How To Pack Cowboy Boots In A Suitcase: Easiest Ways

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Are your cowboy boots giving you a tough time to fit in your suitcase while preparing to take them for any vacation or tour?

And if I am not wrong, this is when you scroll through articles after articles to get the most effortless technique of packing cowboy boots in the suitcase and literally end up in a dilemma about which method to use.

But my friend, don’t you worry. With my in-depth research, in this article, I have revealed how you can pack cowboy boots in a suitcase without any hassle.

Do read till the end as I have explained the packing process step by

How To Pack Cowboy Boots In A Suitcase?

You definitely should not fold your cowboy boots just like your clothes to pack them in the suitcase; this will make your boots creased and sometimes crack them. So it is essential to follow specific steps while packing the boots, to keep them safe and sound throughout the journey.

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Step 1: Clean The Cowboy Boots

The first and foremost step of packing your cowboy boots in the suitcase is to make sure your boots are all cleaned. You surely don’t want to mess your vacation clothes with filth, right?


So first, let’s discuss how you can clean cowboy boots before packing them in the suitcase:

  1. With a boot brush, scrub the heel and exterior of the boots thoroughly; these are places that pick most of the dirt.
  2. Once you are satisfied removing the dirt, condition the boots to retain their moisture.
  3. It’s time to polish the boots to give a lustrous shine to them.

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Step 2: Keep The Cowboy Boots In Shape

You definitely don’t want to wear a lousy pair of cowboy boots on your vacation that has a broken shaft or has lost its shape, doesn’t it?

So it is extremely important to keep the cowboy boots in shape while they are packed in the suitcase.

Let’s see what the things you can do to keep the shape of cowboy boots intact are:

The only rule is to fill your cowboy boots with certain things that will hold their shape; that’s it.

You can pack socks, t-shirts, and underwear inside the foot and shaft of your boots. But make sure the inside of the boot is cleaned.

If you don’t want to pack your clothes in cowboy boots, you can invest in boot trees or cedar boot shapers as an alternative.

A boot tree or cedar boot shaper is particularly designed to keep your cowboy boots in straight form.

A boot tree will be an appropriate choice to hold the boot’s shape if you own short cowboy boots.

And if your boots are tall, you can use a cedar boot shaper that will cover both the foot and shaft and hold them straight.

However, these tools will make your suitcase a bit heavier and fill up your luggage.

Step 3: Cover The Cowboy Boots

Covering the cowboy boots before you place them in the suitcase is essential as it protects the boots from any scratches. Additionally, if you carry any liquid shampoo or skincare items along with the boots, they may leak and ruin your boots. So don’t forget to add a layer to the boots as protection.


There are varieties of options to choose from to cover your cowboy boots.

Boot bags, boot boxes, fabric bags are specially designed for travel purposes. These bags and boxes not only keep the boots in places but also ensure they remain well-ventilated.

If your cowboy boots are made from exotic leather, then avoid using plastic boot boxes. Plastic boxes can make the boots feel airtight, resulting in the boots not getting enough breathable space.

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Time To Pack The Boots In The Suitcase

Now that you are done prepping your cowboy boots, it’s time to place the boots in the suitcase properly.

So where and how will you place the boots, so they don’t move from their place?

You can put one cowboy boot on the other and place them at the corner of the suitcase, or you can lay them on the bottom(the boots should be in the opposite direction, i.e., the shaft facing towards the instep).

Now you can organize your clothes according to your wish but make sure the entire suitcase is packed so that the boots don’t move.

How To Pack Cowboy Boots For Moving?

Cowboy boots are a lifetime investment; you surely don’t want to crease or ruin them while you are moving. This is why I have discussed the most full-proof ways of packing cowboy boots for moving and that too within one minute.

Here are the steps of packing cowboy boots for moving:

  1. Clean your cowboy boots thoroughly. Take an old toothbrush and gently scrub the areas where the boots are dirty. Don’t forget to clean the heel; this is the place that picks most of the dirt. If your boots are heavily dirt, you can damp cloth in warm water and rub those areas.
  2. Take packing paper or newspaper, crush them into balls, and stuff them inside the boots. Make sure the boots are tightly packed with papers, this will protect the boots from losing their shape.
  3. Wrap each of the boots with paper and tape it into a bundle.
  4. Take a cardboard box or boot box, pack the ⅓ of the box with paper balls and then place the bundle of boots in the box. And again, cover the boots with paper.

The below and above paper balls make sure your boots don’t move from their place.

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How To Pack Cowboy Boots Without Squishing Them?

You can easily squish or break your cowboy boots, due to ill packing in the suitcase.

Additionally, most of you tend to pack your boots in such a manner that it eats most of the space of the suitcase. So it is extremely important to know the correct way of packing cowboy boots without ruining them.

Here are the steps you can follow to pack cowboy boots without squishing them:

  1. First decide how many pairs of boots you want to carry, then choose a suitcase according to that. If you are taking more than two pairs of boots, take a bigger size suitcase in which your boots can fit easily.
  2. While choosing a suitcase, make sure to take the most sturdy one which is able to carry the weight of your cowboy boots.
  3. Before you start packing your boots, make sure they are cleaned.
  4. Stuff the inside of the boots with socks, t-shirts or even newspapers. If your cowboy boots have a long shaft, you can use a plastic bottle to hold the shape of the shaft.
  5. Place the boots in a box and cover your boots with paper balls so that the boots don’t move.
  6. Now place the box at the corner of your suitcase and then you can pack your clothes and accessories in the empty part of the suitcase.

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A creased and scratched-out cowboy boots is a big no-no, and you can simply avoid this by correctly packing the boots.

Just get a sturdy suitcase that can protect your dearest cowboy boots on the long trip and follow all the instructions step by step that I have explained above.

I guarantee you, once you reach your destination and open the suitcase, you will see your cowboy boots stayed neatly and orderly.

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