What Does H Mean In Shoe Size [Know The Actual Explanation]

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Sizing is a big issue for everyone, especially when buying a shoe online. And if you have wide feet, it is more complicated.


Mainly, different countries’ sizing charts are different, which makes people confused. And when it comes to H, you might surprise by what H means in the size chart. Let me help you to get rid of this confusion.

Read this article and get detangled from this puzzling situation.

What Does H Mean In Shoe Size?

There are two meanings of H in shoe sizing. Sometimes H represents the half size, and other times its width. If you notice, the shoe size mentioned 6H, Which can mean 6(½) and can also mean size 6 with width format. Basically, H is for people with 4 (11/16) inches-wide feet.

H only applies to men’s shoes, and for women, the wide line is determined by E. But it’s really tough sometimes to properly distinguish what H really means, half size or width.

To ease your pain let’s know in detail about H in shoe size:

H As Shoe Width

H means width in the fitting sectors of the shoe. Some shoes are designed to narrow fit or have less room in the toe box, which is unsuitable for wide-leg people. For them, brands offer extra width. And this extra width presents H, E, F, and G. In Europe, H refers to the extra width and E narrow fit.


Basically, E is used to represent women’s shoe width. EE is used for representing extra width. Where in men, H is the extra-width shoe. If the shoe label indicates 8H, it means the shoe is only wider, not large.

H As Half Size

H represents the half, It’s quite understandable. As not all people have the same feet size, some have slightly bigger than the standard feet. For them, brands create H-size shoes for perfect fitting.

Wearing perfect-fitting shoes is important for maintaining our foot health. Wearing larger or smaller size shoes causes unwanted injuries and blisters.


If your fit size is between 7 and 8, you have to go 7H which means 7.5. I am providing a chart for a better understanding of H sizing Shoes.


In this chart, you can notice that in the EU size between 18 and 19, they have 18.5, and the same is in the UK sizing. This 18.5 or 2.5 is for people who have 109 mm feet size, their feet require H-size shoes.

How To Be Sure What The H Means For Shoe Size?

Generally in the case of sports shoes, H means the half size and also for kid’s shoes. But if you are buying boots or dress shoes, then H refers to the extra width size for male sectors shoes. But this is not the thumbs rule. So before buying, you should confirm by asking the buyer.

Since there are two different H meanings in shoe sizing, you might get confused about where the H means what! For clarification, you can ask the shop assistant. They have clear knowledge about sizing.

If you are an online buyer, you can search for the shoe brand name. Every brand provides detailed information about its shoe sizing on its website.

If you are a new buyer and don’t know if you have width feet or need a half size, you can measure your shoe size on your own. I suggest people, especially whom have wide legs, avoid online. Physical store is a safer option for wide-leg people.

Can Normal Feet People Wear H-Size Shoes? 

As I explained before, H refers to a special size of shoes. H indicates the half size or the width of the shoes. If you have normal feet, you can also wear an H-size shoe if it is comfortable for you. But to experience proper comfort and support, you have to wear the right size of shoe.

Putting the wrong size is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also harmful. If you wear a large pair of shoes, your feet continuously rub with the shoe and create friction, which will give you painful blisters.

Shoes are not only for fashion, they provide comfort as well as our ultimate foot protector. Then why do you buy the wrong size shoe with your hard-earned money when it is unhealthy? So, put on the proper shoe, and take care of your feet.


What does 9h mean in shoes?

In the UK, 9H means the half-size of a shoe. But if it is a boot type of shoe, it might be the width size. Such as Clark’s shoes use H to represent extra width.

Which is wider EE or H?

For women, EE is extra width, but for men, H is the highest width of the shoe.


Before purchasing your desired shoe, knowing the accurate size is essential. Buying the wrong size shoe is not only a monetary loss but also uncomfortable.

In sizing, H is a very significant letter. In this article, I have described properly about H in shoe sizing. After this, there should not be any confusion about H.

For further queries, leave a comment below.

Stay healthy!

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