Thursday Boot Captain Vs President [Head to Head Difference]

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Thursday boots are the symbol of quality, craftsmanship, and comfort. The most popular models from this brand are the Captain and President boots.

At first glance, both of these rugged boots look the same. But there are subtle differences that set them apart.


In this write-out, I will compare the features of Thursday boot President and Captain to enrich your knowledge and make your boot purchasing journey easy.

So, let’s get started!

What Are the Differences Between Thursday Boot President & Captain?

Boots are a staple piece that makes any simple outfit stand out. When it comes to Thursday boots, both President and Captain are such footwear that you can count on despite their variations.

Let’s find out the differences between Thursday Captain and President boots:

1. Toe Cap

The main difference between the Captain and President boot is the toe-cap. Every Captain boot comes with a structured toe-cap, one of my favorite parts of this model.


I own a pair of brown Captain boots, and I got them because of their versatility and the toe cap, which provides more protection than any plain boot. It adds more structure.

However, toe caps can make small feet look tinier, so if you want to avoid such a situation, plain-toe Presidents boots are a good catch.


In case you are determined to buy shoes with toe caps, first find out if non-metallic toe same as steel toe.

2. Leather

When it comes to leather, both the Captain and President boots have variations. Some Captain shoes have specific colors and leather that you won’t find in President boots.

For example, Natural and Chrome Chromexcel are Cpatain’s classic editions from the beginning, which is not seen in President.


Likewise, you will see Frontier, Mahogany, and Black Coffee only in Presidents, not Captain.

Both models are leather-made, so you must know how to repair cracked leather boots to enjoy these durable shoes.

3. Widths

If you have wide feet, your option gets limited in President boots. This popular Thursday boot has only two models that come in wide(EE and EEE), the Brown and the Tobacco. The rest of the models have the standard width, which is D and E.

Meanwhile, you will find six wide options in Thursday Captain shoes. The models are; Arizona, Black Matte, Natural, Brown, Black, and Terracotta.


So, it’s clear that Captain is ideal for broad feet. And if you are not sure if you need wide boots, find out if you actually have wide feet. It will ease your boot-selecting process and comfort.

To get the perfect fitted Thursday boot, take a look at the Thursday boot’s size guide for a clear idea.

4. Sole

Thursday boots new sole is the Storm King, which got popularity because of the super grippy feature. But now the company has only incorporated this sole in their Captain boots, Whiskey Captain and Tobacco Captain.

Unfortunately, you will not find this functional sole in any President’s boots. Here they differ again.


One common thing is you can resole both of these boots when they are worn out.

If you plan to wear your Thursday boots to your work daily, check out whether work boots can be resoled.

5. Speed Hook

Sped hook is something many customers prefer over Instead of eyelets. This feature speeds up the lacing process notably.

And this is where Captain boots differ from Presidents. All the Thursday Captain have speed hooks, and a few models of President boots come with this feature.


Only the three classic leather President boots (black, brown, and natural) come with speed hooks; the rest don’t.

If you are into the quick lacing system, try out the Captain shoes.

6. Break-in Period

Regarding the break-in period, the Captain boots typically take five attempts. For me, it took almost 15 days to soften my boot.

On the other hand, President boots take only 4 to 5 days to break in properly. For some customers, these shoes are out-of-the-box comfortable, and they don’t need any break-in.

So if you are in a hurry, buy President boots and save some time for the break-in.

Pros and Cons of Thursday Boots President & Captain

Whether it’s a casual look or formal, Thursday boots blend well with any kind of outfit. Both Captain and President boots are perfectly made and last quite long.

Yet, you should know every small detail about these high-end shoes to choose wisely.

Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of President and Captain boots:

Thursday Captain

  • »Excellent quality full-grain leather.
  • »Durable.
  • »Goodyear welt construction.
  • »Water-resistant.
  • »Resolable.
  • »Lasts longer.
  • »Free shipping and return policy.
  • »Too shiny.
  • »Gets heavy after long wear.

Thursday President

  • »Versatile outlook.
  • »Great price range.
  • »Water resistance.
  • »Resolable.
  • »Shock absorption.
  • »Various leather options.
  • »Doesn’t represent a traditional look.
  • »Available only online.
  • »Not so suitable for hiking.
  • »Less grip.

Thursday Boot Captain Vs President: Which is Better?

Except for the fact Captain boot is a cap toe boot, and Thursday President has plain toe, the other differences are not that major. If you are into minimal looks, Captain boot will suit you better.

But for a bit extra factor, President boots are an ideal choice. Either way, it’s a win-win situation because these boots will last you a long time.

And if money is not a concern for you, get them both and pair them according to your outfit.

Furthermore, the Red Wing is a good catch to try out a new brand. You can compare your Thursday boots with Red Wings to choose your aesthetic.

But before that, there are some interesting FAQ sections going on down below.


Are Thursday Boots Durable?

Yes, Thursday boots are durable. You can use them for your daily use. And as the leather is pre-conditioned with wax and oil, you are all set.

How Tall Are Thursday Captain Boots?

Thursday Captain boots are around 1.5” tall due to the structure of the outsole and heel. Both contribute to the overall height altogether.

Are Captain Boots Waterproof?

No, Thursday Captain boots are not waterproof. However, you can still wear them in rain and snow unless you are out in such harsh weather for a long time.

Thursday Boots Comfortable?

Yes, Thursday boots are comfortable, and the quick break-in period adds more advantages to the comfort sector.

Wrap Up

Both Thursday Captain and President boots are classy and chic on their own. The toe cap is the biggest notable feature than differentiates these fantastic pairs.

There are a few leather option limitations and the newest sole addition, which only the Captain boots have.

These are all the differences between Captain boots and President boots. Thanks for engaging.

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