How to Keep Socks from Slipping into Shoes [Prevent Sliding]

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Like shirts coming untucked, socks slipping off your heel, and rolling within shoes is extremely bothersome. Thus, it makes you uncomfortable while walking.


As you pair socks with most of your footwear, you must know how to keep them from sliding into your shoes.

In this write-out, I will show you how you can master the art of keeping your stocking in place.

So, stay tuned.

Why Do Socks Keep Falling?

The main reason your socks keep falling is the high friction between your shoe and the sock. The cause of this conviction is either your sock is too tight to give you a snug fit, or it has simply lost its elasticity.

When your shoe is slippery inside or too big for your foot size, the stockings you are wearing will fall.


To stop socks from sliding inside your boots, wear taller socks with thin grippy fabric or try different styles like the crew neck. You can try the expensive Darn Tough socks instead to get a better grip, comfort, and versatility.

How to Keep Socks from Slipping into Shoes?

It’s not a surprise that socks slip down quite often throughout the day. So, it is important you learn how to keep your socks in place. As with most of your footwear, socks are a must-have accessory.

Let’s find out 5 hacks to keep your socks up:

Find the Right Fabric and Coverage for Your Shoes

You need to find the right fabric to prevent socks from falling down into your shoes. If you wear dressy footwear like loafers, heels, or ballet flats like me, you need a snug thin sock with a smooth fabric texture.

My favorite choice is the Secret 3.0 dress socks, as these beauties glide against the interior of my flats effortlessly.


I also wear socks with my mules during winter for a bit of warmth. The best part of wearing a sock made with smooth and soft fabric is, they reduce the friction points and make you feel awesome. For example, socks made of Merino wool are good for your feet’s health.

Check the Silicone Grips

It’s annoying when your socks glide frequently, in such cases, silicone is essential to prevent your socks from slipping off the heel.

However, not all silicone grips work the same. For different sandals, you need individual silicon placements for grip.

My aunt is a fan of Alo Throwback Barre Socks. These mixed fabric-made socks are super comfy, hit at the ankle and the most important part gives excellent grip and doesn’t slip.

Find the Right Sized Socks

If you find your high-quality socks are sliding down, though you are wearing one-size-fits-all, the main reason is the sizing isn’t right for you.

The solution to this situation is to buy socks according to your shoe size.

Suppose you are a US size 8, and you’re wearing an 8.5 sock, it will be a bit loose, and in the case of 7, your socks are going to be too tight to hold onto your feet.

So, measure your stocking as you do for your boots.

Look for Elastic Arch Support

Socks play an important role—wrapping and hugging your feet at the same time while covering your ankle and toes to relieve your feet from unnecessary stress.

So, like shoes, ankle support is crucial. Your stocking needs to hug your ankle like a glove, and there should be no gap between your socks and foot.

You need to buy socks that feature elastic arch support, thus they won’t slip down inside your sneakers, and you will be able to enjoy the whole day wearing them.

A great example to achieve arch support even for Diabetic Neuropathy is Compression Socks. You can use them whether you have such foot condition or not.

Get a New Pair

It’s true, your most pricey and well-made socks will not last forever. With continuous wear, the grip will become weaker, and the fabric will start to lose its elasticity, as a result, you will face sock slippage.


When you find your favorite pair of socks is not performing as before, it’s time to let go and invest in a new pair.

Ways to Keep Your No-Show Stocking from Sliding off the Heel

For your dress shoes, low-top sneakers, and those flats, the only perfect sock choice is the no-show socks. They stay invisible and blend in such a way, you won’t be able to see them that easily.

But, these tiny sock versions also keep sliding especially, from your heel areas. And it’s time to know how to keep your no-show socks in place.


To keep the no-show stocking from sliding, you need to select fabrics that are thin and made of smooth materials, like bamboo or nylon. For sneakers or shoes with more coverage, you should choose a woven fabric like cotton to keep your socks in position.

Another way to avoid your socks from sliding is to buy your proper feet-sized socks and make sure they are giving the right amount of coverage.

When your socks curve under your ankle properly, no matter how roughly you move, they won’t budge. Along with proper support, would you wear two pairs of socks to look taller?

My sister tried, and she thought she looked tall, but I doubt that!

I buy my no-show socks that have silicone grips. For example, wernies No Show Socks Women Low Socks Non Slip Flat Boat Line, and they hold as a cat holds onto your bedsheet. And it also comes with 3 silicone heel grip technology.

This is how your petite no-show socks will stay on and hidden.

How to Prevent Ankle Stocking from Falling?

To prevent your ankle socks from falling, you need to figure out why they are gliding in the first place. When you do, you are more than halfway through solving the problem.

Let’s see how you can stop ankle socks from sliding:

  • Buy right-size ankle socks, otherwise, they will slip off your heel and bunch within the insole.
  • Wear appropriate socks according to your shoe style. If you wear fuzzy woolen socks with your pumps, it will not be proper. The same goes for silky socks with running shoes.
  • Check the elasticity of your ankle socks. Due to overuse, it will lose its flexibility and keep falling. Buy a new one in this situation, or try purchasing high-quality socks that provide a certain time guarantee.

If you maintain these precautions beforehand, you don’t have to face uncomfortable situations like socks falling from your feet.

Socks That Don’t Slide

As most of your socks glide, sooner or later, you need to get socks that are specially made to stay put. There are various modes of stockings out in the market to provide you with more longevity compared to your ordinary pairs.

Let’s discover socks that don’t slide:

Saucony Women’s Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks

Saucony Women’s Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks have a heel tab design for added comfort and protection. They provide arch support for targeted compression.

Along with arch support, they are grippy and hold onto your feet, and the 5-star ration on Amazon proves how good these socks are and worth your money($9.47-$13.49)

Jarseen No-Show Liner Socks

To wear your low-top sneakers or boat shoes hassle-free, you should try out the Jarseen No-Show Liner Socks. These barely cover your toes, which makes them the perfect choice for flats and pumps.

The elastic around the edges prevents these socks from falling and stays hidden at the same time. It’s like getting the best of both worlds!

CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks Low Cut Sports Tab Socks for Men and Women

These solid pattern socks are made of high-quality comb cotton and provide proper airflow to keep your feet dry along with staying in place.

From these unisex socks, you will get extra durability and comfort in your high-wear areas. The extra thick padding can absorb any impact and protects your feet. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about them gliding down.


Parting Thoughts

It’s obvious your socks can slide and will as you continue to wear them regularly. The elasticity will lose gradually, and a big fitted shoe is another reason behind your socks keeps falling.

By getting high-end socks, selecting the right fabric, checking the elastic arch support, and buying the proper size, you can solve this problem.

You got everything to keep your socks along with those low-rise ankle socks from slipping.

Thanks for engaging.

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