How To Blouse Boots: 5 Most Effortless Ways Explained [2024]

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Are you planning to go hiking?

Or are you one of them who is going to join the military academy anytime soon?

No matter which team you are on, you should learn to blouse your boots.


But don’t know how to blouse your boots? No worries. Here, I will unveil 5 of the most accessible techniques for blousing your boots.

So, let’s not make any delay and dive into the main section.

How To Blouse Boots?

For militaries, blousing the boot is a necessary protocol that must be followed by everyone when they are in uniforms. Or it can be said it is a tradition.

Blousing boots prevent bugs and dirt from entering your boots. Also, this style has become quite fashionable in general.

The blousing boot is not a hard nut to crack. You can be skilled within a few minutes.

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Here are the easy methods you can follow to blouse your boots:

Using Elastic Bands

Using an elastic band is the most uncomplicated technique to protect your legs from cold air.


Step 1: Put on your socks.

Step 2: Bind the elastic band around the ankle or glide it over your feet. You can also use a hair tie if you don’t have an elastic band.

Step 3: Put your pants on.

Step 4: Fold the bottom part of your pant in the elastic band.

Step 5: Tuck the remaining part of the pant over the elastic band to create a balloon look.

Step 6: To hide out your socks, pull the cloth.

Step 7: Wear your boots.

You are good to go with your blouse boots. This method is the easiest of all and will make sure the pant doesn’t slip off the band. But the only disadvantage of this elastic band is that wearing it for a long time will make you uneasy.

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Using Battle Dress Uniform Pants (BDU)

The Battle dress uniform, simply known as BDU, is made with blousing in mind. The pants are heavy-wearing and mainly designed for open-air activities like hiking, mountaineering, hunting.


Due to its double layer of fabric, it makes the pant more rigid. You can quickly get the pant in an army surplus shop, or you can also buy them online.

This method is the easiest and quick one. Moreover, BDU pants are comfortable.

Step 1: Wear a thick pair of socks and the Battle Dress Uniform pants.

Step 2: Around your ankle, binds the blousing straps as tight as possible.

Step 3: Now, wear your pants on.

Step 4: Adjust the outer layer of the BDU pants over the rim of your boots.

To prevent any dirt or bugs from getting into your boots, you can insert the outer layer of your Battle Dress Uniform pants inside of the rim of your shoes.

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Wearing Blouse Strap

This method is the most comfortable one and will give you a neater look. There is also no tension in slipping the pants off the boots; it will also prevent cold air from getting in. But this method involves work a little bit more and needs practice.

Step 1:Wear your pants and socks. Drag the pant as long as you can to the ground.

Step 2: Pull the bottom part of the pant from inside and draw it up to your legs.

Step 3:To get a neat look, flatten the fabric.

Step 4: Secure the straps around the section of the pants that you turned inside out.

Step 5:Tug your pants up and alter the end of your pants.

Remember, if you wear the blouse strap for a more extended period, you will feel uneasy. Also, this method will not give you a balloon look in your pants.

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Tuck The Pants

This method is applicable only for fashion purposes because it will not shield you from cold air. But this method will prevent any debris or soil from getting into your boots.


Step 1: Wear your pants. Around your ankle, flat the pant’s surface and tuck the rest of the cloth in the back.

Step 2: Put on your boots.

Step 3: Tuck the bottom of your pants inside the boot. And make sure to tighten the lace of the boot to prevent any slippage.

Remember, you are not using an elastic or blouse band in this method, so your pant will slip off the boot very often. Also, this method will not stop bugs from getting inside your shoes. If you are a hiker, I would suggest you do not follow this method because the risk of slipping your boots can cause you injuries.

Blousing Weight

For a ‘squared-off look, you can use blousing weight. The blousing weight gives a neat and uniform look.

Step 1: Get your pants on, wear the boots, tie the boot laces, and tuck it inside.

Step 2: Drag your pants down to your boots.

Step 3: Draw the trouser legs up so that the border is anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches above your boots.

Step 4: On the other hand, the weights are enfolded in tape and strapped near the calf.

Step 5: Pull the pants on, button, and clipped.

Frequent Asking Questions

Question: What is the purpose of Blousing boots?

Answer: It tucks in the boot to prevent dirt or insects from getting inside of your boots and your pants from raising the leg when you are moving. The blousing is done not to look cool, but it reveals attention to detail and dress code knowledge. It has been a tradition or norm that was started back in the World War 1 trench war.

Question: How do Marines blouse their boots?

Answer: Marines blouse their boots. They fold the bottom of their trousers back inside and tighten them over the shoes with a strap. Militaries either blouse their boots or insert their trousers directly into their shoes. Marines do not wear any rank badge or other kinds of stuff on the utility cover.

Question: Does the Army blouse their boots?

Answer: Soldiers are permitted to blouse their trousers in such a way that fits them as an individual; however, they still must stay within the Army level of AR 670-1. Soldiers will not blouse the boots so that the trouser leg increases down to the ankle.


See, blousing the boot is not a challenging task to do. It is always good to know different techniques, even if you are not in the military or hike. But you can surely help others who are planning to join the army or help a friend who is going for a trek by telling them about the blousing boots method.

We would love to know which method you used and worked for you. Feel free to share your experience.

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