Asics Vs Adidas Sizing [Know The Fittings & Size Chart]

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During your sprinting session, a well-fitted running shoe is a staple component of your training bag.

And the most puzzling situation arrives when you wanna buy a shoe between two splendid featured running shoes like Adidas & Asics. Right?


Well, in this article I’ll share with you all the facts about their sizing and fittings that I already faced and solved a couple of days back. You also find their size chart with a brief comparison.

So, let’s dive in!

Size Difference Between Asics & Adidas

Asics and Adidas both shoes come in close-fitted toe boxes and congested space for your feet. According to their fittings, they are quite similar, yet their sizes differ from each other. In their men’s size, you will find a clear half-size variation.

Moreover, Adidas and Asics offer all UK, US, EU, and JP size standards. Also, both have half-size facilities along with the kids’ items.

If you compare Asics shoes with Adidas sizes, you find a little larger, but not in every sector.

If you take my example, I’m already trying Adidas US 5 and that fits amazingly. But when I was searching for the same fitting in Asics size chart I found half size down 4.5 offer the same.

Both shoes fit perfectly and offer an accurate 23 cm. And their UK size standard offers the same, Asics run a little big, conforming to Adidas size.

In one word, Adidas runs small compared to Asics size.

The simple half size doesn’t create many differences in your regular wear, but that affects you brutally during your running program.

Asics Men’s Size Chart


Adidas Men’s Size Chart

4.5436 ⅔22.5
54.537 ⅓23
65.538 ⅔24
6.5639 ⅓24.5
7.5740 ⅔25.25
87.541 ⅓25.5
98.542 ⅔26.5
9.5943 ⅓27
10.51044 ⅔28
1110.545 ⅓28.25

These are the Asics and Adidas updated men’s size chart from their websites. So you can resemble and compare your shoe size according to your actual feet size.

Similarities Between Asics & Adidas Size

Both Asics and Adidas are reliable names in the sports communities for their outstanding fitted running shoes. But we found Adidas a little tighter and smaller than Asics trainer shoes.

However, Some sectors offer the same size in both brands. If you ever check their size chart thoroughly, you find their women’s sizes are as the others.

For example, both brands start their women’s size US 5 and 22 cm. Luckily, there is no size variation between the two of them in their US size.

At the same time, the UK size acts differently, where in the same 22 cm Adidas offers 3 ½, the Asics come to half size down in only 3. It also creates a huge confusion, when I purchase Asics sneakers according to Adidas size for my beloved wife.

You can reduce this complication by measuring your shoe size properly, and checking both brands’ associated size charts and fittings.

Here I’ll share their size chart that helps you choose:


Adidas Vs Asics: How They Fit?

Asics and Adidas are reliable names for their splendid fittings. And both fit well and offer snug body-hugging fits that make them ideal running shoes. However, both shoe fits are different from each other in certain ways, depending on their materials and production techniques.

Adidas incorporated the thermoplastic polyurethane material that is best for shock absorption while you hit the field.

Contrary, Asics are renowned for their curved soles that divide your full body weight equally. You can say, that the ASICs sole has a soul too.

Adidas or Asics: Which One Suits Wide Feet?

As I have mentioned, Asics run wider compared to Adidas. Adidas tends to narrow fit as the other running shoe fit. When you try Adidas, you must notice they have a little stiff toe box that is suitable for narrow feet.

Maybe this is the reason their women’s sizes are quite similar to one another. Because women have narrow shape feet according to men’s structure and shape.

You can consider wide feet with a special kind of foot because those with wide feet need extra space in their toe box area.

Otherwise, that congested shoe offers severe ankle pain for your feet.

Comparatively, running shoes offer snug fitting for fixed seats during sprinting. But when you have big feet, try to pick ASICs shoes that naturally fit with your medium to wide fit well.

Additionally, they have so many wide-fitted shoe models that are specially designed for those who have extra large feet.


Adidas also manufactures some models for their wide feet line.  But they just provide enough space for wide-feet people, but not enough for extra wide feet.

I suggest you buy Asics sneakers when you have wide feet or extra wide feet.

How to Determine The Asics Right Size Compared to Adidas?

The task of choosing one brand size compared to another, it’s a quite tough job for everyone yet a more popular method.

When you want to look for the same fitting as your previous Adidas pair in your new Asics It’s become tougher. But you can do that comparison by using an effective procedure.

Let’s check out the procedure to get a good result:

  • At first, measure your feet with a measurement tape by applying the measurement process.
  • Measurement should be taken in centimeters or millimeters for an easy converting process.
  • Take measurements of your Adidas shoe insole to get a perfect size.
  • And check the size chart of Asics and compare your Adidas size with theirs.
  • Lastly, found the correct sized pair for your desired fitting, like Adidas.

These are the simple methods that I try every time to switch to another brand when I want the same fittings. You can follow these steps to get a perfect size.

Are Asics & Adidas Run True to Size?

We all know, running shoes usually offer close-fitting shoes for better stability. Adidas and Asics both are renowned names for the running field. The most important query is, are they actually fit with true to size or not?

Okay, both shoes are run small according to their fittings. Adidas comes in one size smaller and narrower than true to size. And Asics come in a half size smaller than the actual size.

You find a narrower toe box area and congested heel cup in both sneakers. For the same reason, podiatrists suggest picking a size bigger running shoe for trainers.

Which One Should You Buy?

If you have enough money to buy two pairs for your sprinting session, grab Adidas and Asics without any hesitation. Because they are outstanding for jazzing up to the field with full confidence.

But the most puzzling situation comes when you have to choose one pair between them.

When you have limited money to pick a perfect pair, according to my opinion, Asics is the best pair for you. It charges only 90–130 bucks, which is less than other branded shoes.

On the other hand, Adidas asks $220 for each running pair. So, Asics is the best selection, because they offer an amazing fitting within a friendly budget.

After price, if you are concerned about their fittings, then there are short and settled answers for their fittings. And the answer is for best fitting you should identify your foot structure before selecting one pair.

If you have narrow feet select Adidas, contrary when you have wide feet pick the ASICs.

So, conforming to your foot structure and shape, you can decide on one of them. You can compare the running shoe sizes for a better understanding of their actual sizes.

Look Before You Pick

Picking one perfect sized well-fitted shoe between the famous Adidas & Asics is crucial, where both shoes offer the top-notch feature for trainers.

I hope now you have proper knowledge of both shoe sizes and fittings very well.

Shoot a comment in the below box about which one you pick and how the pair support you in your running.

Till then, take care of your feet!

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