Hey Dude Vs Reef: Which One Is the Better Option? [In 2024]

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It’s quite difficult when you choose something when both are your favorite.

Hey Dude and Reef, both shoes are renowned brands for the summer collection when you purchase a new pair of shoes for your desired vacation.

Now that I own both brands of shoes and use them regularly, I must say both are the best in their field.

Both brands of shoes offer you various kinds of advantages. I will explain in detail which one is better for you and suits your desired outlook.

Take a long breath and read till the end to pick one which is suitable for you.


First Impression: Hey Dude

A couple of years back, when I first knew about Hey dude, I thought they made shoes for only guys.

But some of my friends told me about their husbands, and they both wear hey dudes for a long duration. They also told me how much those shoes are comfortable and feathery.

According to their preferences, I bought a pair of hey dudes, and they took my heart away. After that day, I never left them alone.

Hey Dude incorporates some features like comfy soles, durability, soft insoles, etcetera. The shoe gives you the ultimate comfort which you desire for.

They provide you with ultimate comfort. The right shoe was excessively tight because the laces on the right shoe were shorter than those on the left. The replacement lace that came with the shoes worked perfectly to replace the right shoe.

These shoes are also manufactured as kid’s shoes for their sports time, they give them arch support and flexibility for a long time.


Furthermore, they manufacture loafer-type shoes, which both enhance your total outlook, casual and formal. When you think of attending an office program during summer, Hey Dude is best for your occasion.

They provide you with the best soft and pulpy insoles with canvas upper soles.

The dude’s cleaning procedure is so much easier than the other shoes. You should take a wet cloth and wipe them sincerely, they look new again.

If you are looking for a more stylish pair, then I suggest you the Hey Dude Lexi mules.

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First Impression: Reef

At first, I bought reefs for their appearance and their attractive color shades.


Whenever I want to buy something different, I am stuck in hey dude’s new model and hues. Along with their looks, they also offer the ultimate comfort when you purchase something light for your summer season.

Reef naturally constructs sandals with soft leather upper soles and squishy footbeds. The sole mold according to your feet easily.

They also look stylish, their strap fits your feet, and they never squeeze or rub your feet.

Moreover, it also gives you arch support for your tough summer day. They are open-toed flip-flops; for this reason, move carefully when you are on a busy schedule.

These sandals are quite cozy. The soles are comparable to Crocs if you’ve ever worn them, but these feel more like a pair of shoes. Quite cool fashion, too.

If you have flat and wide feet, then reef is your best option. Reef smooth and molded rubber soles fit your feet properly.

For their rubbery soles, you can use this also in a watery environment, I often use them on any type of rigorous path. They are actually more comfortable than any other type of sandals.

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Hey Dude Vs Reef Shoes: What’s The Difference?

They both are the best in their field, there are no direct differences between them. Hey Dude offers you the semi-formal loafer look, and on the other hand, Reef shoes are like flip-flops giving you a casual look.

But after using and testing them rigorously, I will discuss their materials and features in detail.

Here are the differences: 


Hey Dude, shoes use 100% suede leather, the leather made from the inner skin of cows and goats. The suede leather is very high-quality leather and very comfortable to wear.

The leather is quite stretchable and flexible when you wear them, you can feel the flex.

Hey dude, including suede leather as soles. And they give you a formal look because these types of insoles are used in dress shoes or expensive ones.

For using leather, they are quite moldable with your foot shape.

In the meantime, the Reef sandals use cowhide leather, and sometimes they use crocodile leather in their special edition.

Cowhide is the most popular leather in the shoe market. They are water resistant, stretchable and comfy.

When it comes to crocodile skin, then this leather is famous for its durability. The material stays still until you intentionally stretch them by using materials.

Reef shoes incorporate many various types of soles. But the most popular one is the Swellular cushion system.

Swellular cushions are popular for their comfort and flexibility. Reef uses them in their famous models as a footbed. Sometimes they use the rubber sole for their regular footwear.


In one line, Reef is more durable than the other footwear.

Hey dude also supports you for a long time if you are properly taken care of, but not much as the Reef shoes.

Reef flip-flops have a rubber sole and groove pattern for a strong grip. They last 2 to 5 years easily, while the Hey dudes last 2 to 3 years which is less than the Reef shoes.

According to their durable feature, Reef sandals pass with a distinct number.


The prices of both shoes are different from each other. Reefs are cheaper than the hey dudes.

Reef shoe prices start from $30 per pair, and Hey Dude, charge $40.

I’m quite impressed by reef’s pricing at these fair prices, they provide the best quality.


According to my style, I prefer hey dudes over reefs.

Hey Dude, complete the wax polish leather for their finishing look before using them. The company’s shoes have such a long shelf life because they are made from the finest leather.

You can pair it with dress pants for a formal look. You can wear hey dudes with everything, short skirt to jeans it goes well with everything.

Reef shoes are best for summer. They are available in various styles, looks, and hues.

Reefs are cozy, reliable, and reasonably priced. They provide a vast selection of designs, hues, and sizes to satisfy your requirements.


The purpose of this kind of insole is to cushion and support the foot.

Hey Dude is perfect for use in shoes designed for casual and formal wear because it is lightweight with a fashionable look.

In order to maintain the health and comfort of your feet, it is also made to be breathable.

While the type of sole utilized in Reef shoes makes them comfy for the feet.

Rubber is compression molded into the sole of Reef shoes. The lightweight and flexible compression-molded rubber sole is another plus point for the reef. The rubber sole is molded with your foot shape.


In sizing, the Reef offers you better true-to-size shoes. They actually provide the appropriate size.


Hey dudes, claim they also provide the actual size, but after using it, I suggest you buy a size larger than your feet. They are actually a little congested.


Polyurethane, polyester, and other materials are used to make Hey Dude shoe footbeds, offering ultimate comfort.

The upper layer of the footbed is more solid and supportive.

Dual-density EVA foam, The footbed is quite thick and double-layered, making up the footbed with Reef sandals.

The footbed offers a solid foundation for your foot to stand on, thanks to its two layers of foam. They are also water-resistant.

The footbed in a Reef shoe is superior to a Hey Dude footbed.

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Should You Buy Hey Dude & Reef Shoes?

Hey Dude, is a famous brand for their loafer for all ages customers, if you think to buy, then there are many options for you.

They hold their fame and reviews from the beginning to till now. They are a famous 90’s brand, they produce different designs with variations of hues. It fits your feet perfectly.

Hey dude, manufactured by experts who have been in the business for decades. They are aware of everything and what works for you better.

When it comes to the best long-lasting footwear, then Hey Dudes are one of them.

The business has been producing shoes for more than 25 years, they have developed its design over taste. They consistently pay attention to consumer choice and adjust as needed until they get it right.

Hey Dude, shoes could be the answer for you if you’ve been seeking a new pair of sneakers but haven’t yet discovered anything that suits your needs.

The Reef has established a reputation for producing high-quality footwear. Reefs are fantastic since they are available in a variety of designs and hues, allowing you to select one that exactly complements your attire.

Additionally, they provide an accurate range of size charts when you choose the option that best pair you can pick.

Their footwear is fashionable, cozy, and long-lasting.

Reef shoes are ideal for anyone who loves to purchase something for summer. They are fashionable, practical, and comfortable.

They have a variety of styles and shades available that you can choose for your desired outlook. You may find what you need in our collection of shoes and feel your shoe rack.

Whether you desire stylish sandals for an evening out or casual flip-flops for a day at the beach outing, you can pair them with every outfit.

You can relay any of them, both shoes enhance your expectations, and they aren’t disappointing you.

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Pros & Cons of Hey Dude Vs Reef Shoes

Both Hey Dude and Reef shoes are famous for their stylish design and color variation. The shoes are the best for their different sectors, they provide you with a casual look with an elegant appearance.

There are some Pros & Cons of both Hey Dude and Reef shoes:

Hey Dude

  • »Extremely comfortable to put in.
  • »Smooth and soft insoles.
  • »Easy to clean after wearing.
  • »Great fittings.
  • »They are not water resistant.
  • »The size is slightly congested.

Reef Shoes

  • »The shoes are properly waterproof.
  • »A squishy footbed gives the ultimate comfort.
  • »They offer an accurate size.
  • »Easy to wear.
  • »More durable than any other shoe.
  • »Pair them only with casual wear.
  • »They are not appropriate for winter.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dudes?

You can wear socks with your hey dudes for your dress look. But I don’t prefer them when I pair them with some casual outfit.

Are Reef shoes supportive?

Reef shoes support you along with their stylish look. They offer you the most cushioned footbed.

Can Hey Dude shoes get wet?

In a word, No. the Hey Dude shoes are not water resistant. They are easy to clean but not waterproof.

Are Reef shoes good for walking?

Reef shoes provide you with the ultimate comfort for your day-long walking schedule. They also manufacture kid’s items.

Can you wear Reef flip-flops in the water?

Reef shoes are appropriate for the beach area. They incorporated the waterproof feature in all their items.

Are Hey Dudes comfortable to wear all day long?

Yes, they offer you the ultimate comfort with their stylish look. You can wear them on any occasion or in any environment.

Final Thoughts

When the discussion is between Hey Dude and Reef, then there is no winner for me; both are renowned for their style and comfort.

The Reef is the best option if you want to purchase summer wear or tour purposes.

After looking through my writing, I think You can easily choose any of them according to your desired outlook.

Let me know in the comment section which one you choose.

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