How To Clean HOKA Shoes? [Quick & Easy Guide on Cleaning]

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HOKA running shoes are the best footwear for those who love to get busy. And when it comes to cleaning, the user needs a quick yet effective way, right?

So, are you one of them and looking for the simplest ways to clean your HOKA sneaker?

Chill out! Your search ends

Today, I’m gonna show you the methods I follow to wash my Hoka One One that turns my pair as shinier as new, every single time.

So read ahead!

How To Clean HOKA Shoes?

You’ll get the best result in cleaning your HOKA sneakers if you go with the handwash methods. Just use some household tools to brush off the debris from the shoe and wash them with soapy water. Then dry your sneaker to make them ready to hit the road!

That’s how easy it is to make HOKA running shoes spotless.

However, for your better understanding, I’m gonna elaborate on the step-by-step cleaning procedure and guide you through this.

Note: Use the cleaning instructions I’ve provided below on both leather and mesh fabric, but not suede. For Suede, keep on reading to find the specific ways to wash your Suede-made HOKA pair.

Here are the steps to clean HOKA shoes:

Step 1: Wash Shoelaces and Insoles

Shoelaces are the first spot where dirt and water get stuck so easily. And then the insoles where sweat, smell, feet moisture, and other stains hide together!

So let’s clean them first.

Take off the shoelaces and insoles from your footwear. Then wash them using detergent powder. You can either handwash them or toss them into the washing machine.


Usually, insoles absorb moisture and become filthy quickly. So washing them separately will give you a fresh look.

Apply a few drops of mild soap and water to the insoles, then gently scrub them with a toothbrush. After cleaning the insoles, wipe them down with a clean rag and set them aside to dry.

However, if you wanna get the best result and go beyond basic cleaning, read our guide to acquire deep knowledge about cleaning shoes’ insole.

Step 2: Brush Off the Dirt

Gently brush off the excess dirt from the exterior of the shoes with a shoe brush or toothbrush.

Try to be soft with this process as brushing too hard will cause the nap of the shoes to rise and damage the mesh upper.

Note: If your shoes have got fresh stains of mud, let them dry first before brushing them.

On another note, if you own a pair of handsome canvas-made Hey Dudes, then follow our easy way to clean Hey Dudes shoes.

Step 3: Clean with Soapy Water

Now it’s time to deep clean your HOKA running sneakers to get rid of the stubborn spots.

Use soapy water to clean at this stage.


To prepare a soapy solution, combine a few drops of liquid detergent (dye-free) with a bowl of cool water.

Now, dip a toothbrush in the solution and gently brush the areas where the shoes are heavily stained. The better you work on the dirty areas with the toothbrush, the cleaner the shoes get.

Step 4: Wipe off the Residue

Once there are no more traces of filth, wipe away the soap residue with a dry washcloth.

It is important to remove any remaining soap because it can excessively dry the shoe fabric.

Step 5: Dry the Shoes

The final and most crucial step in cleaning HOKA running shoes is properly drying them.

Stuff your footwear with newspaper balls to hold their shape and place it somewhere with adequate air ventilation to dry.

Do not use a heating source or place the sneaker in direct sunlight for drying. Extreme heat dries out the shoes too much and causes them to become brittle.


With the lightweight yet heavy cushioned sole material, HOKA shoes are really good for walking and other activities. But when these sneakers haven’t been cleaned properly, it not only looks like crap but also performs poorly on the ground.

And in the case of Hoka, thankfully, cleaning is not a difficult task if you know the proper methods.

How To Clean HOKA Suede Shoes?

Suede is a delicate material to work with. Thus, cleaning HOKA suede shoes requires additional caution as even a minor error can ruin the entire boots.

Suede boots require a different cleaning process than leather or mesh shoes.

Here’s how you should clean HOKA suede shoes:

  • To remove the dirt particles, brush the suede shoes back and forth in small strokes with a suede brush.

A suede brush is specially made for the suede fabric. You can get them in any shoe store.

  • Try to remove as much dirt as possible with the suede brush; if needed, apply a little force too.
  • If your shoes have scuff marks, run a suede eraser on the spots.
  • Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, finish it off by spraying a suede protector on the shoes.

This is how I clean my Clifton L Suede Hoka boots. Following this method gives me the new look of my shoes. Try it on yours and let me know how it turns for you.clean-hoka-shoes

Regardless, Hoka suede boots are really elegant and sturdy. They can be your worthy companion both on the road and trail.

So cleaning these velvety and soft materials with care is important. And in case you have a suede boot, know properly how to get rid of oil stains from Suede to keep the quality high.

How To Clean HOKA Shoes With Household Items?

Cleaning HOKA shoes are not so difficult as you can get along with some simple household items. You only need just 3 things that can be easily found in almost every kitchen – baking soda, vinegar and water!

These three are the magic ingredients for making your HOKA pair as glossy as new. Baking soda and vinegar have deodorizing properties that not only clean the shoes but also remove the pungent smell.

Read the ways to make your shoes dirt-free with 3 magic ingredients:

  • Add one cup of water, one tablespoon of vinegar, and two tablespoons of baking soda to a mixing bowl.
  • Brush your HOKA boots in a small circular motion with a toothbrush dipped in the cleaning solution.
  • Remove any extra solution with a dry cloth once you’ve finished cleaning. Also, let the shoe air dry.

Ta-da! You are left with a clean pair of Hoka.

Wanna deep clean and disinfect your other footwear too? Read our all-in-one guide on how to disinfect shoes to know more effective ways.

Can You Wash HOKA Sneakers in the Washing Machine?

No, you cannot wash HOKA shoes in the washing machine. HOKA shoes are light running shoes that will distort if washed in the machine. Furthermore, cleaning the sneakers in the washing machine accelerates the aging process and causes them to fall apart.

Consequently, it is not recommended that HOKA shoes be washed in a washing machine.


A slew of people did say that they washed their HOKA shoes in the washing machine, and they came out spotless. But the final decision is yours; you can wash the shoes by hand or in the washing machine (at your own risk).

However, if you own a Uggs pair then you can Wash Uggs In The Washing Machine. But for sneakers like HOKA, I strongly recommend not using the machine.

How Do You Care For Hoka Shoes?

HOKA offers some of the greatest running shoes on the market, and investing in them is a safe bet. To get a smooth ride constantly, these footwears require little maintenance.

Here are the ways to care for HOKA shoes:

  • Brush the shoes after each use to prevent dirt buildup.
  • Dry them thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Avoid storing the shoes in moist or closed areas. Instead, keep them in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not dry the shoes in direct sunlight or with a heating source.
  • To lengthen the shoes’ life and keep water out, use a good waterproofing spray.
  • Don’t machine wash the HOKA shoes; it reduces their lifespan.

These were the ways to take care of your beloved running pair. Just take care of your Hoka once a month, and they will serve you decades like my HOKA One One!

Before You Leave

Hokas are running shoes, and they will get dirty at the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be walking around in muddy shoes.

Cleaning Hoka shoes isn’t difficult at all. You can wash them in seconds if you follow the proper cleaning technique.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below if you found this writing useful.

Have fun running!

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