How to Find a Sneaker Plug [Locate Plugs for Good Kicks]

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When you want to splash out for collecting vintage pairs like Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October, but finding these unique kicks is hard, especially without the help of a sneaker plug.

But locating an authentic sneaker connects is equally difficult as buying a retro Adidas.


Don’t worry, through this context, I’m gonna tell you how to find a sneaker plug, and if you want to be one, what’s the process?

So, if you wanna shop till you drop, stay tuned.

How To Find A Sneaker Plug?

Going to sneaker conventions, making friends, hitting up local stores, and networking – all will help you find a sneaker plug. However, there is a lot to add up to the list to make efficient connections and uncover backdoor sneaker sources. Let’s now get acquainted with those ways.

Here are 7 ways to find shoe plugs:

1. Take a Tour To Your Nearest Mall

Sometimes sneaker heads or shoe plugs work in shoe stores. So, visiting your nearest mall can be helpful on the way to your favorite pair.

You will be able to know when will be the next sneaker release. And these sneaker plugs will also inform you about the offers and discounts the store has.

My brother recently found a shoe plug at our nearest mall and thanks to him, he got a pair at $80 that actually sells for $200. What a win, right?

2. Scroll Sneaker Selling Websites

The help you can get online is unreal. To get a rare pair of sneakers, specific websites play a vital role. So, visiting them is a wise idea.

Whether you are a passionate collector or a parent looking for a good pair of back-to-school shoes, checking sneaker trading websites will secure you a great deal.


Webpages like Champ Sports, Eastbay, Finish, and Foot Locker are such sites that belong to giant shoe companies that offer a wide range of shoes including designer kicks such as Kobes and LeBrons.

Visit these websites and make your money worth.

3. Take A Visit to Sole Steal

Sole Steal holds the reputation of being a 100% legit dealer for sneakerheads.

You get the option to subscribe weekly ($7.99), monthly ($1,999), and annually (19,999) and enjoy Shoe Steal’s savings on your shoe. And the best part, is you don’t have to deal with B-grade or fake sneakers.

Note: You have to pay Sole Steal for their legitimacy, so be aware of that.

Follow their Instagram page for the latest updates on your favorite pair.

4. Have A Date With Kixify

Since its launch, Kixify has become a major online home for brands like Nike, Adidas, and so many others.

However, one thing, you may have to deal with an unauthorized Shoe reseller on this platform. So I take notes of the ratings of sellers to ensure the one I am choosing is a verified seller.

Moreover, it’s not wise to buy branded sneakers from any webpage if it’s not verified or rated enough to trust.

5. Shop Through eBay

eBay is another sneaker plug site that teaches you to be keen and patient to get your hands on discounted high-end pairs.

This webpage also offers other accessories that match your sneakers, including clothes.

You need to bid to get the shoe that fits your taste and budget, but make sure you are not in a hurry.

Note: The “Best Offer” that eBay offers is the most effective way to buy your next favorite pair.

6. Attend Fashion Shows

Attend fashion shows that feature great threads and kicks. There is a chance that you will meet several sneaker dealers and their employees who attend such shows to keep up with their competitors.

They share their contacts and their product range so, it’s a great opportunity to get hooked with a rare custom Nike, perhaps.

Who knows, maybe they will invite you to their next sneaker exhibition, and you will meet the chain of sneaker plugs.


7. Get in Touch With A Professional Stylist

Getting in touch with a professional stylist can be your way to find a sneaker plug. Why?

Because they need the latest models to run a campaign or fashion shows, it’s quite understandable why they will know several unknown shoe dealers for their business purpose.

If you are familiar with such a person, congrats! You are halfway there.

Another fun way, be a celebrity or be friends with one, and you don’t have to think about finding a sneaker plug anymore.

You can also follow countless shoe plugs for Jordans like sneakeralliance. Who knew you could find such gems through a TikTok account?

How You Can Become a Sneaker Plug?

To lay your hands on the latest launch of popular shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, or Puma, the easiest and safest way is to find a reliable sneaker connects.

However, if you are fed up with looking and asking shoe plugs about the latest edition, why not become one?

This way, you are responsible for your purchase and can make decisions quickly. For that, you need to know where shoe plugs find shoes.

Let’s Find 5 Ways to Become a Shoe Reseller:

1. Know the Industry Inside And Out

The first rule of thumb in the sneaker reselling business is to know the industry front to back. To seriously build a rep in the industry, you gotta know the game.

You can’t go fishing without the right gear, so what I meant by knowing about the sneaker sector, you have to know the past releases. Why?

Let me clear it up for you.

Everyone knows about Nike or Adidas, but there is a huge fan base for the previous models, as they are unique and hard to get. So, knowing those versions like the 1973 suede Oboris will work to your advantage.


2. Build a Network and Get Connected

Another ABC of the sneaker resale game is to build a network and get connections. You can’t expect to sell one or two pairs and become a sneaker plug.

In this way, social media is your golden goose. To be familiar with the sneaker community, know every rule and transaction process.

You must make a strong network. And to do so, Twitter and Instagram are the platforms you need.

But be aware of the scams, because they are not lagging behind to loot you. So, knowing if Flight Club is legit is a wise idea.

3. Choose the Right Reselling Platform

With the fast-growing sneaker industry, it’s hard to keep track of every page or website. The most clever way is to find out how shoe plugs get shoes early.

To do so easily, choose the right reselling platform. If you find other potential sellers there, that’s the one you need to root out for.

Here are some reselling platforms you can visit:

  • GOAT.
  • StockX.
  • eBay.
  • Fight Club.
  • Stadium Goods.

If you are still optimistic if these pages are real for sneakers, platforms like StockX sell other shoes too. So, visit them and be sure.

4. Use A Sneaker Bot

You can open your eyes and ears, but still, miss several sneaker-selling and collecting opportunities. So what’s the solution to such a situation?

Use a sneaker bot, which is a website that automates how you buy any item online. Interesting right? Let’s know more.

It helps you to buy sneakers in bulk to satisfy your thirsty sneaker heads effortlessly.


Now, which sneaker bot should you invest in?

Start with an All-in-One bot, it allows you to access numerous websites and shoes with just a click.

One such all-rounder bot is Wrath ALO bot which you can operate through windows and the buying price is $350 with a $50 renewal fee every three months.

5. Select the Right Price

Selecting the right price for your product will take you far and with the proper pricing you will be able to lock in potential customers and sell your kicks.

You have to show your expertise when asking for an individual pair. If buyers find a cheaper price elsewhere, they won’t be interested in you. But it’s not like you will lower the price just to get customers.

I researched and checked other factors between GOAT and StockX to compare their price point criteria.

So, compare with other plugs and then decide how much you want to charge. Then think of the packing and shipping process.

Because if your packing is not proper, there is a chance that your sneaker will get damaged on the way, and if the shipping time is too long, your impression won’t be positive.

Where Do Shoe Plugs Get Multiple Shoes?

There are a few rules that sneaker plugs follow to buy more pairs at a time to get the most profit. If you wanna know how they do it, keep reading.

First rule first, finding shops that most people know exist. You can’t make money or get multiple pairs in a crowded place. Another way is to enter raffles with several accounts.

Note: don’t get banned while using too many accounts.

Sneaker plugs have employees or friends doing the same for them, thus they get what and how many they want at the same time.


Shoe resellers are connected with shop managers that sell valuable sneakers, though large department stores will deny having such relationships.

Some people think Benjamin KickZ, a million-dollar teenage shoe reseller, has such connections with Adidas or Nike, though there is no proof.

And find out which shoes StockX doesn’t sell.

Parting Thought

To satisfy your sneaker hunger, finding a sneaker plug is the best solution. This way you can snatch unique, custom-made kicks and show off your collection.

A little something, you can also become one by getting into the business.

You got every knock and cranny on how to find a sneaker connects for more queries, comment below.

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