Red Wing Blacksmith Vs Beckman: Which One To Get? [in 2024]

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From 1905, Red Wing built trustworthiness among boots enthusiasts. If you’re one of them you must have a thought to own a pair of Red Wing.

But It can be confusing as red wing has a huge options to select. If you are thinking of getting a pair of work boots from Red wing, you can choose Blacksmith or Beckman.


However, which one is perfect for you? Blacksmith or Beckman?

You don’t have to worry as I researched extensively to compare both the pairs for you.

So, keep reading till the end.

Overview of Red Wing Blacksmith 

Red wing Blacksmith is basically inspired by the blacksmiths. These ankle high boots are most popular for its look and functionality.

On the first impression, you can find an oil tanned vibram leather as an outsole. The bamp toe informal look of Blacksmith will amuse you a lot.

At first these boots were the initial choice of farmers but over time this pair has become a common fondness of Americans.

Overview of Red Wing Beckman

Red wing Beckman is also known as ‘gentleman traveler’.From the beginning of Red wing,Beckman boots are still a popular choice.

You must be surprised to know that Beckman shoes are named after the founder of Red wing shoes. Therefore this shoe is popular from the heritage line of Red wing.

Talking about heritage line,Red wing started making boots with traditional construction method and timeless designs and named them as their heritage. Boots that come under the heritage line are American made with premium quality leather and resolable welts.

The round toe style and featherstone leather add a posh look to this pair as well as the shiny outsole will attract you more.

Beckman are the untimely pick from the Red wing. And this pair of boots is a sign of the legacy and heritage of the company.

What Are The Differences Between Blacksmith and Beckman?

Above all, there are some unrelated features in the middle of Blacksmith and Beckman.

Add some lines.

Here are the differences between Blacksmith and Beckman:


You might have a question about how you can differentiate Blacksmith and Beckman.

Clearly the answer is hidden in the type of leather.


Red wing makes Blacksmith with Oil tanned leather . That gives these boots an authentic first-rate look. The leather of Blacksmith is slightly in red tone. I like it more than the black one.

In my research I found that Oil tanned refers to chrome tanned. Which is the star player for water, marks and vapor resistance.

The upper of the Blacksmith is natural and does not require any extra processing. This is already a master for its barrier oil slick leather which gives a self conditioning to Blacksmith boots. You can’t polish or shined your Blacksmith so much.

Some models like Blacksmith 2955 have a reverse use of leather. This model is made by the inverse side of the leather. You can find the finished part of the leather on the underside of the shoe. This reverse use makes a positive illusion among traditional boot lovers.



Beckman’s upper material is featherstone leather which gives these boots a glossy look. According to my personal experience, I will suggest Beckman as clear dress boots.

Finely finished cigar featherstone leather is the king material of Beckman. This technology is the exclusiveness of Red wing.

For a classic look, you can choose Beckman. You can easily polish your Beckman pair and after polishing it will shine like a glass.


In addition,outsole is a point of distinction between Blacksmith and Beckman.


You can see Vibram 430 Mini-lug as an outsole in  Blacksmith. Which is similar to Iron ranger. This outsole adds oil resistance,non-marking,long wearing feature into it.


But traction will be medium with this material of the outsole. This outsole is not so shock resistant. The corck padding of the midsole gives a good matrix of your feet over time.

Besides the 270-degree Goodyear welt gives the key over the previous problem of slippery problems of the outsole.

With that 3 layered steel shank make the sole more intact in shape and give great support on long standing.


Vibram roccia is the material of Beckman’s outsole and they made the outsole with leather.

People knowns Roccia for its lightweight feature And vibram for the waterproofing manner.

Beckman mixed them up into their outsole. This technique makes the boots waterproof, durable and fashionable. As well as this method is for rugged,industrial,outdoor and military look.

The leather shank is the specialty of Beckman boots. Which add extra cushioning to the footbed of these boots.

As a result, Beckman is a better choice for winter wear. In addition, Backman has a thinner outsole than Blacksmith.

Shoes Bottom line

Another point of the district for both of the pairs is the Bottom line. Due to the different techniques of out sole both boots are not identical.

Blacksmith has a wider bottom line with solid finishing. In my opinion, this adds a heavy look to it.

Besides Beckman provides a thinner classy look with its slick and cutted bottom line.

So you might choose with the help of your style requirement.If you want a rough and tough non-slip sole you must go for Blacksmith.On the other hand Beckman is for your polished fashionable look.


In the question of styling, Blacksmith is for rugged and casual wear. According to my research, I can say that you can style your Blacksmith for your work as well as your night party.

On the other hand, Beckman is the all-rounder for all types of working place, party or a normal day out with a unique look. The shiny upper of Beckman compliments you in all your dressing.


However Blacksmith has some color options but they turned into the original leather color over the time. Because the upper of Blacksmith is not dyed even painted. Contrary Beckman don’t have such an issue.

If you want to know my opinion, I will suggest you to have a Beckman. But if you like the antiquity of leather then go for Blacksmith.


For a pair of Blacksmith, you have to spend around $300 to $350.If you can wait for any sell or less it will be more beneficial for you.

On the contrary, Beckman has a higher price than a blacksmith. As it is not available anymore. But you can try to resell. When it was available the price was around $498.

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Red Wing Blacksmith vs Beckman: Are They Similar?

Lookwise, Blacksmith and Beckman are mostly similar. After an overall research I came to know the identical features of both pairs. These boots are same in their making,insole,style,craftability and so on.

Here are the similarities between Red wing Blacksmith and Beckman:


When I decide to talk about the construction of Blacksmith and Beckman, I have to mention Red wing’s tannery based production. Red wing always builds boots from their own processed leather.

As a result Blacksmith and Beckman both are finally constructed. All the boots are made in the US in the factory of Red wing.

Beckman is a round toe style boot as well as Blacksmith is. Both the models are using Red wings famous Goodyear welt construction method. As a result these pairs become timeless.

I can assure you that Blacksmith and Beckman both are similar in construction.


When I tried both of the pairs I noticed that the insoles of Backman and Blacksmith are similar. They are made with fine leather.

Again the Goodyear welt method allows both of the pair resoling and recrafting.A medium to proper sock proof insole is a noticeable property of both pairs.

In my experience, you can work for a long time without feeling any problem in your feet in both of the boots. The commendable insole makes these boots a proper work boot.


According to my findings, there is no doubt that Blacksmith is a replacement for Beckman. Red wing launched Blacksmith with the same style of Beckman.

As Beckman inspired the making of Blacksmith,both are almost similar at first glance. The round toe style,oil slick leather,clip eyelates,high length with rounded collar make them attractive for me.

With that, a wax cotton less can be your liking point in both of these boots.


Blacksmith and Beckman are equally comfortable.

Though Blacksmith and Beckman are only made as a work boot,I used them as my outing boot also. You can feel the comfortness of those pairs after a long time.

Until breaking down you might find them quite uncomfortable. But after using them for a while they left behind their painfulful phase.

Moreover they might mold in your feet after a bit. You will only enjoy them after the molding.

Besides, the waterproof quality will add extra comfort in muddy and watery weather.


As,all of Red wing boots Blacksmith and Beckman are craftable. You can recraft your pair of boots,If you need to rearrange or resole.

Because of using the Goodyear welt construction method, both of the pairs give you the solution of repairing.


Red wing applied their ‘Red wing number 8 last’ in both Blacksmith and Beckman. As a result you can expect the same sizing from them. Even if you use your pair for years it will give the same fit.

You must go for one size smaller than your street footwear when you buy from Red wing. Blacksmith and Beckman provides you a wider fit.


Surprisingly, I noticed that my pair of Blacksmiths have been the same since the last 4 years. You don’t need much maintenance to keep them happy. Blacksmith and Beckman both will provide you a long lasting performance.

You have to walk almost five miles for the initial breaking of your pair of Blacksmith or Beckman.

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Is Red Wing Beckman Discontinued?

Red wing decided to make their Beckman series invisible for the USA. If you are like me,a crazy Beckman fan,this news must make you sad.

But very recently Red wing restarted their Beckman boots in some countries. In Singapore,Indonesia and Malaysia they are available from 2021.

Red wing declared William or Blacksmith as the replacement of Beckman. But in my personal experience no pair can be an exact substitute of Beckman boots.

However you are a die hard fan and can’t resist yourself from collecting this pair you can purchase it by an international shipment.

But remember it will cost you some extra bucks!

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Which One You Should Buy?

Both of the pairs are almost similar with some minor differences. You can select any one of them according to your preferences.

For a dressing look with a perfect match for hard work you can choose Beckman. Besides for the rugged look and though use you must go for Blacksmith.

As I discussed above, you have no other option than buying Blacksmith if you are in the USA. So, you might plan an Asia tour to get your Beckman pair.

Some Beckmans models are now available in some Asian countries. Among them, the popular choices are Beckman 9013-3,9414,9416,9041 etc.

Blacksmith became customer’s first choice after Beckman. They also have some different models of Blacksmith.After reading a lot of reviews I sum up that the various models of Blacksmith are not very different.

However the most loved models from Blacksmith are Red wing Blacksmith 3340, Blacksmith 3344,Blacksmith 3345 and so on.

Overview of Red Wing Boots

Red wing started in 1905 with a motive of easiness to feet. Their purpose-building product has launched to offer a variance in people’s lives.

Nowadays Red wing distributes their product in 110+ countries. This company is offering you a gap of work boots and heritage footwear.

You might find some award winning aspects of the brand Red Wing. which are safety,performance,comfort. The visible craftsmanship of Red wing will make you feel really different.

Red wing makes happy and comfortable a many number of hard worker. The list includes farmer,logging worker,mining worker, oil worker and so on. So you might consider Red wing as your pair of work boots.

As hard workers like farmers,logging workers, mining workers, and oil workers are truly happy with Red wing,you might depend on this brand for your work boots.

Quality, reversion comfort, and variety are the cause of the massive demand for Red wing. This brand never compromises its product quality as they process its own leather.


Does Red wing still make Beckman boots?

Red wing makes Beckman only for some Asian countries.Like Malaysia,Indonesia,Singapore etc.

Do Red wing Blacksmith run big?

Red wing Blacksmith runs a half size larger than your street footwear. If your sneaker size is 11 then the size 10.5 will your right size for Blacksmith.

Can I wear a Red Wing Blacksmith in the rain?

Red wing Blacksmith has an excellent waterproof property. It can keep your feet dry in rain properly. The oil tanned leather is the key element for its waterproofing.

Does Blacksmith have a shank?

Yes,Blacksmith has 3 layered steel shanks in the midsole.which gives it a strong figure in long working period.

Is there any cutting on Blacksmith?

No,there is no cutting on Blacksmith. It has a slick upper with dress look. A round toe style is the unique feature of Blacksmith.

Final Thought

On the basis of discussion, I might tell you that both Red wing Blacksmith and Beckman will give you a classy,stylish and confident look.

A fantastic pair of leather will compliment you in both work and outing. In that case you might go for Blacksmith. Otherwise do some extra effort to get your Beckman pair. Above all, you must decide your choice according to your preference and styling.

Let me know about your pick by commenting below.

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