Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Big Or Small? Honest Experience [2024]

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Just like the Italian tiramisu is famous all over the world, so are their ‘Hey Dude’ shoes.

This brand offers varieties of comfy shoes within an affordable range.

A few days ago, I went to the nearest ‘Hey Dude’ store to buy some pairs and tried on different models. As a result, I achieved a good experience with the sizing.


Since I have some idea about the size, I thought to give you a clear concept of it. Because I want you to put your hard-earned dollar into something comfortable and the right size.

So, let’s figure out whether Hey Dudes are big or small or simply true to their size.

Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small?

They have some sizing issues, which vary from one edition to another.

That’s why it’s difficult to give a straightforward answer, like whether they are big or small, because one answer is not applicable to all the models.

Most of the Hey Dude shoes come in true sizes. At the same time, some models run small. But it’s hard to find shoes of hey dude which run big and loose.

You’ll get cool designs of sandals, platforms, slip-on, sneakers and wendy casuals in their footwear collection.

On the official website, Hey Dude suggested that, If you’re usually in between sizes, then choose the next size up for the best fit.

I found the sneakers, sandals and slip-on to be comfortable and true to size when I wore them. But most of the Wendy shoes felt a little bit tight to me. So, you should be careful while selecting the right size.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable?

Hey Dudes always remain on the choice list of people who often look for comfortable shoes within a reasonable price range.

Let’s see the company’s expression about their shoes.

According to their saying, their shoes are the cushiest, comfiest, airiest, featheriest, lightest shoes on Earth. Shoes so light that a butterfly could steal them. So soft, kittens seethe with jealousy.

Here’re the things that make the shoes so comfortable:

  • Padded Insole and collar.
  • Flex and Fold Technology.
  • Adjustable lacing system.
  • Supportive and contouring footbed.
  • Thick and cushioned Midsole.
  • Sufficient space for toes and overall feet.

I purchased the cream-shaded Wendy Corduroy Faux Fur for winter use. This iconic and stylish wear demands $60.

The price might seem a bit high to you. But if you consider the design, comfort and technology behind the shoe making, then this pair is worthy to the price.

It yields faux fur lining for comfort, a leather upper and an ultralight outsole for good grip. The shoes are easy to put on and off. You can customize the fit by tying up the elastic laces according to your need.

When I was looking for a sandal for summertime, my eyes were stuck on the simple but mesmerizing design of the Julie-Tye Dye Blue sandal.

It offered a sober look with a blue printed upper. This pair was super soft with its padded midsole and smooth microfiber wrapping at the toe post. Just like me, you can easily go for a walk near the beach area in the warm evening.


The insole was coated with waterproof leather lining. It contains a padded strap instead of an ordinary thin strap. Because of this, you will not get any scars on your feet.

If you’re seeking a flip-flop for regular use inside your home, then you can add this to the cart.

In terms of comfort and style, they deserve a seven-star rating.

Most people, including me, appreciated the ultra-lightweight feature of this shoe.

I found the insoles of Hey Dudes are a little thinner. Too much dependency on a particular shoe leads to wear and tear on the thin insole.

You’ll have to face foot fatigue if you constantly wear shoes with damaged insoles.

But the insoles are removable. You can replace the old and torn insole with a new one. I saw that insoles are available for Wendy shoes. You’ll get the necessary information regarding insoles, their price and resole method on their official website.

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Do Hey Dudes Come in half sizes?

No, Hey Dude doesn’t manufacture half size footwear.

If your ideal shoe size is half, then I’ll recommend going for a full size up. In simple words, if you normally wear a size 11.5, then you better go for size 12.

Let me share my experience on this matter.

I liked the light pink shade of Karina Free sneakers. This shoe features enough airflow with a breathable upper. So, I made up my mind to get this pair. Usually, I wear 7.5, which was unavailable in their collection.

The size 7 seemed too tight, my feet were squeezed inside the shoe.

I was so impressed by the design that I had to get the shoe anyway. Then the salesperson suggested trying size 8, and I followed her saying.

I got substantial space for my toe with that size and purchased that pair for $ 50. And fortunately, that half size up became a right fit for me over time.

I have attached the authentic size chart of Hey Dudes so that you can have an idea about the available sizes before buying.

Here’s the size chart of Hey Dude Shoes:



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Are Hey Dude fit for Wide Feet?

Yes. Hey Dude offers a range of shoes for wide feet.

Individuals with wide feet have to go through struggles to get the perfect pair for their unusual feet shape. As their toes expand more at the time of walking, they need a roomy space at the front side.

You’ll get wide and extra-wide Hey Dude sandals, platforms, sneakers and wendy shoes with a spacious, rounded toe box.

Are you suffering from minor Bunions or hammertoes?

If so, then Hey Dudes wide or extra wide shape can get you relief from any of these foot diseases.

Only some specific models of Hey Dude come in wide and extra-wide. So, you might not get the design you like. In this case, you can request customization.

Do Hey Dude Shoes Stretch?

Yes. Generally, most of their shoes stretch out to a certain extent with frequent wear.

Stretching tendency relies on the type of materials. So, let’s discuss a bit about them.

Hey Dude shoes are made with synthetic leather, textiles, canvas, elastic fiber, and woven cotton. Most of these materials spread with time. Don’t worry that your accurate fit shoes will become looser.

Rather, you’ll get a breathable and ample space for your feet.If it seems too loose, you can wear socks with them. But if you buy a tight size by mistake and don’t have the chance to return them, you can loosen up the shoes with the help of a shoe stretcher.

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Do They Have Arch support?

Of course. Hey Dudes have adequate arch support and are great to wear for plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel pain.

The combination of flex and fold technology with a patented footbed is the main reason for supreme arch support.

I was supposed to buy a pair for my best friend. He was in need of a shoe that was arch-supportive because most of the time, he had to work standing. So, I bought a shoe that offers support with a padded midsole and collar.

And the shoe was nothing but the Paul Chambray – Iron.

It was slip-resistant on all surfaces with an ultra-grip rubber outsole. My friend was so delighted after receiving the utmost comfort, support and final touch on his outfit.

But there was a negative side which I want to disclose.


The shoes don’t have a long lifespan. Though the shoes were well used

and proper cleaning was maintained; it was totally damaged within two years.

Considering the price, the shoes should be more sustainable.

Another thing that I didn’t like was the thick midsole design at the bottom. In some styles, the sole looked quite heavy and thick. But actually, it isn’t heavy, only chunky.

So, the designers should take some steps to improve the shoe’s configuration.

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Bottom Line

Hey Dudes are pleasant footwear with mostly exact size. In this article, I have highlighted its sizing and issues related to it in detail.

So, it’s time to add comfy and affordable shoes to your closet.

Let me know whether you’re buying them or not. If you’re a student, then there’s a chance of getting a huge discount while purchasing from Hey Dudes.

Leave a comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.

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