Is Shiekh Shoes Legit? [Customers’ Perspective Compiled]

Written By Sunny

Shiekh’s website has gained a lot of popularity for its branded apparel, footwear, headgear, and other lifestyle items.

But when you wanna buy a pair of branded shoes from Shiekh, you must know whether they are authentic or just hype!


In this article, I’ll share my experiences after buying from Shiekh, along with the facts and customer reviews.

So, let’s dive.

Is Shiekh Authentic?

Contrary to common belief, Shiekh Shoes sells both authentic footwear as well as high-quality knockoffs. If you’re lucky, you might be able to locate the original pair, but make sure to thoroughly examine before choosing.

I advise you to stay away from them for risk-free, secure shopping.

Moreover, in their review list, they get only 2.72 stars from 75 customers. In recent days their reputation has been drowning.


Besides Shoes, Shiekh has many other accessories, like branded attire and headgear. So you can pick your desired outfit from the Shiekh but avert the footwear collection.

You can check other websites, like Amazon or Zappos to find your desired footwear.

However, for buying work boots many may go to’s website. Here at this point, you must wanna know whether’s a legit site. See for yourself by reading our separate content regarding their authenticity.

Does Shiekh Sell Fake Shoes?

There is no exact information about their fake shoes. But if you investigate the customer experience they share on different sites, you can find a precise answer. The majority of customers complained that the retailer brand sells second-hand and phony shoes.

Contrary, the company denies all the allegations and claims that they only offer the brand new authentic product. And they also tweeted a comment in 2017 that they never sell fake Yeezys.


I trusted Shiekh up until I got betrayed in my second and third-time purchases. I got a brand-new air Jordan shoe in my first purchase, but in my second and third orders, they repeatedly sent b-grade products.

The company always offers various types of discount campaigns to attract customers.

To avert their deception just maintain distancing for their mouthwatering discount. Because after 2nd purchase I also melt for their discount campaign and think At least the loss will be minimized!

But loss is the loss, there is no minimum amount.

Shiekh Shoes Customer Service & Reviews

Shiekh Ellahi founded the Shiekh brand in 1991. After gaining huge popularity and love from customers those days, they launched their store in every shopping mall in California.

They created a sensation in the Western United States in the ’90s.

After years, the Shiekh shoes lost their reputation and authentication from customers’ perspective. They got only 14% positive reviews in the last 12 months.


Because most of their customers are dissatisfied with Shiekh products, they inform their experience and discourage the other customers.

Moreover, customers worldwide call them thieves, frauds, and liars on different platforms to express their anger. Some of them also claim they never get the ordered product.


The company offers many types of advantages, but it cannot keep them.

Even if their staff lack confidence in their products, their customer service is awful, just like their shipping process.

On Shiekh’s website, you’ll find their return policy, which is active for 10 days after purchase. But many consumers complain that they never got the exchanged product.

You can check different platforms for customer feedback. After finding the reviews, you understand how they actually suffer because of Shiekh’s shoes.


Alternatives of Sheikh Shoes

After knowing everything about Shiekh shoes, you may need some authentic platform to find your desired pair of shoes. A lot of retail companies keep their word and provide you with authorized shoes only.

Here are the most reliable alternatives brand of Shiekh shoes:

Kicks On Fire

Kicks on fire have gained a lot of popularity as a legitimate retailer company in the footwear field.

Because it provides a wide selection of products across all categories on a single website, Kicks on Fire is a one-stop shop for sneakerheads. They also provide a return policy if you have any problems with your purchase.

If you are lucky enough, you will find some vintage collections already stocked out.

On that website, you will find all types of sneakers from renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Van, etc.

For further queries about kicks on fire, check our other article: Are Kicks On Fire Legit?

Tilted Sole

Tilted Sole is a reputable internet store well-recognized for its budget-friendly footwear. The company gained so much popularity in 2012 for its updated children and adults shoe collection.

Additionally, they have a BBB organization rating of A+. Although I’ve never made a transaction with them, according to their rating, they are quite reliable in their customer service.

Moreover, also sells premium quality lifestyle accessories like clutches, backpacks, purses, etc. They offer exchange policies but have no return policy.

Numerous well-known, officially licensed shoe brands are available, including Adidas, Dr. Martens, and Toms.

Stock X

StockX is arguably the most dependable internet merchant from where you can choose your desirable shoes without a doubt. And it’s because the company constantly verifies every product.

The company launched in 2016, and in this short duration, it gained a lot of love and respect.

Surprisingly, this website also offers some selling options for their customer too. Follow the proper procedure to sell shoes on StockX, if you ever wanna launch your own customized shoes.

The brand has 300 people for verifiers, with 200 additional supporting members. Of their extraordinary checking system, you may put all your faith in them.

StockX also offers exchange facilities. But if you already use their shoes before returning them, they never exchange them.

The website never deceives anyone and takes proper precautions to prevent deceiving.

I have already said, about their prechecking formula, if you ever sell used shoes on the StockX website, they must conform to it and cancel your selling license immediately.

You also find many other options along with these three top-rated retailer websites, that work better than the Shiekh shoes, such as GOAT,,, and others.

Wrap Up

You are now aware of the facts surrounding Shiekh Shoes’ deception of their customers. I will never suggest Shiekh shoes again, according to my experience and others’ reviews.

So, I hope the details I’ve given will aid you in choosing a reliable website.

Happy shopping!

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