Adidas Sizing vs Vans [Size Charts Compared Thoroughly 2024]

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Whether you want to skate, go for a walk, or use it as a fashion staple, the names Vans and Adidas take the sit away from any other sneakers on the market.

And when you wanna pick any of these two, having the proper knowledge about their sizing is mandatory to obtain the ideal fit.


In this write-up, I will elaborate on which size Adidas and Vans are best for your feet type, along with the size chart.

So, stay tuned.

Sizing Difference Between Adidas & Vans

It’s very obvious that two different brands will manufacture their shoes differently. To buy any shoe, you need to have proper knowledge about your feet size along with the brands.

So, long story short, you must know how Vans shoes differ from Adidas to purchase any model of sneakers from them.

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Sizing Difference Between Adidas and Vans:

Kids Size Variation

The Vans sneakers are tiny compared to Adidas kid’s shoes. So to protect your baby’s fragile legs, order 0.5 size larger Vans than Adidas.

Suppose you wanna get a pair of Vans for your toddler, so compared to Adidas Superstar in 6, you have to go a half size up 6.5.


My older sister bought Adidas Superstar Cloud White for our niece. That combination of rainbow straps and white screams cuteness in a package.

Men’s Sizing Difference

This variation of sizing is real in the adult section too. For men, the situation is the opposite compared to kids. Men’s three-striped Adidas shoes are bigger than Vans.

So, if you are an Adidas 8, buy size 9 Vans sneakers.

The differences are not only among brands but also the same brand has comparable sizes like Adidas Pure Boost and Ultra Boost. Make sure you know properly before buying.

Woman’s Size Comparison

When it comes to women’s Vans vs Adidas, Vans runs a bit smaller, but not too much. So, to solve this issue, get your Adidas sneakers 0.5 sizes smaller.

Last summer my cousin came to visit us, and she is a Vans high-top lover, on the contrary, my sister is all about Adidas and wears US 6.5 but my cousin’s Vans US 7 fit her perfectly.

We had time and the shoes, so, we compared my Puma shoes with the Adidas on the house. Honestly, it was more fun than playing monopoly.

Vans Vs Adidas Size Chart

Vans and Adidas don’t have the same shoe size. To buy any of these popular sneakers, you have to know what size they come with and how you can convert them according to your need.

But one thing I have to admit, both shoes are perfect in their size.

Let’s see the size chart of Vans and Adidas sneakers:

Vans Size chart:


Adidas Size chart:


How Do Vans Fit Compare to Adidas?

Vans shoe sizes, compared to Adidas, are smaller. So, you may have the question, how the fit is?

Because the fitting can be different in different models based on the materials and manufacturing process.

Let’s find out how Vans shoes fit compared to Adidas:

Adidas Superstar Vs Vans Old Skool

There is a clear size variation between Vans and Adidas. And this difference is visible in their fitting.

I own both Old Skool and Superstar. I found the classic Superstar provides more cushion around the heel area than Old Skool, still not as snug as many Vans pairs.

It’s comfy and soft but gives a loose fit compared to my Old Skool.

Vans Sk8-Hi Vs Adidas Superstar

My friend got Vans Sk8-Hi last summer and I already own Superstar. As we both have the same shoe size, we compared the fit when he came over a few days back.

It was clear, my Adidas fit was a little larger than my friend’s Sk8-Hi. I tell you, mine has padding behind the collar and the feet, making it smaller than it seems.

Yet, Adidas 12 gave a less snug fit than Vans 12.

Adidas Superstar Vs Vans Authentic

Let’s see how Authentic fits compared to Adidas. Don’t be surprised because even here, Superstar fits bigger than Vans Authentic instead of having more cushioning and padding.

So, for a comfy fit without compromising your size, you can choose Authentic with your eyes closed.

For skateboarding, if you are thinking of Vans, look closely as Vans Doheny is hard to differentiate from Authentic.

Are Vans Wider Than Adidas?

No, Vans sneakers are not wider than Adidas. It’s quite the opposite. Adidas fits just a little loose and the padding and cushioning make up for that too.

Vans have specific models only made for wide and extra wide feet customers. So, whether you or any of your loved ones are worried to choose Vans, assure them there won’t be any issue.

Again, if you want a snug fit along with your wide feet, wearing Adidas is an excellent option with all those soft and comfy interiors.

Note: To buy a custom-fitted Vans, you can visit Van’s official page to design your own pair of wide sneakers.

Not just only with sneakers, there are so many concerns regarding sandals and even crocs, whether Men’s Crocs are wider than women’s.

Which One You Should Get?

With every sneaker, there is a difference like a fine line, the same goes for Adidas and Vans. Both of these brands made sure you are getting the best of whatever, model, or style you choose, doesn’t matter for what purpose.

If you are into basketball or skating, Vans shoes will provide you with the arch support, and protection you need.

On the other hand, for your casual use, styling purpose, or sports, you will get the cushiony relaxed feel from Adidas along with the wide toe area for larger feet.

So, choose accordingly or go for both.


Should I Size Up or Down in Adidas?

If you want a loose fit, you can go up a size. Similarly, for a more snug fit, try a size smaller. Rather than that, Adidas sneakers are true to size.

Does Adidas Run Big or Small Compared to Vans?

Adidas generally run slightly bigger than Vans, which is almost quite hard to see until you try them on. Vans give more snug fit than Adidas shoes.

Are Vans True to Size?

Most Vans sportswear fits true to size, especially the core models like Authentic or Old Skool. However, a few models such as the Eras run a little bigger.

Parting Thought

Adidas emphasizes comfort and cushioning through its sneakers, and that’s the reason these shoes look smaller than their actual size. On the other hand, Vans gives you a proper ground feel along with a proper fit.

If you try on both, it’s clear Adidas will give you a slightly loose fit than Vans, but both of them are true to their sizing.

This is the sizing comparison of Vans and Adidas, thanks for engaging.

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