What Does PS Mean in Shoes? [Explained with PS Size Chart]

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When buying shoes online, you might have seen PS-categorized shoes or the term PS in the size charts. Maybe you’ve guessed that it means a signature style or edition.


But you got the wrong idea. Actually, PS is related to shoe size.

And being a conscious buyer and sneaker enthusiast, you should have a clear concept about the particular term, PS.

So tag along!

What Does PS Mean in Shoes?

The abbreviation of PS is ‘PreSchool’ and the sizes under this lineage are specially made for PreSchoolers’ whose age limit is between 3 to 5 years. PS size chart isn’t identical for all brands, rather it changes according to shoe designs, brands, and regions.

PS shoes refer to a 6.5 to 8.5 inches heel-to-toe span on average. And I think it is more convenient if we relate the term PS to foot length and shape rather than the age limitation.

Because your three to five years aged child’s growth can be higher or lower. For example, most Indonesian children’s foot extent is comparatively shorter than others. As a result, their PS size catalog is different.


If your little child’s foot length exceeds 8.5 inches, the PS size chart won’t be suitable in that case.

Then, you should opt for the next level which is GS or the Grade School size. This standard includes size charts for foot ranges from 8.9 to 9.8 inches or 22.5 to 25 cm.

For now, let’s focus on our main topic i.e PS size. It’s important to see which sizes are included in this catalog. Therefore, shopping for the correct size footwear for your beloved kids will be easier.

Ordinary PS Size Chart for US, UK & EU Kids:

Length (inches)
Length (cm)

You must have observed two alphabets in the US size column. Do you know why are there C and Y in the Size Charts & what it stands for?

C denotes Child whereas Y represents Youth. And if you precisely notice, you will understand that the sizing standard moves from child to youth with the increment of foot heel-to-toe length.

What is the Full Meaning of PS in Nike Shoes?

Similar to other shoe manufacturing companies, Nike indicates Pre-schoolers’ shoes by means of PS. But this magnificent brand slightly differs in the PS size measurement. While the ordinary PS catalog suggests 10C US & EU 27 for 16.6 cm foot, Nike offers 0.5 sizes bigger for the same foot size.

That is, you should take 10.5C US and 10 in the UK size scheme with a 16.6 cm heel-to-toe distance.

Here is Nike’s PS Size Chart:

Foot Measurement (CM)USUKEUR

Actually, half-size bigger is recommended due to Nike’s narrow toe box. And this ‘go for a ½ size up’ suggestion is applicable to most Nike designs including expensive Air Jordans, Air Max, and Air Force 1.

What Does PS Mean on StockX & GOAT?

In the footwear industry, PS is a term that universally stands for Pre-School or slightly younger children’s shoes. So no matter where you see the word ‘PS’ whether it is Stockx or GOAT, don’t overthink. Because in the case of shoes, the meaning is always the same.

However, the price deviates according to size variation. For instance, right now the selling price of Cement Grey colored Air Jordan 11 Retro Low PS is $110 for the US 11 size and $125 for the 11.5 sizes on GOAT.


Though the price tag is different from the official retail price, the chance of getting counterfeit products is rare on this legit platform GOAT.

The sneaker retail cost deviation is also noticeable on StockX. Indeed, this fluctuation in price depends on the quantity and demand also. However, GS Shoes are cheaper on StockX.

Do not forget to check the quality and size of your desired footwear before investing money in them. Though the authentic official StockX doesn’t sell used shoes at all.


What Does Pre-School Shoes Mean?

Pre-school shoes are meant for wearers who are aged between 3 to 5 years. And they fall under the category between toddlers and Grade School (GS).

Are Boy and Girl Pre-School Shoe Sizes Equivalent?

Absolutely, boy and girl PS sizes are uniform. But the feminine design and color combinations are diverse from the male versions.

Do All Brands Supply Pre-School Sizes?

Yes, all brands produce shoes for Pre-Schoolers but their terminology is dissimilar.


Now you know that PS shoes relate to Preschool child’s footwear. Saying more subtly, shoes under this edition are perfect for 16.5 to 21.8 cm toe to heel extent.

PS size charts are mentioned in this write-up. So take help from that guide in case ordering online. But I’ll encourage taking your child to the outlet and purchasing from there. Then it will be easy to ensure the ideal size and fit.

So, have a wonderful shopping with your kiddo!

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