Do You Wear Socks With Mules? Tested And Explained [In 2024]

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Mules have been the most trendy and fashionable women’s footwear for years. Its popularity is still on the rise. This versatile footwear goes with every outfit.

You can slide them on and go about your day. These flat shoes will give you comfort and easy accessibility.


If you are a fan of mules like me, you must have thought, are they as functional with socks?

I understand your worry, and I do have your answer.

I am wearing mules for quite a long time and have several pairs in different colors. There are so many ways you can style them, even with socks. Now, you will get all my personal experiences and all the other information I have gathered so far.

So, keep reading till the end and let me enlighten you.

Can You Wear Socks With Mules?

Yes, you can pair up socks with mules and with grace. It brings new life to your mules, and you can get extra warmth.

Mules are designed in such a way that you can quickly wear them on and off. Some prefer the barefoot look that mules give, while others don’t.

Socks can light up the color palate of your mules.

With solid-colored mules, you can pair the exact colored socks and rock the monochromatic look.

There are unlimited socks options that go with your mules, and all eyes will be on your feet. So, you can do whatever you want, keeping your preferences in mind.

In winter, your feet require extra warmth. With mules, you can do that by wearing socks.

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How Do You Style Socks With Mules?

There are countless ways to style your mules. And with socks, your options don’t even decrease; it does quite the opposite.

I love wearing socks with my mules.

Most of my mules are solid colors, and I pair them with the same colored socks and enjoy the extra attention my feet get because of that. Another pro tip is to wear skin-colored socks. This will only highlight the mules.


Whether it’s your cropped denim or formal pants, you can jazz up the look with a pair of whimsical socks.

Even without socks, you can carry these looks just fine.

The most trendy socks to wear with mules are the fishnet socks which give you the additional edge of a full-fledged look without trying too hard.

Here are some tips for wearing socks with mules:

  • The socks should not be too tight.
  • Avoid wearing tights if you get blisters quite often.
  • Wear slip or lace-up mules to be comfortable with socks.
  • Try to avoid buckled mules.
  • Include solid-colored socks to achieve a more polished look.

These tips will boost your experience of wearing socks with mules.

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7 Types Of Socks To Wear With Mules

Different styles of socks can bolden your boring look and, at the same time, provide more ease for your feet to rest on.

Usually, the dressy half socks are perfect for pairing up with socks.

Let’s see the 7 types of socks that go well with mules:

Crop Rib Glitter Socks

Crop Rib Glitter Socks are designed to give you a simple yet gorgeous look. The shiny fabric is what I love about them.

You get an extra point if your mules are shiny too.

Lace Trim Fishnet Socks

In recent years wearing fishnet socks and tights is considered highly fashionable.

I also bought some pairs of different designs to go along with the trend.

Lacy ankle socks are super feminine. So, if you want to look more girly, go for these pairs with your mules.

Lace Up Socks

Anything lacy on your feet gives a bit of a flirty look. For any kind of themed party, it is the right pick.

You can dress up and dress down depending on the design of the lace-up socks you are going for. For colors, you can go either solid or printed ones, according to your preference.

Ruffled Crew Socks

The lacy details of ruffle crew socks give you a cute look. This is something I opt for and enjoy occasionally.

You can bring fun details to your monochromatic foot look with ruffle crew socks.

Micro Fishnet Tights

If you prefer short skirts with mules, Fishnet tights are the best options. They look dressy and are comfy to wear. They are soft enough to wear regularly.

The options are endless with fishnet tights. You just need to know how to incorporate them.

Glitter Ankle Socks

With mules, these shiny ankle socks give a chic look. The sparkly details blend perfectly with solid color mules. Glitter ankle socks also bring cuteness, even with mules.

If you can pull off the look, go for it.

Polka Dots And Rounded Trim Top Socks

Polka dots have been a statement feature in the fashion industry for a long time. Socks with polka dots give a girly and sophisticated look.

For a trendy look, you can pair your polka-dot socks with mules.

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Can You Wear Socks With Vans Mules?

If you can wear socks with luxury mules, the same goes with vans mules.

A white pair of socks with white canvas mules with shorts is still a trendy look. For a chill summer vibe, you can give it a try.

You can choose any color of socks to your liking. Avoid any flashy colors to maintain a casual and sophisticated look. And if you are trying something fun, like a costume, any colorful sock will give you a unique, out-of-the-box look.

Whatever you do, you’ll be sure about on thing, your comfort.

Do You Wear Stockings With Mules?

With dresses and skirts, stockings are a perfect harmony. Mules look pretty stylish with such dress styles.

So, yes, you can not only wear stockings with mules but also can rock the look. This combination looks both trendy and classy, especially in winter.

There are several models of tights. You need to find the one that goes well with your aesthetic.

Try blurred versions or sheer tights, which are usually thin and don’t really mix well with mules. Another thing is, with shoes like mules, non-patterned and plain tights are the perfect match.

This way, your mules will be the center of attraction.


For example, Draffy stockings are a cozy and comfy pair that goes slightly above your knee.

These come with cotton, nylon and spandex materials.

But you need to be careful if your mule is strapless and backless; tights can make it hard to hold onto your shoe.

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Can You Wear Socks With Sneaker Mules?

Sneakers are, without a doubt, very comfortable footwear, and they have a variety of models to choose from.

Recently, the mule sneaker versions have been on trend. So far, they are as comfortable as sneakers. For those who like sneakers but are not a fan of the closed-back, mule version of sneakers are for them.

As you can wear socks with sneakers, you can do the same with the sneaker mules too.

On top of that, you can play with the color. If you want a neutral look, wear skin-colored socks with them, as I do. I don’t prefer any colored socks with any of my footwear.

Wearing identical-colored shoes and socks is another brilliant idea to maintain a comfy yet casual look.

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Mules are such versatile footwear that you can pair with any kind of outfit with socks and without them.

You can add extra comfort with socks while wearing mules, but it’s not like you have to. You can decide according to your preference.

Just go for the look that goes with you; that is all that matters.

If you have any further queries, write that down in the comment section below, and I’ll get back to you.

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