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More or less, we all are fascinated by Celebrity Wear. Outfits, jewelry, footwear, attitude, and everything related to superstars’ lifestyles attract us.

And it’s not strange that Doncic shoes’ is one of the parts of this fascination now. Sneakerheads worldwide are very curious about buying this European basketball players’ iconic footwear.


Without further ado, let’s know what Luca signature shoes offer so that you can make a purchasing decision.

Let’s dive in & stay tuned!

What Shoes Did Luka Doncic Wear?

In 2019, Luka Doncic finalized a deal with the Jordan brand and became their endorser. Since then, the #77 has been rocking on the basketball court with Jordan 34-36, Luka 1, Jordan React Elevation, and so on.

He appears in the playoffs with multiple tones of shades. And individuals’ desire to grab those sneakers constantly rises.

Now, let’s see the outlook of these shoes along with their features.

Here is the list of Luka Doncics Jordan shoes:

1. Jordan Luka 1

The flagship sneaker of Slovenian talent. So far it is one of the best cravings among basketball players. And the price is only $110!

Built with a leather and synthetic textiles known as Flight Wire. This fabric is soft and breathable, so wearing this shoe for a long time won’t lead to sweat and bad odor.


The footbed is made of a highly-padded foot contouring foam – Formula 23. Excellent indoor as well as court traction is achieved from the multi-directional patterned and translucent rubber-made outsole.

The shoes are true to size, but it’s better to purchase a half-size bigger if you prefer wearing an ankle brace.

Like other Doncics, it has an IsoPlate chip, which offers Torsional support and lateral stability to the entire feet.

2. Air Jordan 36

The high-top white and metallic golden colorways model was released in August 2021. The upper is made of a breathable and strong leno jacquard weave, which glazes like dental floss. And it feels like a hessian sack on your feet.


The ankle support and traction of this pair are so excellent that any normal or flat feet owners can wear them in jumping, shooting guards, as well as for outdoor strolls.

The full-length Zoom Air unit enhances the cushioning and comfort to the peak level. It fits true to size, however, some users informed me that the shoes run narrow on the side. So, before spending $185 for this expensive Jordan shoe, it’s better to try the fit in the store.

Jordan 36 Low arrived with similar characteristics to Air Jordan 36. The difference is its somewhat low collar height and limited color options. That’s why it costs less, only $165.

3. Air Jordan 35


Pinnacle of basketball footwear which fits slightly wide. Its herringbone pattern provides the ultimate traction on the court and flat surfaces. The cushioning is quite responsive with the infused Zoom Air Unit and the midsole gives so much flexibility.

On the other hand, the lacing, tongue, and ankle collar securely wrap the feet. It is available for 120 US dollars and within this budget range, it’s an effective choice.

Apart from 35, the Point Guard of Dallas Maverick was also spotted on-court wearing Jordan 35 low and Jordan 35 All-Star.

4. Jordan 34

There’s a saying that the materials of this standout aren’t premium. As a result, it is not so expensive and retails for $125. The upper is prepared with flexible woven materials.


However, the shoe is highly comfortable with the Hex Zoom Air Unit and forefoot cushioning. The herringbone-shaped outsole delivers good traction on the hardwood surface and smooth floors.

It runs true to size and also provides roomy toe boxes for people with wide feet. So, overall, this vibrant piece is a good deal.

5. Jordan Zoom Separate

It’s the upgraded edition of Jordan 34. Contains a foamy midsole and an Air Zoom unit for comfort.


It utilizes herringbone and radial pattern on the exterior sole which offers an eminent grip on-court. The players must need support during their performance, right?

Well, this facility is also available in this pair. It has a TPU heel counter and a torsional shank plate for arch-ankle support.

This pair is affordable ($110) compared to other Doncic shoes. So, if you’re looking for trend and traction at the same time, go for this piece and move closer to the basket.

6. Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low

Just like most other Doncics wear, this comfy pair is also composed of responsive Air Zoom. The Phylon-made midsole is soft and lightweight.


It is packed with closely aligned diamond and herringbone patterns in the outsole. This configuration promotes improved traction and stability during the tournament. The supportive sneaker fits true to size.

But a minor drawback comes with the badge inserted underneath the tongue. It leads to scratches when you’re sockless or with no-show socks.

Overall, this budget-friendly shoe is pretty advantageous. So put on socks with this Jordan sneaker, tie the shoes, and step into the match.

7. Jordan React Elevation

It is one of the signature editions from the 2019-20 season. Right now, the price is $120.

Here’s what you’ll get in this shoe:

  • Energy return and responsive footbed by the combination of the Air Zoom Unit with the React technology.
  • Loaded with padding.
  • Herringbone and a circular shape in the translucent rubber outsole for solid traction on the heavy defensive slides.
  • Torsion bar inside the midsole for outstanding support.
  • Well-ventilated textiles and synthetic nubuck at the upper.


But the problem is its fit– it is not true to size. I realized it runs a half-size small and feels snug. So for wider toes and regular fit, buy half-size large. To know more, check out how should your Basketball shoes fit?

Luka Doncics Nike Picks in 2018-19

Before signing with the Jordan brand, Luka used to wear several Nike shoes in 2018-29 such as Kobe 6, Kobe 4, Paul George  (PG) 2, Paul George 3, and some from Hyperdunk lineage. Consequently, we can say he is an admirer of Nike. These shoes not only have face value but also tie user-friendly features together.

Let’s focus on those Doncics wear and see their unique features:

Kobe 6 & Kobe 4

Both Kobe 6 and 4 are made with polyurethane upper, Phylon midsole, and Zoom Air unit near the forefoot and heel area. The difference is the thickness of the Phylon coating and the price. Kobe 6 is $20 more pricey than the 4.


PG 3


The shoe is mostly famous for its 3 NASA models. Traction, padding, support, colorways, styles all of these advantages are stuffed in this $120 priced shoe. The fitting varies from one to another.

Therefore, try on them before making a purchase. According to Paul George’s opinion, “These shoes are especially dedicated to young athletes who dream of flying high, whether they want to become professional athletes or astronauts”.

PG 2

As the name implies, it is one of the signature gear of American basketball player Paul George. This solid performance-oriented sneaker came with a heavy price tag of $150 US dollars. The front strap is absent in this pair, so the wide feet owners freely wiggle their toes inside it.


Nike Hyperdunk 2018

Flywire upper, energized feel releasing Zoom unit, neoprene tongue, breathability, comfort, supportive shank – all are included in this shoe.

Along with this, the pair has unbeatable traction. Without any chance of slipping you can rely on it on the swept-clean surface, dirty surface, rubber church courts, and it was examined by professionals.


Apart from these shoes, the Slovenian player chose some more pairs. And those are –

  • Nike 2017 Hyperdunk
  • Nike Kyrie 4
  • Under Armour Curry 7
  • Nike Kyrie Low 3
  • Kobe 8
  • Kobe 6
  • KD 9
  • KD 7
  • KD 6

Though these shoes were worn by Doncic, these aren’t his signature shoes. Rather, those are the symbolic attire of other celebrities like Paul George and Kyrie Irving. Hence, I densely focused on the Jordan lines and talked a bit about Doncic’s initial wears.

Now, let’s see where to buy these shoes!

Where to Buy Luka Doncic Shoes?

The official website or outlet is the best place to buy Luka Doncic’s Nike shoes. But all pairs from the Jordan series aren’t available on the website.

Even some shoes are out of stock and aren’t manufactured by the brand nowadays. In that case, you better purchase from online marketplace and retailers.,,, and eBay are some of the platforms where you will find Doncic shoes. But it might require some extra bucks to purchase the rare pairs. Moreover, Nike made allegations against StockX regarding some marketing issues.

It is safe to collect the true to size sneakers from online shops. But the pairs with confusing fit should be purchased from the store. Otherwise, there’s enough chance of hassle regarding the size and fit.

Wrap Up

Lukas are great basketball shoes. Each pair is unique and equipped with numerous benefits. Those who desire good items and do not hesitate to pay for them, will definitely like Luka Doncic sneakers.

So, just choose your favorite pairs, get ready, and make your shot.

For any further queries, leave the comments below.

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