Can Zero Drop Shoes Help With Plantar Fasciitis?[Facts 2024]

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Plantar Fasciitis- can disrupt your daily walking and running.

The structure of the shoe really matters for causing or healing this foot disease.

Many people searched for the answer to whether zero-drop shoes are helpful or not as a cure for plantar fasciitis. But getting the logical info is tough.


So, I’ve come up with this article which contains a detailed and rational analysis of the topic.

I gave utmost effort and did productive research for several hours to find the answer to the question, ‘ Can zero drop shoes help with plantar fasciosis or fasciitis?’

So, let’s get into this article and find out the facts.

Are Zero Drop Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, zero-drop shoes are beneficial to get relief from plantar fasciitis.

Before moving forward, I want to explain simply about zero-drop shoes and plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis denotes foot pain that outcomes from damage, inflammation or the dying of the plantar fascia ligament. The ligament extends from the ankle to the toe.

One of the major causes of this disease is pressurizing on foot for a long time, which leads to breaking off the tendons.

Initially, it causes pain only in the heel and arch area. The pain spreads to the entire feet over time if not properly treated.

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If you’re done with the basic concept of plantar fasciitis, now let’s discuss the design of zero-drop shoes.

There’s no height difference between the toe and heel of a zero-drop shoe. You’ll find a flat sole of equal depth in this type of shoe.

In some footwear, you’ll feel like you’re walking barefoot on the surface. That’s why you can also refer to these shoes as minimal barefoot shoes.

The manufacturers of the industry design some footwear by combining the features of heel-to-toe drop and arch support. These types are the best to wear with plantar fasciitis.

Zero-drop shoes allow the foot to act in a natural way. Interruption of blood circulation and stress on the tissue occurs as a result of plantar fasciitis.

Shoes with zero drop and a wide toe box help to maintain the proper blood circulation across your feet.

Moreover, a wide toe box will ensure your toes’ freedom fit inside the shoe. You can get a complete cure from plantar fasciitis with your zero-drop shoe.

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What Are The Benefits Of Zero Drop Shoes?

Zero-drop shoes are good enough as a medication for plantar fasciitis. Along with this, they’ve other advantages too.

Here’re the positive aspects of zero-drop shoes:

  • Helpful for the natural functioning of the foot. They strengthen ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  • Improves spontaneous blood circulation in the foot.
  • Makes the feet rigid with the dependence on feet more than shoes so they can survive well in a harsh environment.
  • Reduces the effects of bunions, hammertoes and sciatica.
  • Helps to recover the bad condition of the muscles and tissues of the feet.
  • They’re more lightweight than ordinary shoes.
  • They offer high ankle mobility with better foot alignment.
  • Almost all nil-drop shoes include wide-toe boxes for roomy positioning of toes.
  • Minimizes the chances of injury. This is a controversial point. You’ll see the opposite comment on the negative sides of minimal barefoot shoes.

To get all of the facilities mentioned above, you should grab a pair of right-fitted zero-drop shoes.

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What Are The Risks Of Zero Drop Shoes?

Everything has its good and bad sides. Nil-drop shoes aren’t an exception to that.

Here’re the harmful aspects of a zero-drop shoe:

  • Most zero-drop shoes have little or no cushion at all. So, there’s a lack of premium comfort.
  • With minimal barefoot shoes, your feet may go through the stress on the rough surface.

Previously I said that this type of footwear would make the feet more rigid, but it’s a matter of time. You may catch blisters while going through the rugged area for the first few days.

  • Wearing zero-drop shoes increases the chance of injury.

According to a British Journal of Sports Medicine study, runners wearing minimalist shoes had two to three times more injuries than runners in traditional supportive shoes.

To avoid the risks of zero-drop shoes, I’ll suggest not wearing the same type of shoes for a long time. Rather, you should bring variations in your footwear.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll style only with shoes that are fascinating in outlook.

You should be careful about their comfort, support and other user-friendly features such as slip-resistant, stability, waterproof and breathability.

Which Shoes Are Best For Plantar Fasciitis?

Don’t you wonder if only a shoe can heal stinging plantar fasciitis? I think this question must have crossed your mind.

Well, let me explain this issue.

Zero-drop shoes are enough to reduce moderate damage to the plantar fascia ligament. For more benefits, you should look for shoe stability, space of toe box and adjustment features. You should also avoid using high heels in this case.

You can switch to Altra Escalante’s shoe. This is the best shoe to help with plantar fasciitis.  This pair can steal your foot pain within 3-6 months.

You’ll get a contoured footbed and cushion in this shoe.  It’ll provide a straight-lined platform from the heel-to-toe portion, which will ensure active blood circulation.

Moreover, it’ll improve the bad condition of the muscles of the foot.

The lightweight feature of this shoe will allow you to run without any worries. The rubber sole of this shoe includes a tire track design for excellent surface traction.

Considering all of its features, this shoe is one of the most demanding shoes among professional runners and people with plantar fasciitis.

You can also choose the Topo Runventure shoes. They came with a low ground configuration and good grip capability. This is a worth-trying sneaker for people with plantar fasciitis.

It’s quite irritating to depend on sneakers or shoes in the summertime.

So, you might need a sandal. You can rely on Birkenstocks Arizona, which works best in regular movement with its arch-aiding footbed configuration.

Only zero drop shoes aren’t enough to get relief from the worst conditions.

You’ll have to consult with the orthopedist and complete the treatment to get recovery from a severe state. You can also take part in effective yoga to get rid of plantar fasciitis.

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Do Zero Drop Shoes Cause Knee Pain?

To get the correct report for this query, I conducted a survey. See what I obtained from that.

For most people, minimal barefoot shoes acted as a release from knee pain.

They won’t root knee pain rather, they’re helpful in preventing knee pain.

There won’t be any excessive force on any part of the leg with zero-drop shoes. They assure a proper accommodation of overall pressure. That’s why your knees do not have to face any corrosion and aches.

I found that zero drop shoes don’t act well in case of a weak leg.

If your leg isn’t healthy enough and unable to provide manual arch support, then wearing zero drop shoes with minimal arch support will lead to negative knee issues.

Do Zero Drop Shoes Recover Lower Back Pain?

Wearing the proper featured shoes can decrease the possibility of your lower back pain. But it will not act as a recovery.

Almost everyone will suffer from lower back pain with the increase in age and obesity. With the increase in age, the bones and muscles become weak. If you’re too fat, your bones will damage due to the imbalanced diet.

Consequently, you will face back pain. This pain may run from the spinal cord to the foot of the human body.

Standing on a low-quality and high heel shoe for a long time also speeds up lower back pain.

As a precaution against back pain, you should always avoid using fashionable high heels. If you don’t skip those, your back pain will be worse than before.

You should depend on comfy flat shoes without artificial arch support.

Both heel and toe stay in the same elevation plane with zero drop shoes. They’re favorable for spinal health and total alignment.

They can form a balanced state from the spinal cord to the lower portion of your body. An equilibrium state of feet will lessen the probability of back pain.

So, don’t forget to buy nil-drop footwear next time.

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Final Thoughts

You should select zero-drop shoes if you’re struggling with plantar fasciitis, bunions or hammertoes. To prevent knee pain, back pain and foot pain, zero drops are a blessing.

So, why are you delaying? Grab a pair without any hesitation, and share your experience with me.

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