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For over 110 years, the Red Wing has been producing top-notch quality boots. Due to its durability and high-class look, everyone has a soft spot for them. But you can only take advantage of these boots only when you get your perfect size.

So, if you plan to buy a Red Wing boot, I would say you should first have a piece of proper knowledge about their sizing. You don’t want to waste your money on the wrong sizing boots, right?

Why fear when I (the biggest boot freak) am here!

In this article, I will unveil all the stunning tricks that will help you achieve your perfect sizing Red Wing boots.

This article includes:

  • Sizing chart of Red Wing boots
  • How they fit
  • Guidelines for precise fitting
  • Tips To Follow While Buying Red Wing Boots


Sizing Chart Of Red Wing Boots

It is always ideal to buy boots from a physical store in person. There you can correctly measure your feet by the fitting experts, and they will give you your exact boot size.

However, if you order online, you can still get your exact boot size. In that case, you have to measure your feet yourself.  All you have to do is, measure your feet length and width in centimeters and match your feet size with the sizing chart of Red Wing. If you need arch support or if you have wider feet, or you want to know any other information, you can take help from their experts.

Here’s the Red Wing Boot Size Chart:


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Guidelines For Precise Fitting Of Red Wing Boots

Red Wing has a standard sizing of boots for both men and women. For men, most of the Red Wing boots come in a D fitting and for women, a B fitting. Few designs are sold in an EE width, like the men’s 6 inches safety work boots, with other widths varying from A to 3E.

The sizes start at a range from a size 5 to a size 11, with half sizes in some women’s designs.

Depending on the boot type, for men, there are sizes from a 7 through to a 16. Few styles of men’s boots provide in half sizes between 6.5 and 11.5.

Proper Fitting Guide For Red wing boots

Red Wing comes in two different styles- the pull-on and the lace-up boots. Both the fitting are different from each other. You have to know certain things that will help you slide in the shoes smoothly and have a perfect fitting.

Let us begin with the guidelines for proper fitting:

7 Simple Ways To Get Perfect Fitting Of Pull-On Boots

  1. Insert insoles- Wear insoles inside the boots; this will improve the shoes fit. If you have a problem with your feet, the insoles work excellent. It holds the feet in its place in the boots, holds up the arches, gives relief from foot pain. Wearing insoles also occupy the extra space if you feel your boot is a bit loose.
  2. Wear socks- Make it a habit to wear socks with any type of boots or shoes. What socks do is that if the boot is large, it takes up the extra room to give you a proper fit. When the boot is new, it is rather hard, wearing socks will protect your skin from rubbing with the shoes.wear-socks
  3. Measuring your feet- Measure your feet length in the afternoon. At daylight, our feet swell due to walking, and at the end of the day our feet are largest. So it’s not a good idea to buy boots in the morning.
  4. A little force to slide in the boots- Pull-on boots need a small force to push the feet down the heel when putting the shoes on, don’t expect your boots will glide on smoothly. But don’t force it so hard that eventually, you will ruin the shape of your shoes. Also, when taking off the boots, you need to apply a little pressure to take off the shoes.
  5. You should feel snug and firm fit once you put on the pull-on Red Wing boots. Rather than too tight-fitting. If you think the fitting is too tight that you can’t move your toes, you will have the wrong size.
  6. A little heel slippage- When the pull-on boots are new, you will feel a slight heel slippage. But over-time, once you break-in the shoes, the heel slippage will go away as the sole becomes flexible.
  7. Proper-fit- Your heels should not slip in and out of the boots; instead, it should hold the heel comfortably in its place.

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4 Easy Ways To Get Perfect Fitting Of Lace-Up Boots

Wearing socks and insoles inside the boots and measuring your feet in the afternoon also implies lace-up boots.


  1. Lace-up the boots– Lacing the boots ensures your foot is secured; hold your foot in its place. Lacing-up will decrease the chances of heel slippage because you can control the fitting laces’ level. Also, to reduce the pressure on the toes, ankles, or insteps, you can miss out on the boots’ eyelet. But keep in mind, don’t lace-up the boots too tight that end up having swelling feet.
  2. Avoid tight-fitting boots– If the boot is too tight, corns or bursitis can form your feet. Your boots should be comfortable to wear rather than too fitting.
  3. Enough space around toes– Your boots should be snug fit rather than a too-tight fit. Ensure the area around the toes is not very tight-fitted or compressed in the forepart of the shoes. There should be space around the toes for movement.
  4. Removable insole-If the boot has detachable insoles, take it out. Your foot should not flow over the side of the shoes when you stand on it.

Tips To Follow While Buying Red Wing Boots

Whenever you buy a new pair of Red Wing boots, keep in mind, always take a new measurement of your feet. Don’t use the previous feet measurement because, over time, our feet size changes.

A new pair of boots will be a tad bit tight around the toes, but as you wear the shoes regularly over time, it will stretch out slightly. Only a slight stretch will occur, so do not try to buy too-tight shoes on that note.

Red Wing boots fit larger than any other boots. Mostly you will not drop half to full size in their shoes. But this entirely depends upon your feet’s shape, whether you have a more comprehensive or tapered fitting.

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Frequently Asking Questions

Do red wing boots run true to size?

Different people have different points of view as to the sizing of Red Wing boots. They can run either true to size or a half size larger than presumed, depending upon which style you are wearing. But I can assure you; you can get your ideal size boots by following our guidelines.

How should new Red Wing boots fit?

Your boots should feel a little tight from the sides; you will feel tighter if used to wearing fashion boots or trainers. Get the smallest size boots but make sure your toes have enough space for movement. You need to test to see if the boot flexes in the correct place.

Are Red Wing boots in style?

At first, Red Wing made only work boots, but they came up with their fashion boots after much appreciation. A particular style of Red Wings has the right features to match in with a more formal outfit.

How should red wing boots fit?

Red Wing boots should not feel tight; rather, they should be snug, with little or no heel slippage, and enough space should be in the forepart of your boots to move your toes.


Red Wing boots have a vast collection range from work boots to casual boots with a lace-up or pull-on style. Just keep all the techniques in mind mentioned above, and you will be able to get your preferred Red wing boots in the perfect sizing.

We tried to give you all the information that might help you. Don’t forget to share your opinion on how this article helped you. We would love to hear that.

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