Can You Wax Nubuck Boots? Explained in Detail

Written By Nawar

Want some permanent protection on nubuck boots? Like waxing? But not sure about it?

Well, guess what? Your worries end here. After doing detailed research and testing on my nubuck boots, I finally found the answer you have been looking for.

So, can you really wax your Nubuck boots?


Yes, you can 100% wax your nubuck boots. It’s easy and a very good solution for those who are busy and can’t take extensive care of boots all the time. Even big brands wax their nubuck boots to keep them protected for a longer period of time.

Wanna know how to wax your boots like those big brands? Keep on scrolling to know how?

How to wax your Nubuck Boots

Now that you know waxing is really possible. Not knowing how, would be a great loss.

After an extensive amount of research, I finally found a method that works perfectly on my nubuck shoe. It looks so smooth, protected, and perfect to wear on any occasion I like.


So here’s the awesome method you can follow to wax your nubuck.

Things you need to start waxing

  • Suede Brush
  • Solid Wax
  • A heat gun or hairdryer
  • A bunch of newspaper or old papers
  • Wooden smoothing tool

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Step by step method to wax your nubuck perfectly

  • Remove the laces from your boots
  • Then stuff a bunch of old papers inside
  • Use the suede brush, to gently scrub off any dust or mud lying on your boots
  • Use the heat gun to slightly soften the wax soap.
  • Now once again, gently rub the wax soap all over the boot. Also, use the edge of the wax soap to reach the corners of the upper.
  • Now use the heat gun to evenly melt the wax for nubuck to absorb completely.
  • Before proceeding to step 8, you can re-apply the wax soap to get an even shinier look. Else, you can jump to the next step.
  • To remove the leftover wax, use the edge of a wooden smoothing tool to get them off at one go. You can also use it to smoothen any uneven areas of wax.
  • Finally, keep your boots in a cool and dry place before further use.

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Are waxing nubuck boots safe?

Waxing is all about layering up anything for extra protection. That may be leather boots, suede, or even nubuck.

It’s a lot like wrapping food with plastic, so it remains fresh for a long period.

But the question remains. Is it safe to wax in the first place? Will it harm Nubuck in the process?

A good question to be honest. Waxing isn’t as popular as cleaning or waterproofing shoes in general.

So people find waxing a risky business. They would rather not wax than experience something bad happening on their boots. And how do I know all that? From popular forums of course. The majority would disapprove of waxing.

It’s mostly due to having less or almost no clear guidelines on the Internet. Or, how their nubuck boots turned out to be after trying waxing themselves.

Remember, without knowing the right method for cleaning, conditioning, or even waxing, the results will affect your boots unconditionally.

So as long as you are following the right method(which I will tell you below) and by using the best materials. It is completely safe to wax your nubuck boots successfully.

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Nubuck Vs Suede


Before knowing whether waxing is possible or not. It’s best to know the basic differences between these leathers.

Nubuck and  Suede look pretty similar, in terms of texture. Both have a fuzzy upper and have their waxy smooth layer removed.

So the basic difference is that nubuck is crafted from the outer layer of the leather hide, whereas suede, from the inner layer. The thicker outer layer is what makes nubuck very durable and tougher than the thin-skinned suede.

Now going back to our question. Yes, you can wax both of them. Not just that, you can also use the same methods and the same products for waxing. But how is it possible? It’s possible only because they have the same origin.

Remember the fuzzy upper they both have?

It doesn’t exist in the waxing world. If you are okay with having a smooth texture, then you can start waxing right away.

Otherwise, you need to continue with your waterproofing spray on a regular basis.

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Is waxed Nubuck leather waterproof?

Yes, waxed nubuck leather is waterproof.

Waxing nubuck helps the upper shield by an extra layer. And that extra layer is wax.

This waxing helps the nubuck stay protected from dust, mud, and oil stain.

Since this material is good at absorbing any liquid substance, the waxed layer takes all the damage instead of the skin itself.

But that’s not all, the wax layer protects the shoe from water as well. Since it has a smooth texture, the water only slides by it. Hence making nubuck waterproof.

Usually, you might be used to using a waterproofing spray for extra protection. But this was only necessary before pre-waxing nubuck shoes.

After waxing, the layer does the job of the spray.

However, there are a few drawbacks to waxing.

  • You cannot keep the waxed nubuck near the stove or direct sunlight.
  • Your original color of the nubuck might get darkened.
  • You might have to re-wax, once the layer disappears.

Don’t worry. There are solutions to these drawbacks.

  • You can use a nubuck protector over the waxed nubuck, before stepping out in direct sunlight.
  • You can use less amount to wax if you are sensitive to color changes.

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Bonus tips for better care of Nubuck

Waxing surely helps protect your nubuck boots.

However, there are a few dos and don’ts that you should know to let your nubuck boots live a longer life.

The tips aren’t complicated at all. They are easy and don’t consume much of your time at all.

But most importantly, each of these tips is recommended by shoe experts all over the world.

Here are some proven techniques to take care of your Nubucks:

  • Never store your boots in a closed area or a closet. Best if you keep them in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep your boots away from extreme heat like a stove, fire, or electric heater.
  • Instantly dust away from the mud or dirt the moment you reach home.
  • Always gently use a suede brush to dust off any dirt or stains.
  • Do not soak your boots in deep water
  • Use lukewarm water and a clean rug to remove difficult stains.
  • If you ever run out of suede erasers, you can also use a normal eraser.
  • Try applying waterproofing spray inside the boots, to keep the boots odor-free.

Wax your worries away

Now that you know waxing is not just possible. It is effective and keeps your boots waterproof all the time. Are you ready to start waxing?

If yes, then hope the result would clear all your worries away.

Do let us know your experience with our methods in the comments below. Also, do not forget to share among your busy friends who are also in need of a permanent solution.

After all, who doesn’t want a stress-free life right?

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  1. Doesn’t have much information on suede , for example can use Nick wax cleaner and water proofing spray on suede? also, to wax soft Nubuck is a to spoil the look dramatically, they are a one season buy, two if your very careful, after that try waxing, by then you won’t be worried about the look.
    I have a thing about shoes and speak from some 40 years of trying to keep them in top condition.


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