How Much Do Timberland Boots Weigh? Let's Find Out

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Knowing the weight of Timberland boots is definitely an intuitive approach. Especially to know whether the heaviness serves your purpose or not.

Keeping this concern in my mind, I researched for hours. Just so you could know all the information regarding the weight of Timberland boots.

Before that, let’s give a quick reply to your question; How much do Timberland boots weigh?


Generally, the yellow boots weigh around 2.10 pounds/lbs per pair, 0.95kg, or around 1 kg per pair. However, the weight is not fixed. It varies based on the specific type you would want to purchase. Also, the size and other construction details affect the weight as well.

Continue reading to know the weight of all types of timberland boots.

How Much Does A Pair of Timberland Boots weigh in KG?

A pair of Timberland boots weigh around 1 kg in general. There are no Timb Boots that are lighter than 1kg. Unless the boots are made for kids.

Here I have listed some timberland boots along with their weight information.

ModelAverage weight per pair(lbs)Average weight per pair(kg)
Men’s 6’’ Timberland Boot2 pounds 10 ounces0.95 kg
Women’s Timberland Boot2 pounds 26 ounces1.025 kg
Timberland Work Boots2 pounds 16 ounces0.98 kg
Kids Timberland Boots8.8 ounces0.25 kg

Every pair of Timberland Boots has some variation in their weight. Not precisely for their size but mostly because of the construction and the specific type of boots you end up choosing.

The specific types include work boots, steel toe boots, women boots, and kids boots.

The variation is based on the construction for each type.timberland-boots-weigh

I have already explained the weight and detailed construction of the work boots or steel toe boots, kids boots, and women boots down below.

So, all that remains is the general 6’’ Men’s Timberland boots.

The single Timb boot weighs around 1 pound and 5 ounces, so if we do the math, a pair of Timberland boots weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces or around 0.95 kg.

However, the weight varies from size to size. The more the size, the more product used. So eventually the weight increases slightly.

Next comes the detailed construction, which also affects the weight. The detailed construction includes the weight of the outsole, midsole, and especially the thick upper.

The weight I mentioned is what average Men’s Timberland Boots weigh mostly. It may not be exactly the same, but all Timberland Boots weigh around that specific number.

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How much do Timberland work boots weigh?

Timberland work boots weigh around 2 pounds 16 ounces and 0.98 kg per pair. And this is because it has steel toe construction. Which not only makes the boots tougher but also heavier. The sizes of the boots and the individual weight of the material affect the overall weight as well.


If you are ready to hike, do some construction work, or do some heavy work in general, Timberland’s work boots are the best for you.

It’s not only because of the durability, or the quality of the materials. The heaviness of the work boots slightly matters too.

The overall average weight of Timberland Work Boots is 2 pounds 16 ounces or 0.98kg per pair. The weight is slightly heavier than the usual Timberland Boots. It’s due to the steel toe construction that includes the ANSI safety standards.

The heaviness of the boots makes them withstand tough situations. Especially when you are hiking, that exerts a lot of pressure on the boots.

So, you could rely on the boots in this kind of rough experience, such construction and heaviness are required.

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How much do Timberland women’s boots weigh?

Timberland women’s boots weigh around 2 pounds 26 ounces or 1 kg 0.025 grams per pair. With varying sizes or specific construction, the weight may vary around the number I specified. Although the weight surely varies, it’s usually around 2 to 3 pounds but not more than that.

Women, as you know, have slightly different feet shapes and sizes. This is why Timberland came up with Boots only specified for women.

Even in the women’s category, there are the Yellow Signature Timberland boots and also work boots as well.

All these types of Timberland Women’s Boots, overall weigh around 2 pounds 26 ounces or 1 kg 0.025 grams per pair. The work boots may weigh slightly heavier but still somewhere near 2.26 lbs.

The steel toe construction, the double-layered upper, 200 gram thermolite induction inside, and the thick outsole affect the weight in general.

The steel especially makes the bigger difference in weight between the usual Timb boots versus the work boots. After all, the supporting steel is heavier than the leather and synthetic materials used in the boots.

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How Much Do Kids Timberland Boots Weigh?

Kids Timberland boots usually weigh around 8.8 ounces or 0.25 kg per pair. Kids have the most varying size based on their age, which in the end affects their weight as well. Not only size, just like the adult boots, their construction and material weight also affect the overall weight.


The growth of kids’ feet matters, when buying their boots. Some kids have feet size same as the adult feet, so looking through the kid’s section won’t help you much. In that case, measuring your kid’s size with the size chart would be a good step before knowing the weight.

However, most toddlers around the age of 3 to 12 years may have varying sizes but the weight of the Timberland kids boots usually swirls around  8.8 ounces or 0.25 kg per pair.

Usually, Timberland Kids Boots have the same materials used for the adult ones, except they are used less because of their smaller size.

Although, I must say the larger-sized Kids’ boots are surely a bit heavier than the extremely tiny boots available.

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How heavy are Timberland boots?

The heaviness of Timberland Boots is relative to the kind of boots you usually wear. Compared to most boots, Timberland Boots are surely termed heavier than others.

Despite the type of Timberland Boots you choose, every one of them is relatively heavier than the other branded boots.

However, if you are used to wearing heavy boots in general, the weight of Timb Boots won’t make a big difference to you. On the other hand, if you are a lightweight boots lover, then stay ready to bear the heaviness of the Timberland Boots.

Don’t worry, it’s not that heavy.  The weight is pretty standard and with a few times of wear, you will get used to it pretty fast.

Since these boots are mostly intended for heavy and tough work, the weight reflects the amount of protection induced in the boot. The heavier the boot is, the more and thicker layer exists in your Timberland Boots.

This would help you hike, work or do any kind of tough job easily as it protects your foot.

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Good luck, weighing!

If you have reached this segment, you now know the overall weight of all types of Timberland Boots.

That includes work boots, men’s boots, women’s boots, and even kids boots. In addition, you also know Timberland Boots are slightly heavier than other boots due to the construction design by Timberland.

So if you are looking for lightweight boots, Timberland may not be a good choice for you. Otherwise, for any rough and tough work or for hiking purposes, you can easily go for Timberland Boots.

Found my article useful? Do let me know in the comments, how heavy you think Timberland boots are.

Have a good day!

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