Running Shoe Size Comparison Between Brands [Size & Fit]

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The right size of shoes with good quality is a prime requirement for achieving excellent running performance.

But confusion over shoe size is common when a runner switches from one brand to another.


Thus, I’m going to highlight the shoe sizing of some famous brands that are experts in making good running shoes. And so you don’t have to get confused about the size when buying shoes the next time.

Without any further ado, let’s get into this article.

Do Shoe Sizes Differ Between Brands?

Yes, shoe sizes vary according to brands and models. So whenever customers switch models or brands, they often face difficulties because the size differs slightly or greatly based on the structure and models of different branded shoes.

Different sizing schemes are another reason for this sizing issue because the US, UK, Europe, and Japan follow different metrics for measuring shoe size.

For relaxed movement, a pair of comfortable and proper-sized shoes is essential.

And when doing physical activities like running, weight lifting, climbing, etc, a pair of right-size shoes is a must because a pair of wrong-sized shoes hamper performance.

So whenever you switch from one shoe to another, keep in mind that shoe sizes vary from brand to brand. Even the shoe sizes of different models of the same brand vary. And this size difference isn’t just for running shoes. Rather, it’s true for other footwear and clothes as well, including the sizing difference between Adidas and Nike.

However, a good solution, in this case, is to go to the outlet and choose the right size for your feet. But if that is not possible, then you should clearly know about the shoes’ size and brand.

For your convenience, I have tried to give a size overview of some famous branded running shoes. Just move to the next segment to know about this.

Running Shoe Size Comparison Between Brands

Nike, Puma, Adidas, Brooks, Hokas, and New Balance are some premium brands with a good reputation for producing running shoes. They make shoes both for professional and amateur runners.

The manufacturers of these brands maintain different standards in determining shoe sizes which turn to size variation. I’ve even seen many runners wear sizes 9 to 11, depending on the brand, even though their actual shoe size is 10. So, I decided to note down these brands’ sizing schemes and share them with you.

Here is the size comparison of different branded running shoes:

Nike Sizing

Being the top-ranking brand in the Sportswear industry, Nike makes True to sizes of everyday running and road racing shoes. By examining almost 200 running pairs, researchers found the shoes are TTS, including the popular Nike Blazers.

Nike React Infinity Run, Vaporfly, Alphafly, Pegasus and Zoom Rival are the most demanding among runners.


These shoes offer a snug fit with a roomy toe box and the facility of flexing your toes. Though when compared with Adidas, Nike is short by 5 millimeters due to its narrower toe box. But such fitting varies from model to model. So, go through the chart thoroughly to get the right pair from this footwear giant.

Let’s move towards Adidas, which stands in the second position!

Adidas Sizing

The running shoes Adidas are half a size wider compared to Nike, but in most other cases, they run a bit smaller. So if you buy the actual size of your feet, you will definitely feel disturbed, and your running performance will be interrupted.

Because of the Lightstrike Pro’s comfy midsole, ADIDAS PRIME X STRUNG is quite popular among runners. This model also runs 0.5 sizes down.

So make sure to pick a half-size bigger in Adidas.

Here is the in-depth info about Adidas vs Nike sizing comparison.

New Balance Shoes Sizing

New Balance has several running lines for daily and trail running. Its 880,990, 993, and 1080 series are preferable among runners, and most of them run true to size. But there are exceptions.


Currently, the 1080 Fresh Foam X v12 is the most hyped around the world because it has supportive construction and is comfortable with the Hypoknit upper and Fresh Foam midsole.

But this versatile-looking and streamlined designed pair run half a size large. You will find wide and extra-wide running shoes in its collection.

Hoka Sizing

Hoka shoes feature energy-returning carbon plate technology similar to Nike, and this brand has a good vibe among runners.

Though Hoka running gears look chunkier, it offers true sizing. Hoka Bondi 7, Clifton 7, Arahi 5, Carbon X, Rocket X, Rincon, and Torrent 2 are all TTS.

But most of Hoka’s toe box designs are narrower. So select the proper width according to your foot when ordering.

Brooks Sizing

Its running shoes tend to run a half to one size smaller but have wide toe boxes. If you order the actual size of your feet, you will get a tight fit. And for a runner tight fitted shoes aren’t suitable at all.

The Launch, Adrenaline GTS, Beast, Glycerine and Revel are Brooks’ top 5 running wears. These shoes have the ability to beat Nike with the perfect blend of cushion, stability, flexibility, good speed and lightweight features.

But as the shoes run smaller, go for 0.5 to a full size up in Brooks running shoes.


However, if you wanna know the key differences between Brooks vs Hoka running shoes, then read the article written on it.

Puma Sizing

Puma running shoes have a unique face value among other well-known brands. The design of Puma shoes is narrow at the forefoot. But you won’t feel uncomfortable in these shoes as they run half a size bigger.

If you have wide feet, choose shoes of broad width. Hence, you will be able to wiggle your toes inside the shoes and gain a relaxed running experience.

Skechers Sizing

Skechers manufactures true-to-size shoes for its consumers. It also produces half sizes, wide and extra wide shoes like other reputed footwear companies.

Go RUN Arch Fit Razor, Max Cushioning Hyper Burst Synergy, and Go Run Ride are the most demanding Skechers among runners. These shoes feature Goodyear Performance outsole, Ortholite foam insole, and Max Cushioning. But some podiatrists discourage wearing Skechers saying that they lack stability.

If you’re confused about choosing between Skechers and Puma, then you must read their differences along with their distinctive features.

Asics Shoes Sizing

There are mixed concepts about the fit of Asics running shoes. Many runners find the shoes a true fit, and others say the shoes run a full-size big.

So it is better to buy Asics from the nearest outlet rather than ordering online. You can choose the right shoe size for your feet at the shop. If it’s not possible for you to purchase from the outlet, I recommend grabbing the running wear, which runs exactly true to size.

Running Shoes Size Conversion Chart

Confusion over sizing is common when you alter the brands of your running shoes. Thus I have attached the size conversion chart. You can expect to select the right size by following this catalog.

Here is the size conversion table between brands:


Should Running Shoes Be Bigger than Normal Size?

The ligaments and tissues of the foot continuously contract and stretch during running. At this time, it is necessary to ensure some space to flex your toes freely and for proper blood circulation in the veins. Consequently, runners prefer slightly bigger or half-size larger shoes.

When we walk or jog normally, we don’t put too much pressure on the feet. Therefore, any actual size slippers, open-toes, sandals, shoes or sneakers can be worn as per the demand.

But any kind of heavy physical activity, including training, gym workouts, basketball playing, and running, puts a lot of pressure on the feet.


During this time, some roomier space is needed so that the swollen veins of the leg can absorb the extra pressure.

So, it’s wise to get a somewhat larger size while purchasing running shoes.


How do Hokas fit compared to Brooks?

Hokas are true to size, but Brooks runs a half to one size smaller. So if you wear 10 in Hokas, go for 10.5 or 11 in Brooks.

Do Asics and Nike run the same size?

It depends on models because Asics have both TTS and full-size larger running shoes, while Nike’s are only in actual size.

Does Saucony run true to size?

They are true to size with a slightly wider toe box.

Closing Thoughts

While buying shoes in-store, one can choose the correct size by ‘trial’, which is not possible during online shopping.

So, it is important to know which shoe is big, which is small and which is right in size. Here I have summarized a brief rundown of running shoe size considerations.

Let me know your opinion and further queries in the comment section.

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