Shoes Like Vivobarefoot [Minimalistic Shoes Worth Knowing]

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There is no doubt that Vivobarefoot shoes are the definition of ideal minimalistic footwear and has a pair for every occasion possible.


Yet, if you are wondering which shoes are there that are comparable to Vivobarefoot, I will enlighten you with several shoes and sandals that will work wonders for your feet.

So, keep reading till the end and get amazed!

Are Vivobarefoot Shoes Good For Your Feet?

Yes, Vivibarefoot shoes are good for your feet. These shoes strengthen your feet’s muscles, thus enhancing your foot strength. Barefoot sneakers hug the natural shape of the feet and so your feet remain in a certain relaxed position throughout the whole time.


Barefoot shoes are designed in such a way that it helps to develop toe strength and reduces the risk of a knee injury.

Your Vivobarefoot Primus Trail II FG is suitable for moderate terrain hikes, including dry climate hiking.

Moreover, you can wear them as your daily shoes as it helps to absorb impact way better.


So without any hesitation, you can buy your first pair of Vivobarefoot kicks and enjoy your daily activities.

In case you wanna hike in different footwear, you should find out whether hiking in your work boots is ideal.

Shoes Comparable To Vivobarefoot

There is no confusion, Vivobarefoot shoes are the ideal option for minimalistic shoes. However, there are other barefoot options like Vivobarefoot shoes which also offer amazing health benefits.

Let’s find out about 7 shoes just like Vivibarefoot:

1. Tolos Archetype 1.0

Best For: Barbel training and heavy lifting.
Removable Insole: Doesn’t have any insole.
Sizing: True to size.
Weight: 8.9 oz.


For lifting, Tolos Archetype 1.0 is an ideal pair. These shoes are low-profile and have an athletic fit, thus for heavy lifting and squats, provide the right amount of support and grip.

If you are used to Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III, you will be able to enjoy Tolos Archetype 1.0 for sure.

Yet, before buying, find out if your weightlifting shoe is worth your money.

Another minimalistic pair is the Vans. So, you should know whether Vans are good for lifting or not before jumping to any sort of conclusion.

2. Xero Shoes 360

Best For: CrossFit and Lifting.
Removable Insole: Yes.
Sizing: True to size.
Weight: 9.2 oz (men)


Xero Shoes 360 is mainly designed for functional fitness and CrossFit training. One of the unique features of this durable shoe is the upper structure. It gives these sneakers longevity.

Let’s move on to materials. The toe box is made of suede and the forefoot cover is rubber-made.

The removable insole has a nice amount of responsiveness. My brother wears them when cross-training and jumping, he leaves them on but for heavier training, he removes the insoles for better performance.

To run in your CrossFit shoes, make sure you are well aware of the possibility.

3. Xero Shoes Zelen

Best For: Mid-range to shorter run and lifting.
Removable Insole: Yes.
Sizing: True to size.
Weight: 7.8 oz.


Running in Xero Shoes Zelen is quite pleasant for those tire-like treads on the soles. This feature provides a nice bite on different surfaces and is grippy too.

This barefoot shoe is super breathable, on warmer days you can run without wearing any socks. Or you can wear your expensive Darn Tough socks with your shoe. It’s totally up to you as in both ways you will get enough airflow.

Another fact I love about  Xero Shoes Zelen is the tension straps made from earth-friendly recycled materials. These are also adjustable. It adds stability and support.

4. Feelgrounds Original Mesh

Best For: Daily wear and walking.
Removable Insole: Doesn’t come with an insole.
Sizing: True to size.
Weight: 7.7 oz.


Especially for women, Feelgrounds Original Mesh is the best option. The simplistic design looks good with both jeans and shorts. You can dress up and dress down according to your preference.

What more is, this model is made of recycled PTE. My sister is very concerned about the environment so when she found out Feelgrounds Original Mesh’s upper, laces, and lining is recycled, she was so relieved.

Even the sole is made from recycled TPE.

5. Wilding Shoes

Best For: Regular use.
Sizing: True to size.
Weight: 13.5 oz.

Another minimalistic pair is the Wilding Shoes. Though its sole is ultra-thin and flexible, it provides protection.

I own a pair of Unisex Wilding Crane Shoes and I must say they are very comfortable barefoot shoes I have ever worn.


They even have waterproof options to take my barefoot adventure in every season.

6. Earth Runners

Best For: Exercising.
Sizing: True to size.
Weight: 3.8 oz.

If you are looking for a barefoot sandal for your next adventure, Earth Runners is worth buying. These sandals are super secure and give your feet the exact support they need.

For my regular use, I got a pair of Ciradian Lifestyle Sandals. These are my all-time favorite and even after 2 years, going strong.


These lightweight sandals are summer friendly and go with most of my outfits. Not to mention the support it provides.

If your Ciradian Lifestyle Sandals are making suction noise during use, you must know how to stop your sandals from making a suction noise.

7. Luna Sandals

Best For: Running and daily use.
Sizing: True to size.
Weight: 6 oz

Luna Sandals are light minimalist summer footwear that’s hard to resist. These versatile sandals come in a variety of thicknesses to choose from. My uncle has the Leadville Trail.

This one is pretty good for trail running. And gets the job done.


He also wears them as a regular summer sandals. In every way, Leadville Trail is a comfortable, long-lasting shoe.

If you are into colorful pairs, you must know how to clean your rainbow sandals to maintain their color and longevity.


Are Barefoot Shoes Good For Flat Feet?

Yes, barefoot shoes are good for flat feet as long as there is no pain, underlying pathologies, and dysfunction.

Can You Wear Vivobarefoot Shoes For Running And Hiking?

Yes, you can run wearing Vivobarefoot shoes. Even for hiking, there are specific pairs that maintained your feet’s natural shape. But be careful, as wearing these shoes for too long can do the exact opposite.

Are Vivobarefoot Shoes Good For Planter Fasciitis?

Vivobarefoot shoes are good for Planter Fasciitis because they are thin, wide and help to build foot strength at the same time.

Final Words

Barefoot shoes are the perfect fit for a flat, flexible, and spacious pair of footwear.

If you are focusing on your feet’s health, Vivobarefoot shoes have a pair for every occasion.

Moreover, there are other shoes like the Wilding Shoes, Earth Runner, Xero Shoes 360 and so many more that also focus on building the core strength of your feet.

This is everything about barefoot shoes, thanks for reading.

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