Are Nubuck Boots Good for Snow? Read This First

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Confused about whether to wear Nubuck shoes out in the snow?

It’s okay. Your confusion ends here. After thorough research, I finally found the answers you are looking for.

So first, I will spill the answer to your million-dollar question,

Are nubuck boots good for snow?


Nubuck boots are good for snow. Only if your boots can meet a few conditions. Not just that, you also need to follow a few extra care hacks to keep the nubuck safe around snow all day long. Although nubuck boots are recommended to put on wait till winter is over.

Want to know what the conditions and the hacks are? Keep on scrolling to find that out.

Find the Right Nubuck for Winter: The Ultimate Guide

As stated above, nubuck boots need to meet a few conditions to be an invaluable candidate for winter.

Here are the conditions you must follow before stepping out in the snow:

1. One with a warm insulated lining


Insulated lining in boots is very important during winter. After all, the lining is what keeps your feet warm and cozy.

In most boots, the absence of the lining freezes your legs pretty fast.

So are your boots insulted?

To know that, you can either check the shoe details. Or, put your hands inside the boots to find a soft insulating layer in the opening.

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2. One with a good traction feature

Floors in winter are rarely seen dry. Due to ice melting, you would find the floors slippery and wet all the time.

Without having the right kind of soles, you would rarely find yourself not slipping on the road.

Speaking of soles, there are multiple types to try. Each of them is specially made for different purposes. A few that are commonly used are rubber soles, diamond-cut soles, and many more.

Now coming back to your nubuck boots. Are your soles made of rubber? Or a special type just for winter?

Don’t know yet? Then check the bottom of your boots and tick the box if they are made of rubber.

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3. One that includes Gore-Tex technology

In case you find your boots have inbuilt Gore-Tex technology, then consider yourself lucky.

It’s because you would find your feet absolutely dry and odor-free. Also warm and comfortable all through the winter.

All thanks to the unique technology that helps your feet have the best experience in the snow.

4. One that’s waterproofed

Guess what snow is made of? Yup, you guessed it right! It’s water all around you.

Since Nubuck has a very sensitive upper. An upper, which gets easily affected by water, salt, or heat, requires 100% protection against snow.

So, if you can manage to waterproof it yourself or find one which is already waterproofed. Then Nubuck boots aren’t just good but the best ones for snow.

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5. One that includes ankle support

You would be surprised to know, all snow boots have ankle support.

It’s highly required if you are planning to hike with your nubuck boots. Having a weak ankle shaft would cause you serious pain and difficulties while climbing on the rocky surface.

With an extended shaft to your ankle, you would find this support extremely helpful.

However, it’s not necessary if all you want is to walk on the road and not hike for hours in the snow.

6. One that must be true to size

No matter which brand you end up buying. They would always mention whether their boots are true to size or not.

It’s important to know if your boots fit well or not.

Or else you would not just allow cold air to freeze your leg. But also slip on the snow and make angels every time.

The fitter your shoes are, the better stability you would get while walking.

Also, you would find your feet relatively warmer as the lining sticks to your feet all the time.

Are your boots not true to size? No worries, you can always wear thick socks to fill the space.

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Are timberland boots best for snow? (Nubuck Version)

Yes, timberland boots are surely the best for snow. As they are known to have features that suit snowy or wet environments.

Timberland boots are known to be very durable and sturdy for all types of weather.

Though it’s best to check what kind of upper your timberland boots have. If they are made from fine nubuck leather, there are few things you should consider before you step out in the snow.

Are your boots waterproof?


If not, best if you waterproof them as fast as possible.

Nubuck is very sensitive to salt and water, so not spraying well may harm the upper.

After all, winter means water everywhere. So if you find that your timberland boots aren’t waterproof, better buy a waterproofing spray and protect them before stepping out.

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Are your boots insulated?

Without proper insulation, you would find your feet freezing in the snow.

To find out if your timberland boots are insulated or not, you can always check the shoe description or manually scan yourself.

Are your boots good for traction?

Stability becomes a big issue to worry about during winter.

With water and snow all around, its a need to find good rubber soles. That can keep you stable and allow you to have a smooth walking experience.

To check if your boots have durable rubber soles, you can, once again check the shoe description, or manually check the boots underneath.

Did your timberland boots tick all the boxes above? If yes, then with no doubt, you can claim your timberland boots the best among all.

How to waterproof nubuck shoes for snow?

A sensitive material like Nubuck requires special attention. Starting from waterproofing to keeping your shoes dry 24/7. You need to follow all these techniques for better protection.

As mentioned above, waterproofing is a must for Nubuck shoes. Since the snow might affect and change its complete appearance.

Before you proceed, do check if your shoes are already waterproofed or not?

If yes, then you can skip this segment. Else you may proceed to the Step by step easy guide to waterproofing.

So what do you need for waterproofing?

  • Waterproofing spray
  • A clean towel
  • A pair of goggles

Step by Step method to waterproof your shoes

  • Use the clean towel to brush off the dust from the upper.
  • If your shoe has oil stain or mud, you can give it a thorough clean.
  • After cleaning comes waterproofing. Wear your goggles.
  • Then use the waterproofing spray, to spray in every corner of the shoe.
  • After successfully spraying, allow your shoes to dry overnight.

So should I or Should I not?

It’s normal to be confused when you have cool nubuck boots in your home.

I was confused too, but I decided to not wear them.

Not because mine didn’t tick the boxes above. It’s until I came across a phrase that clearly said “Not recommended by experts”

So it’s best you choose any other snow boots you have in your home or buy one from the recommended list. While keeping your nubuck boots on hold till summer.

Do share your experience in the comments below. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Wish you warm luck this winter.

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