red Wing shoes, going down one size works just fine. These boots have less heel slippage and mold according to your feet’s shape.

Pros and Cons of Red Wing And Doc Martens

In terms of quality, durability, and ensuring good health of your feet, both of these brands earned their fame. And let me tell you they are different yet good on their own.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of Dr. Martens and Red Wings:

Red Wing

  • »Thick tough leather.
  • »Resoleable.
  • »Durable.
  • »More foot-shaped.
  • »High Price.
  • »Stiff leather.
  • »Fewer color options.

Doc Martens

  • »Shock absorption.
  • »Better grip.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Doesn’t have half sizes.
  • »Thinner leather.
  • »Less textured leather.


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the selection of a perfect pair of boots.

If you are someone who has a fondness for shinier leather and wants to purchase good quality boots like me, Dr. Martens is a great choice.

During summer, I reach for my Blaire Hydro Leather Strap Sandals the most. And I have learned various ways to lace up my DM boots for an elevated look.

On the other hand, if you are not worried about the price and can wait a bit to break in your boot to enjoy the durability, wonderful leather, and comfort, Red Wing boots are the ones you should go for.


Moreover, you can get both and wear them according to your need. In each way, this is a win-win.


Are Doc Martens Worth The Money?

Yes, Doc martens are worth the money. These boots are versatile, good quality and within the budget, you are getting everything you can ask from these stylish shoes.

What’s So Special About Red Wing Boots?

Red Wing boots are special instead of their price point, because of the premium quality full-grain leather, cork filler, and vegetable-tanned leather midsole.

Parting Thought

A sustainable, good quality boot can last you a lifetime if you take care of it. Both Doc Martens and Red Wings worth every penny you spend on their purchase and repair process.

I have elaborated every feature and difference between Red Wing and Dr. Martens boots to help you choose the ideal pair.

If you have any further queries, comment below.

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