What Does GS Mean in Shoes? [Know What It Actually Denotes]

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Want to buy a perfectly fitted shoe for your little one is one of the most difficult tasks. Because there are different sectors named, GS, PS, TD, and so many others.

Now, you are searching for a suitable answer to what GS actually means in Shoes, and how they fit. Right?


Well, in this article you will perceive the overall size knowledge and proper meaning of GS standards. Plus, I’ll share the other acronyms of children’s shoes that I follow in my kids’ pair.

Let’s begin!

What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

GS sizes shoes mean “Grade School”, that shoe specially designed for grade-school kids. GS standard doesn’t mean one shoe size or any specific model, it means a complete range of sizes that cover every grade school student’s feet perfectly.

The GS is an acronym category that is launched by the Nike brand in their Air Jordan’s kids line. air-jordan's-kids-line

After that, other renowned brands such as Adidas, Asics, and Reebok start to add this significant size variation in their vast category.

In recent days, Nike add their popular models in GS acronyms and categorize the children section wisely.

In this size standard, you will find the possible size of grade schoolers. You also find some other acronyms like TD, PS, GG, BG, and others. Here, each and every sign says a different shoe size. And every sign has a different meaning and size chart on its own.

Since toddlers grow too fast and change their feet sizes. Also, Kids are so delicate and their feet too, these are the main reasons for the diversity of sizes in children’s pairs.

On top of that, it’s a relief for all parents, because it shortens the vast amount of kids’ collections in various segments and categories. So, you have to identify which standard your boy or girl belongs to and choose a pair from the selected category.

I love the behind thoughts of the categorization of shoes, it’s time-saving for all of us.

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GS Shoe Size Chart

For a clear conception of GS sizes, now I’m going to share the most common GS size chart with kids’ age. Otherwise, you will discover some variety in the different brand size charts of GS standards.

3.5 Y335.522.58.9
4 Y3.536239.1
4.5 Y436.523.59.3
5 Y4.537.523.59.3
5.5 Y538249.4
6 Y5.538.5249.4
6.5 Y63924.59.6
7 Y6.540259.8

This is the most used size chart of grade school students that includes every size with the measurements.

For instance, I usually bought 23 cm (9.1 inches) shoes for my girl, which is US 4Y. I prefer inches because not every company follows the same measurement, so it’s safe to pick according to CM or Inches.

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Other Shoe Acronyms & Meaning

When you have children at home, it’s mandatory to know about the acronyms and what the brands actually mean with those signs.

So, let’s check out the shoe acronyms with meaning:

K – K signs are mainly used to identify that shoes are specially meant for kids. Not all brands categorize their shoes in different sectors, they use only K to separate them.

M – In general, M acronyms in shoe sizes cover the medium-width feet of the person. M-size shoes are those shoes that are too tight for wide feet and loose for narrow-feet people.

N – This N sign refers to narrow feet. This shoe size specifically manufactures for those who ask for a comparatively narrow fit.

R – The R letter indicates the regular size that only covers the ordinary size, neither too broad nor too small. We can consider the all usual size in this category.

W – W acronyms differentiate those shoes that are designed for wide feet people. After standard size, wide is the most common and demanding line of every branded shoe.

Y – This Y letter indicated years or youth, both sizes in different sectors. Mainly this symbol is used in kids’ shoes where years show the specific age number and youth means the young in a certain age group.

GG – GG symbol is one kind of GS, which only cover the girls’ sizes of grade school shoes. In one word, GG means girls’ grade shoe sizes.

BG – Contrary, BG means the boys’ grade of grade school category. This category is only applicable to those boys who belong to grade school.

PS – PS acronym launches for all preschool children sizes.

OVO – OVO is an especially designer range of Nike shoes that holds a symbol of collaboration with drake’s label. The acronym comes from the first letter of Octobers Very Own. In this segment, you only find two colors of Air Jordan 10s and 12s. air-jordan-10s-and-12s

OG – That OG signs only use in Jordan shoes for setting identification of the Original Jordan pairs.

PRM – PRM categorized those shoes, that shoes are produced with more premium quality products. For example, Nike shoes are always expensive because they use premium quality materials to make their shoes.

TD – The letter TD works as a sign of those shoes which are separated only for toddlers. You will find a lot of similar designs in the TD shoe line of the GS category.

HC – HC means the Hard Court shoe group of every brand. Hard court shoes represent the kind of shoes that have robust and abrasive surfaces compared to normal shoes. air-jordan-hard-court

These shoe symbols are the most crucial yet important for those who love to try different styled shoes.

Factors Should Consider In GS Shoes

There are some distinct factors that should consider in GS shoes. And the components that make them ideal for every grade schooler student are shoe inner space, materials quality, and aesthetic & color options. These factors make GS shoes ideal for students.

You should know the determined characteristics of the GS Shoe line in detail before making any decision.

Let’s check out the considerable factors in GS shoes:

1. Shoe Inner Space

Grade school shoes are a special kind of shoes where the shoes can be similar in size to adults but have some other criteria that are absent in regular pairs. gs-shoes-inner-space

Generally, GS shoe innersoles are structured with narrow footbeds, compared to regular ones. Additionally, the interior offer a fixed heel-to-toe seat, without reflecting any size issue.

Children’s feet grow every day, and they should change their shoes a minimum of twice a year.

Moreover, manufacturers have to leave extra length intentionally, which is needed for developing ages.

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2. Material Condition

In the GS category, you will find both types of shoes from toddler to adult, but that doesn’t mean every line uses the same material in all ranges of shoes.

Usually, brands uses softer and thinner raw materials to make a suitable pair of grade school lines. And try to save their delicate feet from the harsh products.

In those pairs, you feel some lack of cushioning and shock absorption ability than the adult pairs. GS shoes, mainly used textiles, artificial leather, mesh fabric for the upper, and rubber for the grippy sole.

3. Aesthetic & Color options

Color and aesthetic-wise, you perceive a lot of differences in GS shoes.


In general, the grade student shoes come in funky and vibrant colors with eye-catchy attributes. Also, the designs are made with child preference in mind.

Consequently, you will find a lot of visible differences in grade school shoes.

Can Adult People Wear GS Shoes?

Yes, adult people can wear GS shoes without any doubt. Moreover, it offers great relief for those who have small feet, and always suffer difficulties during shoe shopping. Because these shoes are produced with top-grade materials which offer splendid features at a time.

On top of that, you also pick the GS pair, when you wanna create a vibrant look to spice up the monotonous attributes.

As I have mentioned before, brands include their renowned model in this category and charge less than adult shoes, so you can find the same styled shoe with a minimum budget.

But remember, you can experience these facilities if GS shoes perfectly fit your feet. Before grabbing any shoes from them, you should measure your shoe size properly.

Wrap Up

GS footwear line is the symbolized category of specific shoe sizes that are only manufactured for grade school students. So, if you’re heading out for buying an artistic pair for your little one, better to choose from the GS segment.

For extended information about shoe acronyms, shoot a comment in the below box.

Up to then, take care!

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