Air Force 1 Mid Vs Low [Exclusive Comparison Of AF1 Shoes]

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To rock most of your casual outfits or play basketball, Air Force 1 low and mid-top sneakers are the most hyped so far.

And if you are planning to get a pair of AF 1 shoes, you must be thinking about which model will suit your aesthetic and serve you well.


I will compare every feature of Air Force 1 mid and low-top to clear your confusion through this article.

So, continue reading.

What’s the Difference Between Air Force 1 Mid and Low

Let me clarify your misconception if you think there won’t be many differences among the same Air Force 1 model with different styles. The main comparison is the mid-top straps around the ankle that secures your feet.

The variation also starts from the type and moves towards durability, comfort level, and so on.

Let’s explore the constructing factors among AF 1 low and mid-top:

1. Comfort

When it comes to comfortable sneakers, Air Force 1 low-top wins the race. This pair is more suitable for your regular use than the mid-top version.

As casual wear, the low-top exceeds the mid-top. These are easy to slip on and off and don’t restrict your movements by covering your ankles.

Also, low-tops are more comfortable than mid-tops.


On the other hand, AF 1 mid-top is more of a court shoe. And are perfect for achieving a secure fit and will give you a comfy feel during your training or sports time than the high-top versions.

To know more interesting facts about the comforting criteria, you need to check out how much comfort Air Force 1 can provide you on a regular basis.

2. Durability

The durability of the Air Force 1 low-top is a bit more than the mid-top version. The main reason is the usage. As the Mid-top is frequently used as a court shoe, it tends to wear out sooner than the low-top.


So, it’s clear that the durability doesn’t depend on materials, as both models have the same building ingredients.

Usually, a pair of Nike AF 1 lasts around one to three years, depending on how you take care of them. My low 07 is still going strong for one and a half years.

Durability is also pretty important if you want to work out in your Air Force 1 sneaker.

3. Sizing

When the size and fit of your favorite shoe are as good as a medium-rare steak, you don’t have to worry much about other features.

Air Force 1 shoes are true to size. However, the sizing varies among different styles. The size and fit of AF 1 high and mid-top is slightly distinct from low-top ones.


Due to the structure and design, low-top Nike Air Force has more room than mid-tops. You can buy your regular size and will get a comfy feel.

If you have narrow feet, go down half size to get a snug fit.

For example, purchase a size US 9 of low-top if that’s your actual shoe size. But get US 8.5 in case your feet are narrow. You will get a snug fit if your feet are wider.

The mid-top Nike Air Force has more coverage around your ankle, so these shoes will be a perfect, snugly fit from the start, whatever size you are.

4. Variation

Nike Air Force 1 low-top sneaker have more variations than mid-top.

There are almost 113 styles of low-tops for men, women, and kids. Even the kids’ section is broad, as there are options such as babies, little kids, and big kids.


On the contrary, Nike Air Force 1 mid-top only comes in 21 styles altogether. The newly launched pairs are offering more and more variation.

You can customize your AF 1 shoes, and in case your Air Force 1 is squeaking, there are ways to stop the unpleasant sound.

5. Price

The prices of Nike Baby Crib Booties start from $22.97 and go up to $65. In comparison, Mens AF1 low-tops range from $77.97 to  $190. Nike Women’s Air Force Low X Premium Good retails for $150; the lowest pair is about $63.97.


Meanwhile, the Nike AF1 mid-top custom shoes for women cost $140, the men’s for around $160, and the tiny cute baby shoes will cost you 60 dollars.

So, it’s clear that mid-top shoes are a bit more affordable than low-top shoes.

Similarities of Air Force 1 Mid and Low Top Sneakers

Despite so many varieties, AF 1 mid-top and low-top shoes have similar features. To get a more in-depth idea about your preferable model, you should know every detail thoroughly.

Here are the common features of Air Force 1 low and mid-tops:


When you want to determine the best one among two similar shoes, checking the materials is crucial.

Both Air Force 1 low and mid-top are made of similar materials. I checked my low 07 with my brother’s high top. In both sneakers, the midsole is made of foam to ensure premium cushioning for the feet.

And the rubber-made outsole provides the right amount of grip for regular wear along with faster movements like basketball.

If you are planning to wear AF on a rainy day, the slip resistance of your Air Force 1 should come first on the checking list.

The upper of both AF 1 comes with different materials, such as suede, canvas, and leather.



You can easily purchase Nike AF1 low and mid-tops from their official website and also visit the stores to try them on before buying. They are available in both ways.

As these two models are popular, most stores have them in bulk.

You can also get these Nike sneakers from other retailers. In this case, be careful about fraud, as there are so many dupes to rob you off.

If you want to try an online platform, ensure you know whether websites like Goats are safe for buying shoes.

Pros and Cons of Air Force 1 Low and Mid-Tops

Nike always makes sure you are getting the best quality shoes and have a variety of models and styles to choose from.

Air Force 1 is no different.

Though these models are very hyped, you need to know the strength and weaknesses of the low and mid-top AF1 shoes.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of AF1 mid and low-top sneakers:

Air Force 1 Mid-Top

  • »Provides more snug fit.
  • »Good quality materials.
  • »Limited variations.
  • »Less longevity.

Air Force 1 Low-Top

  • »Comfortable.
  • »Excellent materials.
  • »A huge number of varieties.
  • »Lasts longer.
  • »Fewer color options.
  • »Only suitable for casual wear or fashion purposes.


AF1 mid-top is your jam if you are a sports person or injured your ankle. This model maintains balance and keeps your ankle movement restricted.

For a unique look, you can also wear mid-tops as casual wear with jeans and tees. Some, like my brother, prefer baggy jeans with his Nike shoes.

Similarly, Air Force 1 low-top is relatively basic and more wearable.

For daily use, running errands, and going to brunch, this particular model is the best suited as you can quickly put them on and off. Low tops’ versatility gives you the freedom to style them how you feel.

So, if you are confused about which Air Force 1 to get, you can buy them according to your need and preference or get both of them for a glance of a different look.


Are Air Force 1 Low Good For Wide Feet?

For wide feet, Air Force 1 low will fit slightly more snugly yet comfortable enough to wear. If you have super wide feet, this model is for someone else.

How Does Air Force 1 Mid Fit?

Air Force 1 mid fits true to size. The mid-top sneakers give a more snug fit due to the straps around the ankle. Even with narrow feet, your shoes will be a perfect fit.

Are Air Force 1 Low Comfortable?

Yes, Nike Air Force 1 low-top shoes are super comfortable, along with the breathability feature. They are suitable to wear in any season.

Parting Words

Air Force 1 mid and low-top are super trendy, come with many color options, and are good quality shoes.

Yet the low-top is more versatile when the mid-top gives a more secure fit.

You can dress them up and dress them down as per your wish. This is every inch of information about AF1 low and mid-top sneakers.

Thanks for reading.

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