Are Boot Trees Necessary For Cowboy Boots? [Guide 2024]

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I hear you want to know whether or not boot trees are necessary for cowboy boots. In that case, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

After careful trials backed up by intense research, I’ve brought you this much-needed article to answer your question.


Let’s get to the point then; are boot trees necessary for cowboy boots?

Yes, boot trees are necessary for cowboy boots because the sweat from your feet can easily shrink the leather, especially the top area of your foot. The sweat also carries harmful substances such as salt and acid, which cause damage to the internal linings, resulting in cracks.

Serious stuff, isn’t it? But, there’s more! Keep on reading till the end, to know it all.

Are Boot Trees Necessary For Cowboy Boots?|Answered

I think cowboy boots need no introduction, they’re a symbol of fashion and culture. Over the years their popularity has gone over the roof as more and more people are embracing this stylish footwear.

And, just like any other footwear they too need to be stored properly. Doing that will not only keep them in a  good shape but also increase their lifespan.

And, a vital cog to that process is boot trees. Why boot trees? You may ask, well I’ll tell you exactly why!

When you use your precious cowboy boots, your feet experience internal sweating. And that sweat is the root cause of all troubles. Why?

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Leather is an absorbent material, it absorbs the sweat from your feet throughout the day. And, when you take them off; the absorbed sweat slowly starts to evaporate, shrinking your boots in the process.

Also, the sweat carries substances such as salt, acid, and other harmful bacteria that damage the internal linings of the leather, causing it to rot along the way.

This is when boots trees come to your rescue! Not only do they prevent the shrinking of the leather, but also they stop the accumulation of harmful bacteria.

In short, boot trees prevent the leather of your boots from shrinking and keep the shape of your kicks intact. Also, they keep the inside fresh, clean, and safe for your feet.

So, if there was any doubt regarding the usefulness of boot trees; I hope that’s gone by now.  If not, then take your time and decide for yourself what’s best for your Western foot soldiers. After all, they’re yours!

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Are Boot Trees Really Worth It?

A gigantic yes, boot trees are worth it. I mean, why wouldn’t they be? This gem of a tool keeps your precious cowboy boots in good shape and prevents them from shrinking due to internal sweating. And last but not least, they prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria to give you good foot health.

I know, there are plenty of thoughts going through your mind; especially in terms of finance. I mean, using a pair of boot trees costs you money. And, if the budget is an issue then I know that feeling.

But, nonetheless, they’re worth the money in every way possible. The pros far outweigh the cons.

Good quality boots trees are made up of Cedar Wood. And, the Cedar Wood is the magic material we all need and deserve. What’s so magical about them, you ask? Allow me to demonstrate!

Cedar Wood has a natural scent, which keeps the inside of your boots clean and fresh while retaining the shape of your boots perfectly.


The wood also protects the inside part of the leather from sweat damage and everything else there is! Gift from nature at its very best, isn’t it?

Also, they tend to last for a long long time. So, if you were worried about their durability, then don’t. Cedar Wood boot trees last for a long time, making your investment more than worth it.

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Are There Any Alternatives To Boot Trees?

There’s a saying; every masterpiece has its cheap copy. While this is somewhat true, I won’t be talking about cheaper boot trees. Rather, I’ll be talking about other stuff that you can use instead of boot trees.

Here are the alternatives to boot trees:

Boot Storage Bag

Let’s say you want to go on a trip, and you want to take your precious cowboy boots with you, but you surely can’t fold them can you now? If you fold them and keep them inside your luggage, the shaft may experience creases.

This is when the boot storage bags come to your rescue!  These bags are officially designed to hold any kind of high boots, including cowboy boots in their original form.

With them at your disposal you won’t have to fold your precious cowboy boots to accommodate them. You can also store your boots at your home using these bags. You can rest assured, about them being in proper shape.


Boot Shapers

Boot shapers are excellent tools to keep the shaft of the boots from bending. I’ve seen many people store their boots while keeping the boots in standing position, it causes the shaft to bend and experience creasing.

Sometimes the shaft even breaks. So, if you want to avoid such circumstances while storing your boots, you can take a look at these handy tools.


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Boot Storage Rack

Boot storage racks are great when it comes to storing cowboy and any other high boots. These racks maintain the shape of your cowboy boots perfectly. Besides, if other members of your family have high boots then it’s a win win situation.

Each and every pair of boots will remain in perfect shape. I have two boots storage racks, and trust me; they do their job really well.



Arguably the oldest trick in the book! And, one of the most effective ones as well. Stuff your boots fully with newspaper and the shape of your cowboy boots should remain just fine.

You can also use toilet paper for this job. Besides paper absorbs the moisture inside your boots as well, keeping the insides well and dry. Plus, it’s the most inexpensive way of storing footwear properly.

Plastic Bottle

Another inexpensive way of maintaining cowboy boots is by using plastic bottles. You can easily tuck them inside the shafts, which will retain their shape quite well.  But, the downside to this method is that plastic bottles will not absorb any kind of moisture from your cowboy boots.

Can Boot Trees Stretch Cowboy Boots?

Yes, boot trees can stretch cowboy boots if not used properly. Keep in mind, while boot trees look like boot stretchers the magnitude of stretching won’t be the same. Boot trees won’t stretch your cowboy boots as much as boot stretchers. But, that little stretch can be a big issue for some.

This is one question that comes to me a lot. And, frankly speaking, it is of quite a significance. Even the smallest of doubts should be cleared right away.

It’s true! Boot trees can and will stretch your precious cowboy boots if you fail to use them the right way. Like everything else, boot trees too, need to be used the right way.  And not surprisingly, using them the wrong way will have consequences.

The consequence comes in the form of stretching, especially in the vamp area. However, the limit of stretching will not be the same as those of boot stretchers.

While this stretching won’t bothersome, it can be a cause of great concern to many. As half an inch of difference is enough to hamper the fit and comfort of many people.

So, if you belong to that group of people; make sure you use your boot trees the right way.

Parting Thoughts    

Boot trees are necessary for cowboy boots if you want to store them the right way. I know they’ll cost some money, but let me tell you this; they’re totally worth it.

Cowboy boots are not your everyday footwear, they’re special. And, special footwear needs special care and storage methods. Everything about them is positive, the only negative is the price you’ve to pay.

I’ve told you all the necessary stuff regarding the effectiveness of boot trees. Whether you want to use them or not, depends on you.

That’s all for today, do let me know whether you found this article useful or not (down in the comment section below). Takecare.

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