NOBULL Trainers vs Converse: Best Deadlift Shoe to Pick

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When you do CrossFit, the shoes are essential to maintain stability. And when you bring up this topic, NOBULL and CONVERSE brands pop up due to their popularity.

My most used shoes are the NOBULL High Top Trainers and the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops. They both are fantastic for powerlifting.

But do they perform the same at different price ranges?nobull-trainers-vs-converse

Here, I explained the difference between the Nobull trainers and Converse, which will help you make the best-suited purchases.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of NOBULL Trainers and Converse

High-top trainer shoes from Nobull and the Converse high-tops are great for powerlifting. However, they have a leg up on the other in some categories.

NOBULL Trainers are comfortable footwear designed for various workouts. The upper material features abrasion-resistant guard plates and breathable mesh. The outsole provides reliable traction on multiple surfaces.

It has a minimalistic design. The 4mm heel-to-toe drop offers stability and flexibility during WODs (workout of the day). In addition, the high-top styles provide ankle support.

Converse shoes also have a minimalist design. The flat sole provides excellent stability during weightlifting movements like deadlifts and squatting.

Although they lack cushioning or arch support, they offer a solid base. Moreover, they come with attractive prices.

It makes them an excellent option for those just starting their CrossFit journey or looking to expand their training shoe collection without breaking the bank.

Attribute Comparison Table: NOBULL Trainers vs Converse

This quick comparison table highlights the differences in design, technology, performance, etc., between the NOBULL Trainers and Converse to help you choose the best option.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a casual wearer, this table sheds light on the technical key attributes that set NOBULL Trainers and Converse apart.

AttributesNOBULL TrainersConverse Shoes
DesignSporty and functionalClassic and casual
MaterialDurable, High-quality materialsCanvas upper, Rubber sole
StabilityExcellentSlightly lower than Nobull
Rope Climb PerformanceBetterSlightly moderate
SizeTrue-to-sizeFits large
BreathabilityGoodSlightly better than Nobull
WeightAround 12 to 15 ouncesAround 12 to 16 ounces
Price RangeAround $139 and higherAround $60 and higher

Now, let’s dive into in-detailed comparisons.

Key Difference Between Converse vs. NOBULL Trainers

Nobull Trainers’ minimalist designs and solid construction are a no-nonsense approach if you’re serious about fitness and style. Converse also earned its place in footwear with its iconic canvas upper and rubber sole.

While you can use both in CrossFit, they possess some differences.

Here are the differences between the Converse and Nobull trainers:

Design and Aesthetic Style

Both shoes have styling variances. In Nobull trainers, they took a minimalist approach to design.

With various colors and subtle branding, these shoes are amazing for those who want to let their performance do the talking.

Converse shoes, on the other hand, are all about classic cool.

A wide range of colors and patterns let you express your personal feelings. You can also customize the shoes to keep them clean or go wild with prints.

I’m slightly leaning towards the Converse due to the customization it offers for its unique appearance.

Construction, Build Quality, and Materials

Both shoes are excellent in terms of structure and build quality.

Nobull Trainers feature a seamless one-piece upper and a sturdy outsole. The midsole usually comes with lightweight EVA material.

With their high-quality build, these shoes give you the confidence to push yourself to the limit.

I like how the construction helps to withstand the rigors of intense workouts.

About materials, Nobull prioritizes durability and performance for trainers by using premium materials.

The Upper has Superfabric material.

It is highly durable, breathable, and abrasion-resistant.

The Outsoles has a durable rubber compound that is excellent for traction and stability.

Converse Shoes have also not fallen behind. They have a reputation for durability as well.

Due to their design, the vulcanized rubber sole and canvas upper are perfect for high-performance activities. About midsoles, some models come with a firmer rubber material, while some use CX foam.

In addition, the solid construction can handle everyday wear and tear.

The upper canvas material in the Converse is lightweight and flexible. They are perfect in breathability and ease of movement. I found that the rubber outsole provides grips on various surfaces.

I prefer the Nobull trainer due to its sturdy build quality and unique materials.nobull-trainer

Comfort and Cushioning

Nobull trainers are notable for their comfortability. Thanks to their sock-like construction that offers a snug and secure fit.

I found the cushioning is also satisfactory for different workouts that provide enough support to keep me comfortable.

In this regard, Converse foot gear is not known for plush comfort due to minimal cushioning.

I prefer them for daily wear for a casual and lightweight feel.

However, they are still comfortable for shorter workouts.

In this case, they both take the win when it comes to comfort.

Performance and Stability

NOBULL Trainers are designed with performance in mind.

While Converse shoes may not have the same performance level features as NOBULL Trainers, they offer their benefits.

Regarding squatting and deadlifting, both provided extensive stability in my test.

Due to incompressible midsole and outsole construction, they support stability across the board.

Another noticeable difference I found between the NOBULL High Top Trainers and the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops is the heel-to-toe drop.

If you want a flat shoe, Converse is your best pick.

The shoe offers a 0mm heel-to-toe drop, which gives a true low-to-the-ground feeling.

Conversely, NOBULL High Top Trainers have a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. It is not quite extensive, but it is worth mentioning.

The resisting abrasion and friction upper of Nobull trainers is perfect for gym workouts. The supportive midsole also offers stability, while the grippy outsole lugs enhance the traction.

Minimal heel-to-toe drop and the flat sole make the Converse suitable for weightlifting.

Regarding all-around performance, the NOBULL High Top Trainers are my favorite. They are true cross-trainers in nature, while Converse is more focused on casual wear.performance-and-stability-of-nobull-trainer

Durability and Longevity

In terms of durability, I always pick the NOBULL High Top Trainers over Converse for their signature Superfabric upper. It feels like a tank.

The high-quality materials can withstand strenuous workouts and outdoor adventures without falling apart.

It never lets me down when I burpee, short-run, or weight lift with the NOBULL Trainers.

Converse, on the other hand, comes with a canvas upper with a rubber toe cap. The upper is not rugged like Nobull, yet they are decent and durable.

However, for intense workouts, I would avoid them. So, are Converse good for running?

I say no because their cushion, support, & stability are lower compared to typical running shoes.

While both are relatively durable in terms of longevity, NOBULL Trainers tend to outscore Converse shoes.

Nobull Trainer ensures it will be your loyal workout partner for a long time with their robust build. You may need to replace the Converse more frequently if you use repetitive, strenuous WODs.


The canvas upper got ripped twice for one of my friends. One gym partner ripped down the side of the Converse shoe while squatting. But my Nobull Trainers are still top-notch after two years.

It is understandable as Converse High Top shoes are not primarily designed for heavy lifting.

So, I give the crown to the Nobull trainer for an extended lifespan.

Fit and Sizing

Fit and sizing are crucial factors for shoes. And, if you don’t know whether Nobull trainers or Converse run big or small, it can be a painful trap I’ve fallen into before.

NoBull trainers shoes

What I’ve experienced is that Nobull trainers come with true-to-size most of the time. A range of sizes accommodates different foot shapes. The toe box also has enough wiggle room for me.

But are Nobull shoes good for wide feet?

Having a large, wide foot can be a tough decision. They felt restrained and tight for one of my friend’s wide feet. However, the actual size will accurately suit you if you have standard feet.

Converse shoes

In terms of sizing, Converse is another story. Though they also come in various sizes, they fit large. So you must order a half or full size down to perfect fit.

I went for the actual size, and it didn’t fit correctly. If I took half the size down, it would be appropriate. That’s why I have to wear thicker socks for a snug fit.

Moreover, they fit pretty slim. So, for wider-footed users, they are not a great pick.

So, in terms of fit and size, the Nobull trainer is the winner here for its wider toe box and true-to-size, which can prevent shoe return

Price and Value

Converse is the frontrunner in the showdown when it comes down to price.

Being a premium athletic shoe brand, the top-tier Nobull trainers are not pocket-friendly. They come with a higher price tag compared to the Converse.

Converse shoes, on the other hand, are known for their affordable price.

The budget-friendly options attract a wide range of consumers.

The NOBULL High-Top Trainer can start from $139, at which you can buy two pairs of Converse priced around $60.

So, Converse can be a starter if you seek a stylish and casual sneaker without breaking the bank.

They may fail the durability that Nobull offers, but they can still provide comfort and style at a reasonable price point.

It brings a question: how long does Converse last? What is the value proposition?

Durability can be a concern for Converse shoes, and you may end up buying multiple pairs of cheaper shoes in the long run.

The Nobull trainers provide a compelling proposition regarding value.

If you demand a shoe that can keep up with durability, performance, and style, investing in NOBULL Trainers is a wise choice that pays off in the long run.

Converse shoes are a fashion staple that can elevate your casual outfits without hurting your wallet. The value proposition lies in their versatility and iconic design.

Here, Converse is a winner regarding price. But if you think about the value, I would pick Nobull as it lasts longer if you properly take care of it.

Pros & Cons of NOBULL Trainers and Converse

Both Nobull trainers and Converse shoes are designed with functional fitness in mind. They excel in activities like weightlifting, CrossFit, and high-intensity workouts, where each has its own pros and cons.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of NOBULL Trainers and Converse:

NOBULL Trainers

  • »Suitable for intense weightlifting.
  • »Provide long-term durability.
  • »Usable as day-to-day wear.
  • »Wider Toe-box than Converse.
  • »Running performance could be more satisfactory.
  • »Not a budget-friendly choice.
  • »Outsole lugs can start to fade after heavy usage.


  • »Lightweight canvas upper.
  • »Usable in intensive strength training.
  • »Suitable for casual lifting.
  • »Good for deadlift sessions.
  • »Imperfect for versatile training applications.
  • »Falls short in extended durability.
  • »Sizing can be an issue.

NOBULL Trainers or Converse: Which Should You Choose?

NOBULL Trainers and Converse shoes have their unique strengths and features.

However, both gained enough support among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

When Nobull trainers lead with minimalist design and functional performance features, Converse shoes appeal with style, versatility, and a wide range of design options.

Some prefer durability, while others have budget considerations. So, when it comes down to picking only one, it depends on individual preferences.

The factors I discussed above should confidently help you choose the brand that best suits your needs and style.

Due to the more stability and durability, I use the Nobull Trainers most of the time, as the higher price justifies its value.


Are NOBULL Trainers suitable for everyday wear?

Though Nobull designed the trainers with CrossFit in mind, you can wear them for daily activities. You can easily incorporate them into casual outfits with their less is more style. However, they can be uncomfortable for long-running sessions.

Do Converse shoes offer enough support for intense workouts?

Though Converse has flat soles, which you can use in weightlifting, they are more suitable for low-impact activities and casual wear. However, some Converse models provide enhanced support and comfort for workouts.

Are NOBULL Trainers worth the higher price compared to Converse shoes?

With higher prices, Nobull trainers offer superior features, durability, and premium materials. These shoes can easily withstand intense workouts. Due to their performance and value, these shoes are worth the price. However, Converse also offers good value for their price.

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