How To Wear High Top Sneakers [Style Up Your Occasion Looks]

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When styling trendy yet classy shoes like high top sneakers, your options are endless. These will give a dope look no matter what way you wear them.

Still, knowing a few ways to pair your favorite sneakers comes in handy in times of hurry or if you are new to the sneakers world.


In this informative piece, you will know how you can wear and style your high top sneakers without trying too hard.

So, sit tight.

Ways To Wear Your High Top Sneakers

Whether for athletic purposes or to try the Indie look, all you need is a     pair of high-top sneakers. It can be leather or canvas, either way, this model is enough to give you an out-of-the-box look.

Here, I have broken down the best ways to wear High-Top sneakers:

High Top Shoes With Jeans

The most popular and versatile way to pair good quality high-top shoes is to wear them with jeans. Now, the category of jeans is countless, and you can crisp up your outlook by wearing high-tops.

Personally, my favorite is skinny jeans and I opt for this style the most with my Chuck Tailor High-Top sneakers. I have both white and black versions to wear with my straight-leg and wide-leg denim pants.

My brother also owns Vans Unisex SK-8 High-Top, and he wears them almost every day. The canvas fabric is breathable, and he loves the fact that he can dry these sneakers in the dryer after washing them.

Anyway, black high tops are quite trendy even for fall weather.

For a petite person like me, showing off some ankle along with a black monochrome look works like a charm.

It enolates my legs and the high-top shoe gives a timeless look.

Buy a slim or boot-cut style, to ensure a casual outlook without making them top-heavy. Cuffing the bottom of your jeans is another cool way to show off your shoe.

Shorts With High Top Sneakers

Along with jeans, shorts are also a very favorite trend to pair with High-top sneakers. For summer, it gives a casual yet carefree look.

Here, the key to getting a sensational look is to play with the proportion. Wear baggy shorts as the high-top sneakers fit close to your foot.

If you are going for a skater aesthetic look, this is one way to go.

My younger brother is into basketball, and though he doesn’t play, he loves to wear his Converse Run Star Motion Sneakers with his cuffed shorts and tees.

My nephew recently asked me why sneakers are called sneakers. And after I told him the story behind it, he was very excited to share with his preschool friends.

My best friend wears her Puma Unisex-Adult Layup Rebound Sneakers with short skirts. Women’s attire is quite unique and colorful, I must say.

High Top Shoes With Chinos

It’s fun to play with different aesthetics. Though Chinos are also a good choice to wear with your high-top sneakers, they are part of the smart casual dress code.

But chinos have their own street looks. Go for navy or beige chinos to pair with your Adidas Forum Mid Shoes. Don’t forget to cuff your trousers for a casual look.

Leave your polo or striped Oxford untucked. The slim-fit chinos also go well with monochrome high-top shoes.

With Activewear

With your slim pair of tracksuit pants or workout shorts, Nike Air Force High-Top Chunky kicks offer a bold look whether you are wearing a black tee or button-down shirt.

In this aesthetic, suede, canvas, or leather every material blends properly. With my gym shorts, I wear my Nike Dunk High. For me, color is everything.


Can You Wear High Top Sneakers With Leggings?

If you are all about comfort, casual and street style outlooks, leggings are the best way to achieve that, when paired with the high-top sneaker.

You can go out with your girlfriends, enjoy brunch, or even for grocery shopping wearing high-top sneakers, and you don’t have to think twice. After having a baby, my older sister almost abandoned jeans and turned to leggings.

From our teenage, she was a fan of high-top shoes, and she even found a sneaker plug friend to update her about new models.

Anyway, as leggings go well with her new style, she is trying different looks each week.

How To Wear High Top Sneakers Formally?

Don’t be afraid to rock your office formal look with a sleek leather high-top sneaker. Wear neutral colors like white, black, or beige to draw less attention to your work attire.

Make sure to lace up your shoe to the top because you don’t want the tongue to catch on your suit pant.


Also, your pant should be slim-fitted, tailored, and well-hemmed with a slightly higher cuff. But if your neon green socks are visible, the hem is too high.

One of my school friends started a sneaker business, according to him, high-top sneakers with formal suits are quite a trend.


Why Do People Wear High Top Shoes?

People wear high-top sneakers to get more ankle support as they are laced up to the ankle bone. High-rise shoes help to move your feet more securely.

Can You Wear High Top Sneakers With Dresses?

Yes, you can definitely wear your high top sneakers with dresses. It gives a cute, covered, and comfortable look overall.

Final Thought

Jeans, formal dresses, leggings, and even chinos look great when styled with a pair of appropriate high-top sneakers. Even teenagers are obsessing over the high-top with activewear.

Which way you go, make sure the material of your shoe is well-suited.

Now you can pull off any style and occasion look if you own a pair of high-top sneakers.

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