How to Stop Patent Leather Shoes from Squeaking [Top 5 Fixes]

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You are at a party and saw the cutest kid paired with a shiny Patent Leather shoe with his black tie. But the annoying part is the squeaking those glossy boots are making as he runs.


If you thought of getting those polished shoes, the sound has discouraged you for sure.

In this context, I will elaborate on how you can stop these glossy leather shoes from squeaking.

So, stay tuned.

Why Do Patent Leather Shoes Start To Squeak?

Not only old, but brand-new Patent Leather shoes can start to squeak. So, before digging deep into the exploration, you need to know why this disturbing, noisy situation occurs in the first place.

Here are the 5 main causes behind the occurrence of Squeaking:

Rubber-Made Soles

When your new patent leather pair is announcing its newness to the world with a loud squeak, there is that rubber sole behind the noise.

You must be thinking, why rubber soles with such sleek-looking shoes? Let me elaborate.

Patent leather is a popular material for being durable along with its sparkly look, and this is why manufacturers use rubber soles to enhance longevity even further.


Moreover, if your shoe’s sole is smooth, it’s not only dangerous but also a reason your shoes are squeaking.

Because with a smooth sole, there is not enough friction between your shoe and the ground, and the result is that piercing sound you despise.

When the Patent Leather Material is Thick

I used to think, the thick the leather, the more sturdy my shoes will be, but this concept of mine changed when my brother bought a thick patent leather dress shoe.

The squeaking became so unbearable he couldn’t wear those even for a month.

Thick materials take time to break in and that leads to more friction when you walk on the tiled or concrete floor.

Wondering why?

With concrete or tiled floors, the surface tension is more between your feet and the ground. I own the Women’s Dr Martens Black 2976 Patent Chelsea Boot, and so far there are no squeaking issues.


Tight Stitching

The manufacturing process plays a vital role in how your boots will perform.

And stitching is one of the major factors that cause lousy noise from patent leather footwear.

I learned from our family shoe repairer when you walk wearing a tight stitched patent leather shoe, the threads of the stitches become restricted which tightens the leather, thus creating squeaking.

The good news is, this happens with new shoes and when old pairs are repaired. After a few wears, the stitches start to loosen up and the noise fades away.

Wrong Fitting

A wrong-fitted shoe is as unflattering as a formal shirt paired with leggings.

If you wear poor-fitted boots made of patent leather, the loose fit will create a gap between your feet and the interior of your shoe, and this will cause squeaking.

Additionally, I am a huge lover of Doc Marten boots and before buying I looked into whether DM runs big or small to get the perfect fit.

When You Wear Patent Leather Shoes Barefoot

If you wear your patent leather shoes without socks, your foot pushes down the patent leather, and you experience those annoying sounds.

So, you can guess, going sockless is not always a good idea.

5 Ways to Stop Patent Leather Shoes from Squeaking

Everyone wants to draw attention through their looks, but squeaky leather shoes do the complete opposite. You can’t just walk on your heel or toes to stop the squeaking, it will seem goofier.

The fix is to find out how to stop your leather shoes from squeaking.

To get a squeaking-free leather shoe, use sandpaper to smooth out the outsole of your dress boots and throw them in the dryer.

In the case of patent leather, let’s see how to stop Patent Leather shoes from squeaking:

Use Talcum Powder

The most popular and simplest way to make your shoes noise-free when you walk is to sprinkle talcum powder inside your leather pumps.

Grab your baby’s talcum powder and remove the padded layer inside your shoes called the insole and dust approximately 2 tablespoons of powder inside. Then shake your shoe to and fro to smear the powder evenly.


That’s pretty much all you have to do to walk sound-free.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Along with reducing the friction between your hair, conditioners are also very useful to minimize patent leather shoe squeaking.

Those unstitched tongue moves as you walk and creates a squeaking noise as the tongue rubs against the top of your shoes.

Remove the shoelaces and then take a soft fabric to coat the entire tongue with leather conditioner. This will lubricate the leather enough to prevent making the sound.

Always check those unseen directions from your Shoebox, if using conditioner on your leather shoes is allowed.

Check the Heels

Another reason why your leather shoes start to squeak is that the heels are coming apart or becoming loose. In some boots, heels are made of layers of wood or leather stacked together.

And when the heel parts start to separate and the tiny spaces fill with air pockets, thus you encounter those noisy walks.

In this case, find a qualified shoe repair professional and replace your boot heels.

Add Petroleum Jelly

Who said petroleum jelly is only for your lips and body?

To soothe the noisy insole of your patent leather boots, take it out if it’s removable. Smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly under the inner sole. It will reduce the friction inside your shoes and create a smooth surface.

Set the soles aside to dry the jelly properly.

You can also use coconut oil or leather oil instead of Vaseline.

Rub on Saddle Soap

When your shoelaces rub against the tongue of your leather shoes, it starts squeaking. To eliminate this noisy situation, remove the shoelaces and brush them with a soft brush to remove any excess dirt.

After dusting, take your saddle soap and activate it with a few drops of water. Take a clean cloth to wipe saddle soap on the fabric or a soft brush.


Use small circular strokes and rub the shoe tongue and sides. If one is not enough, repeat a few more times to stop squeaking.

If you want to rock leather booty like famous model Kendall Jenner, Kenneth Cole Black Label Crystal Patent Leather Boots are worth trying.

Routine maintenance is a must to keep your expensive leather boots silky smooth, shiny, and squawking-free. So, along with all the above methods, take care of your shoes.

How to Stop Patent Doc Marten Boots From Squeaking?

Your favorite DM boots come in patent leather. And as this type of leather squeaks, it’s relevant that your Doc Martens will do so.

There are a few ways that will solve your problem from the root and make your Marten boots journey smooth and irritation free.

Materials Needed:

  • Baby powder or talcum powder.
  • Thin Needle.
  • Bicarbonate.

First, find out from where your shoe is squeaking.

And if your Dr. Martens is also squeaking, there are solutions for that too. If the sole is the cause of the sound, lift it and put some power on the midsole area, and voila! Your problem is solved.

Another reason for squeaking is air trapped in the sole. So, take a thin needle and make a tiny little hole and the air will release immediately.

These are the ways by which you can eliminate your patent leather-made DM’s noise.

Why Should You Care About Squeaking?

The main reason why you need to think about squeaking is that it’s super bothering. Without any doubt, patent leather is a standard material for dressy shoes and boots.

But if your stylish shoe makes noise every time you move, the impression you are trying to uphold is gonna go downhill.

Another cause is longevity. Let me elaborate.

When your boots squeak, it’s clear there is some kind of friction happening. And the frequent rubbing will slowly decline the lifespan of your sturdy shoes.


Why Do My Shoes Squeak Every Time I Walk?

When air or moisture gets trapped inside different parts of the shoe, it squeaks with every footstep.

Are Squeaky Shoes Faulty?

If your new shoes are squeaking, they are faulty. But not the old pairs, it can happen due to several years of use.

Final Thoughts

You can’t wear your favorite childhood shoes forever, and similarly, your most expensive leather boots can lose their glory and start to squeak.

Fortunately, you can reduce, or even stop these annoying sounds by using powder, leather conditioner, and purchasing the right-sized shoe.

I have explained the top fixing processes of stopping patent leather boots from squeaking.

Thanks for engaging.

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