How To Tell If White Yeezys Are Fake [Authenticity Check]

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After every celebrity collaboration with Adidas, the shoes such as the Yeezy Whites hits the market like a fireball. So, it’s obvious that within a week fake pairs will fill the market.


In such a situation, it’s crucial to find out an authentic model before investing such a huge amount the brand charges for these Yeezy sneakers.

In this write-up, I will tell you how you can find out the authenticity of your new white Yeezy shoes.

So, stay put.

How To Tell If White Yeezys Are Fake

The initial way to differentiate a fake Yeezy sneaker is to scan the barcode of your sneakers with the Legit Check App. This process is helpful as fake manufacturers can’t replicate the code exactly the same way.

Yet there are also so many features that can indicate a dupe piece right away.

Let’s find out the authenticity-checking process of White Yeezys:

1. The Logos and Box Label

Nowadays, replica manufacturers updated their ways and made fake products so close to the real ones, it’s hard to differentiate them.

In the case of white Yeezy sneakers, the replica boxes are almost the same size (10) as the actual shoes.

Checking the logos of the box is one way to identify them, as the fake box’s labels are a bit off.yeezy-boost-350-v2-real-or-fake

Fake Yeezy has one common thing, they don’t use the correct sizes on the product. The same happens with the YZY logo on the shoe. Look for the Adidas famous trefoil design.


Moreover, If you look closely, you’ll see the logo takes up more space on a pair of fake Triple White Yeezys.

Also, check out the phrase “made in China”.  If there is a little more info such as the name of the shoe and bar code, it’s not the real shoe. The original shoe only has the phrase.

In the logo and tag-checking phase, don’t forget to look for the white text on your Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream sneakers’ insoles.

If it’s not dark gray and both texts on the soles are not mirror images of each other, the sneaker is counterfeit. The text should be “Adidas YEEZY” along with the Adidas trefoil in between.adidas-yeezy-real-fake-mark

If you wanna start running in your Adidas sneakers, first, find out if Yeezy is good for running or not.

2. Size Tag

The size tag is another indication to find out the authentic white Yeezy. In an actual size tag, the brand’s name is way closer than the dupe.


Another notable factor is the text font, in fake tags, it’s much bolder even the print quality is low.

There are so many reasons why Yeezy sneakers are so popular, and that is another valid reason for the increase of duplicate Yeezy shoes on the market.

So, check the size tag thoroughly to save yourself from getting scammed.

3. Lacing

To get a perfect fit, lacing is very important. You can achieve a more snug fit by lacing your shoes tightly. And this simple feature will help you find a real pair of Cream white Yeezy.


The lacing pattern in a legit Adidas Yeezy shoe is different. For example, an authentic Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream sneaker’s right pair will have the right-sided lace go underneath the left-side lace.

Similarly, the left pair will have the left-sided lace go underneath the right lace.

This is how the lacing helps to define a fake pair of Yeezy sneakers. Additionally, if you have a pair of Doc martens, know how to lace your Doc Marten boots for a better fit and comfort like your sneakers.

4. Boost Sole

Boost sole is an amazing feature of Yeezy Boost and this parameter helps to define the real shoe from the fake ones.

Let me elaborate.

In an original sneaker like the Triple White Yeezy, the boost pellets are very noticeable and you can feel the texture. Where the fake shoe’s insole is flat compared to the real pair.addids-yezzy-boost-sole-fake-authentic

So, if you look for the striking wavy surface of your Yeezy white sneaker, you will find the original shoe right away.

5. Stitching Patterns

Stitching patterns are another indicating factor of a dupe Yeezy. In a real model, the stitching is very neat and authentic. Thus, creates an X on both sides with a square separating them.

On the contrary, the fake shoe’s sewing will look like a messy crisscross.addids-yezzy-stitching-pattern-fake-authentic

If you look closely, in a dupe, the thread of the stitching is pure white compared with the real thread which is more off-white.

Also, count the red colored dots on the heel tab. In a real shoe, there will be only 9 in the center box, but a dupe will have a different number.

Even the stripes inside the heel tab will be blended perfectly, which you won’t find in a dupe piece.

For their stitching, the durability Adidas shoes get is quite impressive. It can be another reason why Russians love Adidas.

6. Insole

Back insole details are also quite different in a fake and real Yeezy sneaker. The Adidas logo on the back of the innersole is more defined and there is less spacing around them.

A duplicate shoe won’t have these fine details and are more-dense.shoe-sole-real-fakeRemember to check the footbed also. Because the fake sneaker’s stitching patterns will be more inconsistent.

7. Price and Packaging

Yeezy’s sneakers are the other name of luxury. So you can understand, these shoes are not in the affordable range. If you find a pair’s price too good to be true, it’s because that one is fake.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream sneaker retails for almost $200 whereas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 will cost you a solid $460 on StockX.

Along with pricing, the packaging also matters, a fake pair comes with a rounder-looking box, though some are almost the same looking as the original packaging.

The real shoebox is smoother and there will be no visible edges. Moreover, a fake pair of Yeezy white won’t have the correct serial number on the box.shoe-box--real-fake

Yeezy is a superb pair from the Adidas line, and the cost of making Adidas shoes are really fascinating.

Final Words

With the release of an authentic pair of celebrity collab shoes like the Yeezy, there are more chances to be scammed.

By scanning the bar code, checking the stitching, lacing patterns, and even observing the size tag and logos, you can tell which pair is real and which one is fake.

This information will help you to buy an authentic pair of Yeezy without any hustle.

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