Crocs Coast Clog vs Classic [Choose The Best One for You]

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People of all ages are crazy about classic Crocs, and they are being sold like donuts out there.

On the other hand, the demand for Coast clog is also on the rise because of its iconic design and limited edition. So, when it comes to making a choice between Crocs classic and coast, people including you become puzzled.


In this article, I’m gonna point out the differences and similarities between traditional and crocs coast to erase all your confusion.

This will also help you to select the right one for yourself on a whim.

So, keep reading!

Differences Between Coast Clog and Classic

Generally, Crocs remain in the choice list of people who prefer to wear sandals or slides all day long. Their demand is at its peak for the ventilation flourished nature, especially in the summer.

Both coast and classic clog have amazing attributes, and as originating from the same brand, they differ only in a few areas.

Now I’m gonna highlight the dissimilarities so that you can find your closest desirable one in a single chance.

Here are the exact differences between the two clogs:

Different styles

One of the basic distinctions between the two clogs is – variations of style.

Classic versions represent the analogous pattern of most recognizable crocs. It is only available in clog form. Its heel straps provide excellent balance and support on the overall feet.

On the other hand, Coast broke the title of common style. It comes in clog and slide structure.

This pair also serves all the user-friendly features with an extra stylish and elegant outlook.


Due to the variation of holes and structure, classic and coast clog offers dissimilar outlook.

The classic crocs have a regular and classic representation.

On the contrary, easy slip-on coasts are furnished with a buoyant and more modernized appearance. However, you can make rubber jibbitz and add them to the crocs for enhancing its look.

Variations of Side Holes

The most significant difference between regular crocs and coast clogs is their hole diversity.


Classic clogs have 7 holes on the sides, whereas the coast has only 4.

Usually, crocs are suitable for a long period of wear and offer a better experience of ventilation with these holes.

As Classic editions have more rifts, they are one step ahead in having better air circulation. In contrast, coast crocs are well-designed with less number of holes.

Crocs Classic vs Coast – The Similarities

There are many significant resemblances between the coast and classic clog as they come from the same company. They are easy to wear, washable, and come in fascinating color combinations with jibbitz.


However, I’m going to focus on the most noticeable similarities you need to know.

Here are the most significant semblance of Crocs classic and Coast:

Same Origin

The root of classic and coast clog is Crocs, Inc. The workers of this footwear company design, manufacture and sell out all types of crocs, including the traditional and coast.

However , classic crocs are produced in huge quantities. But the production of fashionable coast clog is limited, and most of the time it remains out of stock.

Reasonable Price Range

Crocs are affordable for most people. A pair of classic or coast clog is available for 40-70 US dollars.

If you compare this price range to any other brands in the market, you will realize that they are pretty cheap. However, some people think the price range of crocs is expensive.

Interested to know more? Just go through our separate article why are crocs so expensive?

Since coast crocs have limited production, some tricky people stock the footwear and sell them later on the online marketplace with a high retail price.

Note: Be aware of fraud sellers while buying crocs. They often deceive buyers by selling fake and low-quality crocs. See our separate article on how to spot Fake & Real Crocs to purchase the authentic one. 

Similar Comfort Level

The performance of both classic and coast clog is praiseworthy.

Nowadays, everyone from kids to seniors is keeping crocs at the top of their wish list due to their outstanding comfort.

Both classic and coast clog have Croslite foam cushioning in the footbeds.

As a result, they are comfortable and worth wearing for regular movement.

The heel straps deliver proper balance by supporting the feet. With the breathable holes, they ensure air circulation inside the toe room. So in summer, you won’t suffer any bad odor issues or sweat at all.

Moreover, both clogs cover the forefeet with a wider toe box. Hence, you will be able to move your toes and wiggle while walking.

Both Are Durable

Crocs are really hard nuts in terms of durability. Both coast and classic clogs are equally famous for their longer lifespan.

If you maintain the cleaning processes properly, they will sustain for about 7-8 years. The comfy Croslite material is the main role player of this longevity.


Their slip-resistant property gives confidence and stability, which makes them sustainable wear on slippery surfaces.

On a straight line, Crocs are worth every penny of your pocket from the durability perspective.

They Are Edible

Sounds funny and lame, right?

But actually, you can eat both coast and classic crocs as they are made of non-toxic Croslite materials. Just follow the Crocs recipe and let me know how it tastes!

Crocs Coast Clog vs. Classic: Which One Should You Pick?

Crocs coast and classic are enriched with convenient properties like stylish design, comfort, moderate arch support and lightweight.

Apart from these similar characteristics, both have some unique landmarks. Depending on those landmarks and personal requirements, you should choose one type of crocs over another.

Opt for Crocs coast clog if you

– prefer a different design from the common crocs with 4 side holes.

– are focused on fashion appeal and want to style with unique footwear.

– expect both slides and clog design.

Go for Classic crocs if you

– like the typical crocs configuration.

– feel the necessity of more breathability with additional holes.

– are satisfied only with the clog design.

No matter which one you select, each of them will last longer and will help you attain a smooth walking experience with lightweight shoes.

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Are Crocs good for long walks?

No, crocs are not a great choice for long walks. Although they provide cushioning and a heel strap to assure an accurate fit, their heel stability is not adequate to support you for long walks and hiking.

Are clogs in Style 2022?

Clogs are still in style to wear with any casual and summertime outfit, like wide-leg jeans, oversized t-shirts and bikinis.

Can you wear socks with clogs?

Yes! You can wear socks with clogs for additional protection and warmth.

Do Crocs hurt my feet?

Yes, sometimes crocs can hurt your feet if they are not in accurate size & fit.

Can I wear clogs in winter?

Yes, you can wear clogs in winter. But do not forget to wear woolen socks to keep your feet safe and warm in the chilly weather.

Closing Thoughts

Many people avoid buying crocs and don’t choose them for their funky outlooks and colors.

But crocs are stylish and interesting. They provide you with convenient features at the lowest cost.

So style with classic or coast clogs and share your experiences with me.

Have a good day!

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