Is Flight Club Legit? Know Before Your Buy [In 2024]

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For sneaker lovers, Flight Club is a name of trust. This website is second to none for buying any rare pair of expensive sneakers. To this day, they are rocking their business.

When you want to spend a handsome amount of money on your desired sneaker, your first concern would be, is the source trustable?


Personally, I love sneakers for their versatile use. And recently I wanted to purchase an authentic pair.

On that search, I came to know about Flight Club and their service.

In this article, I will share all the information I collected during the process and you will get the answer to your worries.

To know everything about Flight Club read till the end.

Is Flight Club Legit?

Yes, Flight Club is, without any doubt, a legit marketplace for the retaliation of sneakers.

Every single pair of shoes displayed or listed on the website and store goes through a double check to provide and maintain the quality they promised.

This website is on the market since 2008, and so far, they are the first name that pops up when you want to buy authentic sneakers.

If you have a pair you want to sell, Flight Club is the answer.

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How Does Flight Club Work?

The whole work process of Flight Club is very interesting, as they dont have their own products nor manufacture them.

To fill their online and offline store with exceptional shoes and sneakers, they have seller accounts where people list their old as well as new shoes and get paid.

Flight Club also collaborates with manufacturers and suppliers from Hong Kong to collect sneakers.

They have a review team to verify the product list for both their online and offline stores. But unfortunately, it’s not that well functioning.

Many customers complained about the wrong sizing issue.

Through these processes, they have managed to provide a collection of footwear that sold out within a minute. And it’s not easy to get the pair you want as they are always in demand and get out of stock quickly.

What Are The Products Of Flight Club?

Flight Club is known worldwide for its rare collection of sneakers. The shoes they collect and list for sale are one-of-a-kind, which makes them stand out. For 20 years, they are ensuring top-quality products.

They have offline stores in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Dallas.

Flight Club offers high-quality, expensive sneakers for men, women and children from luxury brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas and Converse.

They also have rare and limited-edition products with higher price ranges.

However, besides sneakers, Flight Club also has a section of clothes and accessories from famous brands like Bape and Supreme.

Are Flight Club Sneakers New Or Used?

Flight Club sells both new and old sneakers. So, you will find shoes in both of those categories. But one thing is sure these products will be unique.

They have a team of experts to verify and check every sneaker that goes on the list for sale.

Usually, Flight Club sells new authentic shoes and old unworn shoes. But recently they have announced about selling used shoes.

And even if they are used, this organization ensures you are getting the quality you paid for.

How To Sell Shoes On Flight Club?

Not only can you buy shoes from Flight Club, but you also can sell them if you want to.

If you have an extra pair of Nike, Adidas or Jordan lying around your house, you can list those on the Flight Club website and earn some extra cash.

Let’s see how you can sell shoes on Flight Club:

  • Create an account on Flight Club’s seller page.
  • Fill in the information they require.
  • Type the name of the shoe brand that you want to sell after creating your account.
  • Choose the shoes from the list.
  • Look for the shoe you want to sell, then click on it to move to the next page to enter the size, quantity, lowest price point and lowest shipment price.
  • Submit all the information.
  • Ship your shoes or drop them at their store.

Flight Club will charge a 5$ seller fee and the commission fee is 9.5%. And there is a 2.9% cash-out fee when you want to cash out.

Flight Club Shipping And Return Policy

For shipping, any product Flight Club will charge you only 10$, and if you shop for more than 250$ in domestic orders, your shipping charge will be zero.

You have to pay a bit more for quicker delivery than the standard cost.

They ship all the orders that same day if you place them before 1 pm EST. You will get a tracking number for your order so that you can track them until you get them.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return most of them within 14 days.

To start the return process, you need to contact their support team first and then let them know your order number, including the product you want to return. They will send you further instructions and the return label.

Flight Club will not accept returned shoes on sale or sneakers that you bought with a discount code.

Moreover, you have to bear the return shipping charge.

Flight Club Authentication process:

The authentication process can take up to 30 days. Before any shipment, they verify their products. This process varies from country to country.

And in most cases, for international orders, this process takes more time than others.

So, during the process, you need to be patient to get your order.

Should You Buy From Flight Club?

There is no doubt the products from Flight Club are legit. Here you will find high-fashioned sneakers for your collection.

There is no complaint about the quality of the sneakers they provide.

You can buy from their offline stores in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. If you live nearby, you can buy sneakers directly from the stores, which is the best option.

However, there are several complaints about their service, as they have both an online and offline system.

Buyers often wait a long time to get their purchase when ordered online, and there have also been sizing issues. And sometimes they take longer to ship the product.

Despite all these, Flight Club still is the best place to buy authentic sneakers from brands like Jordan.

So, to avoid any kind of issues, talk to their customer support to place any order.

Keep a record of your conversation and ensure everything.

Wait until your package arrives, and notify them immediately if it’s delayed, inform them immediately.

Bottom Line

There are so many opinions about Flight Club, but one thing is for sure they provide the most unique and high-end sneakers till today.

In spite of their online service issue, they have mastered every other criteria perfectly.

I hope this article was helpful to provide you with all the information that you were looking for and cleared your confusion about Flight Club and its authentic product range.

If you ever bought sneakers from Flight Club, let us know the process and your opinion in the comment section below.

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