Danner Boots Sizing [A To Z Sizing Guide For Men And Women]

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Danner is a century-old boot company, that has produced 200+ models of boots with durable materials and classic designs for adventure lovers.


Selecting the perfectly fitted boots from their huge collection is a little confusing. Since I am a boot fanatic, I have a lot of pairs of Danner, so I know almost everything about their sizing.

Let me help you to clear up all your confusion about the sizing of Danner boots.

So hang on till the end.

Danner Boots Size Guide

Though Danner is an Australian boot brand, their outstanding quality boots are worldwide famous. For its tremendous performance and durability, Danner is the first choice of hikers.

For having a worldwide customer base, they offer standard-size charts for all races of people.

Danner boot also offers half-size options for both men and women. And their shoe sizing is too accurate, so you don’t have to be bothered so much, just measure your own feet properly and match them with the given chart below.

Here I am providing a size chart of Danner boots for men and women:

Danner boot men size chart


Danner boot women size chart


Some of Danner boots models are a narrow fit, for wide feet person Danner offers wide and extra wider size version.

Here is the width size chart of Danner boot:

Men's US sizeWomen's US sizeStandard width (inches)Wide width (inches)

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Do Danners Fit True To Size?

Danner claimed that their boots are true to size. Because they measure their boots by Brannock device. Brannock device is used for measuring footwear worldwide in the shoe industry. So in general we can say Danner boots are true to size.

But the shoe’s fitting depends on your feet’s structure too. If your feet are wider, maybe you have to pick a half-size up.

Though Danner has a lot of models of boots, there are some exceptions in Danner’s sizing. Some of them have wider toe boxes and some have narrow toe boxes. For example, Mountain Light Boots have narrow toe boxes.

I have narrow feet, that’s why I bought the accurate size for my feet, and it fits well. But the same shoe doesn’t fit on my sister’s leg, just because she has wider feet.

Don’t worry, Danner offers half size, and they also have wider feet options for both men and women. On Danner’s website, they have provided a proper description of each model. So before you buy you have to know about Danner’s model particularly.

Do Danner Boot Stretch Out?

Danner’s boot feels stiff in the first couple of weeks. After the end of the breaking period, Danner’s boots become more comfortable, since they are made with only high-quality leather. And like other leather boots, Danner boots also stretch out after their breaking period.

You can polish some oil or shoe conditioner to smooth your boot-breaking period. It’s a very easy process I have written about the Caimen boot stretching method, Though both are leather boots so you can read and apply those methods.

Don’t be freaked out if it feels a little stiff the first time. Take some time, maybe one or two weeks, then the leather of the upper portion will properly stretch and adjust with your feet.

Are Danner Boots Narrow?


Yes, some Danner boots are narrow in fit. Danner is especially known for making high-quality hiking or hunting boots. This type of shoe requires to be snugged (not too tight, not too loose). Because you need good stability on your feet while hiking. If the toe box has a large room, it can be the reason for getting injuries. And a snug-fit boot provides good support and comfort during hiking on elevation and protects from blisters or other injuries.

That’s why most of Danner’s boots have narrow toe boxes. But when you have wide feet, Danner offers you a wider size on their hiking boot line. Besides Danner- the Crafter lines boots have wider toe boxes than other models.

Hence, Danner doesn’t upset any consumers who have wide feet. The brand offers various size options on their boots model, keeping all their consumer’s feet size in mind.

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Danner is one of the oldest hiking boot brands and is also well known to produce military boots. Since 1932 the offering includes high-quality boots with precise sizing.

In this article, I described the sizing of Danner boots and guided you to get the accurate size of the boot for the best experience. Hope you will find your perfect pair. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

Stay healthy!!

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