Why Do Shoes Squeak When You Walk? [Causes and Prevention]

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You bought a cool shoe to flex in front of your friend, but it sounds like a squeal. It’s really very embarrassing, right?

But do you know what causes such squeaking noise in your shoe?


If your answer is no, then hang tight, as I’m about to tell you the exact reasons why footwear squeaks and how you can minimize it.

Let’s start!

Reasons Behind Shoes Squeaking

There can be a lot of reasons behind shoes squeaking. Wearing the wrong size or poor lacing makes the shoe lose, then moisture or air can trap into the shoes and start squeaking. Even the shoe you bought may have a manufacturer error, so it’s creating annoying noise.

Nothing is worse than wearing a squeaky shoe, especially when it ripped your pocket off! But why a good-looking branded shoe will sound like a barking dog? Don’t worry; I am now revealing the reasons for your shoe’s squealing.

Let’s see 5 reasons why your shoes squeak when you walk:

1. Outsole Gripping

Mainly, shoe outsoles are made with rubber. When the shoe outsole has less grip, then the surface of the sole rubs more on the floor and creates noise. Especially basketball shoes are noisier than other sports shoes. outsole-gripping

Because of making the shoe more flexible, outsole gripes are thinner, which creates noise when you’re walking.

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2. Shoe Lacing

If you don’t tie your laces properly or your shoelace is quite long, that reaming lace may be under the sole or tongue and create noise. Perfect lacing also covers up the tongue stitching error.

Sometimes, a poorly stitched tongue produces unwanted sounds during the walk. But if you lace your shoe evenly, it will save you from sounding.

3. Poor Sizing

Poor fitting is another reason for sounding shoes. If you buy a large-size shoe, it will move back and forward while walking. It is not only uncomfortable, but it will also be the reason for the squeaky sound.


Additionally, if you use improper size shoes for a long time, your feet can also get injured badly.

4. Sole Manufacture Error

Sometimes, soles are poorly stitched; after a few uses, they create holes and collect moisture in shoes. Moisture, air, and sweaty feet get trapped in the gaps, creating bad buzzing noise.

This sole manufacturing error is unintentional, as the company produces thousands of soles simultaneously. Hence, there can be some defective pieces.

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5. Leather Shoe Squeak

Generally, leather shoe squeaks from the inside. It’s for friction with your feet and insole. Maximum leather shoes have this problem—even famous brands like Doc Martens. doc-martens-squeaking

The reason for squealing leather shoes is that your feet become wet under the shoe, and this moist foot collides with the inner portion of the shoe. Thus, the sound appears.

I have described the leading causes behind the noisy shoes. Now you are conscious that in the future if your favorite boot starts squeaking in the future, what you should do to avoid that! No worries, in the below heading, I also cover that.

How to Prevent Squeaky Shoes?

We all know prevention is better than cure. So you should see the prevention methods that keep your shoe away from squeaking.

Here, I am providing 4 basic ways to prevent your shoe from squeaking:

  • Don’t get biased by the outlook of any shoes. Your bias-ness might be the reason for future suffering. So before buying, make sure the shoe doesn’t squeak.
  • Never use your shoes during the wet season if it is not waterproof. Whether you do, you must dry it properly.
  • Condition your leather shoe regularly; oil prevents your boot from squeaking.
  • Check the sole before buying; grippy soles are not squeaky. If your desired one is not so grippy, use sandpaper or traction spray to make the outsole rough so it won’t squeak.

Following these simple yet effective rules can save your shoes from squeaking. But what do you do if your favorite pair already starts squealing? Check out the following heading to know that.

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How to Get Rid of Squeaky Shoe

You are a sufferer, so prevention is not applicable; you need medicine to eliminate this annoying squeaky sound from your shoe. But you are thinking, is it possible to eliminate the squeaking noise, or do you have to throw your favorite pair? Relax; let’s fix your squealing problem asap!

There are 8 easy ways to stop shoes from squeaking:

  1. Use Baby Powder

Applying baby powder under the insole will absorb the trapping moister from the insole, which creates such annoying noise. If the insole of your shoe is not removable, apply powder in the joining area of the insole. use-baby-powder-on-shoes

  1. Vaseline in Sole

The friction of your insole shoe and midsole is producing squeaky noise. A fast solution is using petroleum jelly under your insole. It will help reduce your shoe’s rough rubbing and squeaky noise.

  1. Conditioning Oil

Sometimes leather shoes produce squeaky noise from out surface of the shoe. In that case, proper conditioning is required. You can use conditioning oil with a brush on the dried shoe. It will help to soften your shoe and stop squeaking.

  1. Rub Outsole with Sandpaper

When the shoe outsole has less grip, it conflicts with the floor surface more. Rub your shoe with sandpaper; it provides more traction on your outsole and reduces the annoying squealing sound.

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  1. Spray Traction Spray

Rubbing with sandpaper might be time-consuming or tedious, so buy a traction spray and spray it on your shoe sole. It’s less time-consuming and provides an outstanding result. traction-spray-on-shoes

  1. Gluing Soles

After using the shoe for a long time, if the heel is apart from the upper portion. Find the exact gap, fix it with glue, and hold it tightly until it is perfectly dried. And it’s done. Now your old favorite shoe won’t squeak anymore.

  1. Dryer Sheets

Sometimes our sweat or legs’ extra moisture stack in our insole and be the reason for the squeaky noise. To absorb excess moisture, put a dryer sheet under your insole. It soaks up the moister, which creates noise on your every step. And you will get a sound-free pair.

  1. Use Saddle Soap

Rubbing shoelaces and leather tongues upset your shoes, and they cried out loud, creating the squeaking. So keep them calm with some saddle soap or conditioning oil.

I wrote about the top 8 methods to fix your squeaking shoe. But if you have a boot that squeals, you can fix your squeaking boots easily.


The squeaky shoe is not a unique thing. Maximum people go through this situation. I explained the reasons, prevention, and fixing methods of squeaky shoes in this article which will guide you to get rid of this annoying situation.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Stay healthy! Bye.

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