How Often To Replace Danskos? [Know Here in Detail 2024]

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Many service holders turn to Dansko; especially the ones with long hours of standing jobs. It’s mainly due to their superior comfort and arch support.

But, many fail to replace them at the right as a result they don’t get that signature Dansko comfort.

And, this is exactly what we’re gonna uncover today. After talking to various Dansko users and endless hours of research, I’ve compiled this game changing guide to give you the exact answer.


So, how often do replace Danskos?

You should replace your Danskos after 2 years, provided that you’ve maintained them properly. And, if you take really good care of them you can replace them after 3 years. It all depends on the maintenance. But, on average it has been seen that 2 years is the right time to replace Danskos.

I’d say, not bad! But, that’s not all. Keep on reading till the end to know how to increase their lifespan and more. Better start scrolling.

How Often To Replace Danskos?| Answered

Danskos needs no introduction. They’ve been a reliable name for various hard working people; mainly the ones whose job involves standing for long hours. And as a reason, they’re extremely popular among nurses.

Danskos’ popularity is no fluke, rather it’s a reward for maintaining their quality and improving over time.

This particular footwear offers a variety of useful features which makes them so attractive even though they aren’t the most attractive. Their effectiveness is what sets them apart from the rest.

A pair of professional Dansko clogs come with roomy toe boxes (plenty of wiggle room), finely padded insteps, excellent shock absorption and contoured midsoles.

You also get protective heel counters which help you to move up and down with utmost ease. And for day long comfort, you get the famous anti-fatigue rocker bottom.

If I want, I could go on and on waxing lyrical about this footwear. But, that’s not the primary focus for today. It’s all about their life span in today’s post.

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Dankos need replacing once every two years. The number could increase to 3 if you take really good care of them.

If you ask me, it’s a nice lifespan for a pair of shoes that are on duty almost everyday. I certainly wouldn’t mind. So what allows Dansko clogs to last 2-3 years or even more? That’s right! I’ve seen Dansko users who claimed their ones lasted from 4-5 years.

But, those are exceptions. And, I don’t count on exceptions. So, where were we? Oh yes, what allows them to last an average of two years?

It’s mainly the construction and materials used in the construction. Dansko clogs are made using leather of the highest order, and the build quality is exceptional too.  Combine all these and you get footwear that’ll last at least 2 years.

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When Do You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Danskos?

Being a Dansko user it’s your duty to notice the red signs (shoes starting to wear down), it’s the same for other footwear too. But, we’re solely going to focus on Danskos today.

Danskos will last for two years is not a guarantee, sometimes it could be less, sometimes it could be more.

Ignoring the red signs has many drawbacks. Your shoes could fall apart when they aren’t supposed to. You could lose the comfort factor, etc. So, how do you know the time is coming?

Here are the signs that tell it’s time to replace your Danskos:

The Upper

We start off with the upper, as it’s the primary component of every shoe. At different time intervals check if there are any cracks or tears at the sides and around the toe box. If you see tine ones then you know, the downfall has started.

And, if the tears are medium; the time to change them will come soon. And if you’ve developed larger ones without prior notice, then you know the time to change them is just around the corner.

The Bottom

The treads or the bottom of your shoes are responsible for providing you with traction that allows you to have a firm footing with the ground while you’re in motion or in a stationary position.

When the treads wear down completely they no longer are able to provide you with traction or grip. This is when you know, it’s time to replace them.

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The Back

As for the back, check to see if they’ve taken a square shape or not. Another thing you should notice is; that is your footwear leaning towards a specific side at the back. Also, have seams at the back come out of their natural position?

If you notice these issues, then my friend the time has come to replace your old Danskos with new ones.

The Inside

The inside is arguably the most important aspect to consider when it comes to replacing your Danskos. There are two things you need to consider here. The first is the counter and the second is the material that hugs your heels to hold them in one place.

If you see it in a worn out state, your precious Danskos won’t be able to offer you proper balance. This will ultimately lead you to replace them (as they’re dangerous at this point and can cause injuries).

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How Can You Increase The Lifespan Of Danskos?

In the very beginning, I told you that I’ll tell you how to extend the life of your Danskos? Well, we’re in that segment of the article. And, if you’ve made it to this portion then congratulations! It can be game changing for you.


Here are the ways to increase the lifespan of your Danskos:

Wear Them The Right Way

By wearing them the right way, I meant putting them on and off the right way. Most of us are always hurrying when we’re taking them on and off, but it really shouldn’t be done that way. It puts extra pressure on the stitchings, the material and the seams, fastening the wearing down process.

Instead, be gentle when you put on or off your Danskos. This way no additional pressure acts on the sensitive areas, keeping the shoes alive for a long time to come.

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Keep Them Clean

This is another aspect we’re very careless at! When you return home after a long shift, you’re extremely tired, and right after taking off your shoes you sit or lie down. But, there’s one important thing you forget to do. And, what’s that? Cleaning your footwear immediately after taking them off.

Always clean your Danskos right after you return home. Take a soft cloth or a soft brush and clean off the dust that has accumulated on the surface of your shoes. And, do it every time you come home and take them off.

Wear Them Only For Work

Wear your Danskos only when you’re at work. If you use them for other purposes, it puts extra stress which fastens the wearing down process. The more carefully you use the longer they’ll last.

Condition/Moisturize Them

Danskos are made using leather. And, we all know leather is a kind of skin which breaths. Upon constant use the pores may get blocked and dry up the material. Therefore, it’s important you condition them to keep that fresh leathery appearance.

Keep An Extra Pair

Using one pair daily takes a lot out of the shoes, resulting in early wearing. Therefore, if you keep an extra pair it allows the other to have extra breathing space. If you interchange and wear both simultaneously you’ll get extra life from both.


How To Care For Your Danskos?

As you know, Danskos are made of high quality leather. And, we all know leather needs proper maintenance to get the best out of them. Caring for them is similar to caring for any other leather footwear.

Here are the steps to care for your Danskos:

  • Clean off the dust that has accumulated on the surface with a dry soft cloth or brush.
  • Now, wipe clean your Danskos with a damp cloth and let them dry.
  • Take a solution of soap (meant for leather) and water solution and spot clean them.
  • Wipe off the soapy solution with a soft dry cloth.
  • Now, take the Dansko leather cream and apply it throughout the entire surface with a soft cloth or using your fingers (gently).
  • For the last step, dab them with a clean cloth to get that new-like shine.

Dansko VS Crocs-Which One Lasts Longer?

Many health workers use Crocs if not Danskos. While Danks is pure clogs, Crocs are a hybrid of clogs and sandals. Both are pretty much used for the same purpose; keep the feet comfy during long standing jobs.

Both of them have different beneficial features and great reputations. Since we humans love to compare stuff; questions do arise which of the two last longer?

And, you’ll be happy to know Danskos edge over Crocs when it comes to durability. The fine leather and the sturdy construction help them to last longer.

Crocs aren’t that off the pace, they have their perks too, but it’s just that Danskos last longer than crocs. It’s as simple as that.

Parting Thoughts

You’ll need to replace your Danskos after 2 years (on average). The number may increase to 3 if you take really good care of them. Known for their superior comfort and excellent arch support, Danskos is a reliable name for many service holders, especially nurses.

This was my two cents on “How often to replace Danskos”. I really hope you’ve had your answer. And, if I missed anything important don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section below. Take care.

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