How To Stop Leather Shoes From Squeaking [5 Effective Tips]

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A board is hanging on the library’s entrance stating ‘Do not make noise,’ but the moment you step inside, your leather shoes start squeaking as you walk in. Everyone starts gazing at you with a disturbing face, isn’t it so embarrassing? Well, if you have faced this situation, indeed you are not alone facing this.

A squeaky leather shoe is a common problem that everyone faces. Only your old shoes don’t need to make a squeaky noise; instead, your brand new shoes can do the same; there can be various reasons for squeaky shoes.

Luckily, you can stop your shoes from squeaking using only your household items. So let’s learn the easy yet useful tips that can prevent your shoes from

Why Does A Leather Shoe Squeak?

A noisy and squeaky shoe not only can feel you embarrassed but also makes you uncomfortable wear. Shoes make noise for various reasons; from a brand new shoe to an old worn-out shoe, squeaking can happen in both. If your newly bought leather shoes squeak, you should immediately return them and get a new one which doesn’t make any noise.

But for an old pair of shoes, as there is no return policy, you can instead try some hacks, which I will be explaining later on how to stop shoes from squeaking.

The main reason for squeaky shoes is friction. When the sole (the portion of shoes that we walk on) is joined with the upper part of the shoes, sometimes the manufacturers make a slight mistake while attaching them, which creates friction between them, which results in a squeaky shoe.

Due to the long-wear and tear, shoes can make noise. Squeaking also happens because of the low quality of glue in the shoe layer that can make the splint become loose and rub against the welt while you walk.

Water can also be a reason for squeaking. The water in the sole is pressurized while you walk, which then oozes out, making a squeaky noise.

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How To Stop Leather Squeaking?

Shoes that experience friction only those shoe squeaks. Luckily there are easy ways following which you can quickly stop your shoes from squeaking.

Before you start working on your shoes, make sure you put a newspaper or old cloth underneath the shoes to avoid a mess.

Dust Baby Powder/Cornstarch


Grab your baby’s talcum powder or ask your mother for some corn starch and start the process of making your shoes squeak free. Talcum powder/corn starch is useful for decreasing the moisture and foul smell of the shoes.

Below are the steps that you should do to stop shoe squeaking with baby powder or cornstarch:

  1. Take out the laces of the shoes if it has any.
  2. If the insoles are removable, then remove them. Insoles are the padded layer inside the shoes on which you place your foot. If the insole is not removable, you can tear and reattach it once the entire process is complete. But pulling your irremovable insole is entirely optional because insoles have the least hand in making your shoes squeak.
  3. After you remove the insoles, take baby powder or cornstarch and dust approximately 2 tablespoons of powder inside the boots. To smear the powder all over the shoes, shake the shoes to and fro.
  4. After you apply a coat of powder inside the shoes, keep them in a well-ventilated place for 24 hours.
  5. Shake off the excess powder and attach the insole in its place before wearing it.
  6. If the shoes still squeak, apply a second coat of powder.

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Wash The Shoes In A Dryer

If there is water inside the shoes, then a dryer can do the magic.

Here are the steps of drying your shoes in a dryer:

  1. Take a sponge or a cloth and apply some fabric softener on it.
  2. Throw the sponge or cloth along with the shoes that squeak into the dryer.
  3. Keep the shoes in the dryer, not more than 10 minutes. Excessive heat can contract and damage the shoes.

Use Dryer Sheet Or Sandpaper In The Soles

For smooth movement and to reduce the friction, dryer sheet or sandpaper works great

  1. Remove the dirt and debris from the sole of the shoes, take a clean cloth, moisten it with warm water, and wring out the excess water. Rub the bottom of the sole with the damp cloth and remove the dirt particles.
  2. For drying the soles, let them sit for 1-2 hours.
  3. Take a dryer sheet and rub the rubber sole too and fro so that the sheet’s residue sticks to the bottom of the sole. Dryer sheets provide light lubrication to the sole, which prevents squeaking.
  4. For heavy lubrication, take sandpaper lightly and rub the bottom of the sole. Using sandpaper decreases the moisture from the sole making the shoes squeak free.

Apply Petroleum Jelly Or Oil

Applying petroleum jelly or oil is a temporary solution for making your shoes stop squeaking.

  1. Remove the insole from the shoes.
  2. Rub a thin coat of petroleum jelly under the insoles. It will reduce friction inside of your shoes and creates a smooth surface.
  3. You can use leather or coconut oil instead to reduce squeaking, apply the oil outside of the shoes.
  4. Keep the shoes aside for drying the petroleum jelly or oil.

Use Saddle Soap

Squeaking can also come from the top part of the shoes, mostly happens with new shoes. You can use saddle soap to reduce the friction between the shoe tongue and the sides of the shoe.

  1. Remove the shoelaces before applying saddle soap.
  2. If the shoes are not new, brush them with a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt.
  3. Some saddle soap needs water to activate; add a few drops of water in the soap if needed.
  4. Take a clean cloth and wipe some saddle soap on the fabric.
  5. Using small circular strokes, rub the shoes’ shoe tongue and sides with the cloth.
  6. Repeat the process 3-4 times to stop the shoes from squeaking.

Correct Ways To Dry The Shoes

Excessive moisture in the leather can cause the squeaking of shoes. The excess water can come from both outside and inside the shoes; maybe your feet are very sweaty, or you have splashed your leather shoes in a puddle. Learn the easy ways of drying the boots.


Dry The Shoes With Newspaper

To remove the excess moisture from the shoes and dry them, take some old newspaper and squeeze them into small balls. Pack the inside of the shoes with the newspapers and keep them aside overnight.

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Hang The Shoes

Remove the insole; insert a shoe tree inside the shoes to hold its shape. Leave the shoes hanging in a rope in a well ventilated and dry room to remove the shoes’ extra moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will new shoes stop squeaking?

When you buy a shoe, the chances of a squeaky shoe are more. But as you start wearing it gradually, your shoes will stop squeaking. However, if the noise remains, you have to make the sole of the shoes rough. Follow any of the methods that I have mentioned earlier and say goodbye to squeaky shoes.

Does real leather squeak?

Leather has a nice smooth, polished texture, which makes them squeak as it rubs together. Yes, real leather also squeaks. To stop shoes squeaking, you can use talcum powder, use a dryer sheet, or use coconut oil.

Why do new leather shoes squeak?

The main reason for squeaky shoes is friction. When the sole (the portion of shoes that we walk on) is joined with the upper part of the shoes, the manufacturers make a slight mistake while attaching them, which creates friction between them, resulting in a squeaky shoe.


You can use any of the above methods to make your shoes stop squeaking, but if your shoes still squeak, I suggest taking the shoes to the professionals or cobbler. They have better ideas and experiences with shoes.

The squeaky shoe doesn’t give any difficulties while walking, but it is the sound that bothers me. If you are reading this article, you must be suffering from squeaky shoes and search for solutions, follow the tips and tricks, and make your shoes stop squeaking.

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