How to Fix Squeaky Nike Shoes? [Stop the Squeaking Sneakers]

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Are your Nike shoes driving you crazy with their annoying screeching sound? As a Nike user for years, I know how irritating and embarrassing It can be.

Worry not!

Because in this article, I’m gonna guide you with quick and easy ways to get rid of squeaky, follow through and Say goodbye to squeaking!

What Makes Your Nike Shoes Squeak?

Being a user, I know how annoying it can be if your brand-new Nikes start to squeak every time you take a step. It feels like stepping on eggshells!

But why do your Nike shoes squeak? Let’s know about that.

Here are the reasons behind making your Nike squeak:

  • Shoes with new air technology, like Nike Air Max 720 and Nike Vapormax, have Air pockets in the soles. These pockets are there to absorb shock while jumping and give it a springy response. But they can start to squeak while acting like suction pumps.
  • Stepping on water may cause moisture to trap inside the soles, which is another reason for squeaking.stepping-on-water
  • If the soles of your Nike’s are way too smooth, they may squeak while walking.
  • Sometimes, walking on a slick surface can be a reason too. Shoes can make noise when the rubber outsole gets rubbed against slippery surfaces.

Overall, any of the reasons mentioned can cause squeaky sounds, no matter how new or old your Nikes are.

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How To Fix Squeaky Nike Shoes?

Some Nike shoes have built-in air pockets, which can make them squeak every time you walk. Water trapped inside the soles can also cause this noise. However, techniques like putting baby powder beneath the insoles or spraying WD-40 in the squeaking area can fix it.

If you own a pair of Nike with an irritating squeaky voice of their own, don’t worry—there are quite a few things you can do to solve the problem.

Here are methods you can use to fix your Squeaky Nike shoes:

1. Apply Baby Powder or Corn-Starch

This method will be effective if the squeaking is from wet insoles or water entrapment inside your shoes.

To apply this method, follow the steps given below:

  • Remove the laces and insoles from the shoe.
  • Put a gentle amount of baby powder or cornstarch inside the shoes and spread it properly by shaking them at angles. Make sure the powder covers the squeaking areas.applying-powder-into-the-shoe
  • Leave the shoes aside for several hours before wearing them again.
  • Put back the insoles after removing excess powder, and they are now ready to wear again.

Putting powder beneath the insoles will absorb the water trapped inside and act as a lubricant in the rubber soles.

2. Spray WD-40 Underneath the Insoles

Instead of powder, a degreaser like WD-40 is a good choice to remove trapped moisture.

You just need to remove the insoles, spray a generous amount all over the squeaking areas, and leave them to dry out.

Once this spray dries out, the squeaking will be gone. You can respray it after a few weeks until the noise goes for good.

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3. Use Sandpaper

You can use fine sandpaper to make the surface rough for Nike with a smooth bottom. You just need to rub the outsole gently with sandpaper until it feels rough enough.using-sandpaper-on-the-outsole

Furthermore, you can also get the work done by scrapping smooth outsoles against rough surfaces like the sidewalk or asphalt.

4. Puncture The Rubber

A slight puncturing of the rubber sole will stop the squeaking if it is because of air bubbles.

Just take a needle or thumb tack and prick the rubber parts to make small holes inside the shoes. Be careful not to ruin your Nike by penetrating the soles completely.

This will stop squeaking by removing trapped air. Losing traction is a thing of concern in this method. But it won’t happen if you poke only the front part of the shoe.

5. Reattach Loose Parts

Sometimes a loose sole can be the reason behind squeaking. You can fix it by using superglue.

Put some glue in the gap between the loose bottom and wait until it dries up.

Additionally, unwanted rubbing of the insole and midsole can cause this noise. Gluing the soles up will be enough to fix it.gluing-the-sole

Be careful while handling the glue as it can attach your fingers instead of the soles. So, put on hand gloves before applying the super glue.

6. Stuff Your Shoes with Newspaper

If your Nikes are squeaking as they are wet, this method will help you fix it.

Stuff the inside of shoes with old newspaper, napkins, or dry towels overnight until they absorb the water completely.

When the sneakers are entirely dried, they will stop making squeaky sounds.

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7. Apply Conditioning Oil or Saddle Soap

The tongue of the shoes can sometimes make disturbing noises by rubbing against the laces. This can be fixed by applying some conditioning oil or saddle soap to the tongue.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to fix your squeaky Nike shoes and get back to your workout routine with ease.


Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk?

It is the same as the reasons mentioned earlier. Nike can squeak while walking because of– air or moisture entrapment, loose insoles, wet soles, or walking on slippery surfaces.

How To Stop Shoe Tongue From Squeaking?

Lubricating the tongue and laces of the shoes, either with conditioning oil or saddle soap, will stop them from squeaking.

Why Do My Nike Vapormax Squeak?

Multiple units of pressurized air are incorporated in the rubber outsole of Nike Vapormax to provide a robust response and absorb the impact of steps. But these air pockets may make a squeaking sound while doing their work.

Parting Thoughts

Nike shoes with air cushioning are great for casual walks around the park or hiking trails. But they can get pretty annoying when they start to squeak.

Fixing the noise can be a hassle, but I hope this article will guide you through getting rid of all the squeaking as quickly as possible.

If you have more queries about Nikes, just leave a comment below!

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