How To Repair Torn Nubuck Shoes? [Easy Ways in Details]

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What are you going to do with your most worn nubuck shoes that have large holes and are torn? Toss them out?

Certainly not! Nubuck shoes are quite expensive.

However, there is good news for you! This article will be a lifesaver for you since it will teach you how to repair nubuck shoes without the help of a professional.


So what’s the wait for? Read the article from first to last to know the easy yet effective ways to fix ripped nubuck shoes, and thank me later on.

How To Repair Torn Nubuck Shoes? [Answered]

Nubuck is a delicate material that readily scratches and stains. However, nubuck leather is also highly durable, making it one of the greatest shoe fabrics.

However, no matter how strong the fabric is, the nubuck shoes may eventually develop holes or tears due to overuse.

We usually throw away any torn shoes because we believe they cannot be repaired. Fortunately, you can mend a ripped pair of nubuck shoes in minutes.

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Here are the easy ways to repair torn nubuck shoes:

Use a leather repair kit

The first step in repairing ripped nubuck shoes is to get a good-quality leather repair kit. The leather repair kit contains all the equipment and supplies required to restore the torn shoes.

The leather repair kit includes scissors, fabric adhesive, a cleaning cloth, sandpaper, leather fabric for patching, and other items.

Begin the repairing process by getting a subpatch that is an exact match for the color of your nubuck shoes.

Make sure to acquire the precise color or as close to it as possible because adding a different color subpatch to the shoes will look really weird.

Now, trace the tear with the subpatch over the torn region of the shoes. The patch should be slightly larger than the tear, and then it should be cut down using scissors.

Place the subpatch on a nubuck fabric and trim it to the same shape and size.

Apply fabric glue to the subpatch and insert it into the tear. You don’t need to apply glue on your subpatch if it’s adhesive. Simply peel back the sticker and insert it behind the tear.


Let the subpatch dry.

Then, using fabric adhesive, adhere the nubuck patch to the ripped area. Apply a little pressure when attaching the nubuck patch to the subpatch to ensure a secure fit.

Blend the patch as smoothly as possible to avoid an unnatural appearance.

Allow the patches to dry for a day or two after they have been attached.

And there you have it! Your ripped nubuck shoes are no longer torn and are ready for wear.

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Glue the nubuck together

If your shoes have got a little tear, you can easily fix them using glue. Invest in a good brand of glue that adheres for a long time.

Select the glue that best works on nubuck fabric as super glue or hot glue gun may not give the best outcome.

Apply the adhesive along the tear’s borders. The glue can be applied with a brush or cotton swab. Make sure the adhesive doesn’t get all over the place and don’t use too much.

Place one nubuck flap over the other gently. Join the two edges together with light pressure. It is usual for some adhesive to come out; simply clean it up with a cotton rag as soon as possible.

Place a piece of fabric tape over the tear to secure the edges. The fabric tape will keep the edges from fraying.

Allow the glue to dry completely, which could take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Remove the fabric tape gently after the adhesive has dried completely.

Sew them up

Sewing torn nubuck shoes can be an excellent method, but you have to be a little expert in sewing for this. A small mistake while sewing can ruin the entire shoe.

You can find sewing materials both in the market and online. For sewing shoes, you will need a thick needle so that they can be easily punctured without bending the needle.

Choose the thread color that matches the color of your shoes.

Attach the thread to the needle and start the sewing process.

Insert the needle carefully into the shoe and pierce the outer edge of the hole in your shoe.

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Pull the needle and thread up with your other hand until you feel the knot catching on the inside.

After you’ve finished sewing, keep threading the needle in and out of the shoe, carefully tying the hole together with thread.

To keep the stitch taut, tie a knot. Once you’ve finished stitching the hole together, tie a knot in the thread to keep it nice and secure.

Trim the excess thread with scissors.

And you are done sewing your nubuck shoes.

How To Care For Nubuck Shoes?

It is inevitable that your nubuck shoes will age and deteriorate over time. However, you may undoubtedly postpone the onset of aging with good care and maintenance.

Caring for nubuck shoes isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is follow a few care guidelines, and you’ll be able to extend the life of your nubuck shoes by a few years.

Here is how you can take care of nubuck shoes:

  • Brush the nubuck shoes after each wear to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. Because embedded dirt is extremely tough to get rid of.
  • Before wearing your shoes, make sure they are completely dry.
  • Never use a heat source to dry your shoes since it will crack and break the leather. Instead, air-dry the shoes or place them in the sun to dry.
  • Spray your nubuck shoes with a nubuck leather protector to protect them from water stains and spills.
  • To remove stains from nubuck shoes, rub them with an eraser and then brush them with a shoe brush to nap down the fibers.
  • After a long day in the dirt, make sure to brush the soles of your shoes because this part collects most of the dirt. 

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Wrap Up

You don’t have to throw away your nubuck shoes because they have a small hole and tear. Nubuck shoes cost a lot, and throwing them feels like a stabbing in the heart, at least to me.

There are numerous items available on the market to repair torn nubuck shoes; simply follow any of the methods described above to repair your nubuck shoes.

However, if the hole or rip is significant, don’t expect a good result. Then I suppose it’s time to purchase a new pair of nubuck shoes.

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