Is Kicks On Fire Legit? Know Before You Purchase [In 2024]

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Most of us love to purchase the appropriate shoes by wearing them in-store, but after the pandemic and worldwide lockdown, the situation is different now.

People are preferring to purchase shoes from various online websites rather than going to the market.


Whenever I want to buy a new pair of sneakers without going to a store, the first retailer that comes to mind is Kicks On Fire, which offers a huge range of sneakers with different features and design.

But if you’re not used to shopping online, you might wonder, is kicks on fire legit or a scam?

Keep reading to know the truth.

Is The Site Kicks On Fire Legit?

Yes, Kicks on fire is a super legit website for sneakerheads.

Kicks on fire are not like the other platform that only sells its in-stock product. They come with the whole product detail with the price and reviews.

They are famous for their enthusiast blog and represent themselves as a retailer website. Kicks sell its specialized product, which is footwear.

Kicks on fire supplies 100% genuine products on their website. More than 3 million sneakerheads read their regular blog. They also maintain their authentication, which they actually write for their products.

The brand shares a strong bond with the famous shoe brand.

You can blindly trust them when you buy from them. At first, they know in detail about the product, and after that, they offer it to you.

Kicks on fire offer you hassle-free, tested, valid sneakers and give you a nice experience with them. Most accurate shoe app I have ever used. They strive to create a perfect image for shoe fanatics.

The admin body works effectively for their customer satisfaction, they never break their principle.

The main attraction is their seamless delivery system, legitimate price, and best selection of sneakers. Actually, they never disappoint you.

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Where Is Kicks On Fire Located?

It is an online shoe website, which means it belongs everywhere. But formerly, Kicks On Fire is located in Brooklyn, New Work.

Kicks On Fire was founded in 2017 by Khan Furqan. His vision was to create the largest authentic destination for sneakerheads. At first, they started writing about sneakers for enthusiasts.


Khan started it for college students in the NYC metropolitan area.

Besides, He believed sneakers do not just give you a stylish appearance, it also offers the ultimate comfort.

The Kick on fire website is open to all enthusiasts; some sneakerheads share their photos and video on that platform with reviews. It helps to direct interaction with their target customers.

So before buying any pair of sneakers from kicks on fire, you can check their overall features, pros and cons.

Most of the shoe apps just post the updated product of their linked brand, but in kicks on fire, you can find a brand variation with all their models. They expand their theme and business with customer satisfaction.

Can You Buy Shoes From Kicks On Fire?

Yes, I only trust kicks on fire for purchasing shoes online. Kicks on fire are the best reliable option for buying authentic sneakers.

When you want to buy a pair of sneakers, first go and check on kicks on fire; there are many variations of the renowned shoe brand. You can pick any of them without hesitation because the shoe passed many tests.

You can trust the platform for its rapid supply and updated offerings. Most online store delivery procedures are too slow, but they are always on time.

The website maintains a smooth interaction with its buyers.

Kicks on fire are always ready to serve you with its best products. They also welcomed some popular brands on their website recently.

Nike SB dunk series shoes, Air force variations, and Famous Adidas Sneakers are also included in their stock list. If you love to wear sneakers, you know how these brands maintain their reputation. Any local retailer never sells its product.


In my opinion, to buy your desired items, kicks on fire is a valid and trusted place. They keep your trust and provide you with the best product.

I only shared my experience; so please check other sites and their reviews along with them to find out the best one. Actually, kicks on fire serve you the best quality sneaker, but they don’t stock every brand.

Kicks On Fire Customer Service

Sometimes kicks on fire implement different types of offers to attract customers towards them.

Their marketing team and their strategy are truly admirable; they find some different promotional campaigns and imply them on social media. Recently their campaign was a free kicks giveaway program, and customers love the movement.

The founder and CEO, khan know the customer choice and their feelings; some of us actually love our sneakers.

You can easily access their app by logging into the app and checking their updated version. The app supports ios and android. So you can use one of them and create my account chart and add your favorite product.

If you face any confusion, then there is a help button you can press. They help you to solve your confusion immediately.

Actually, I love their procedure and concern; after first buying from their website, I never left them. They actually share a strong bond with their customers, and they also provide their email IDs.

They are only available online but serve you better than physical stores.

Do Kicks On Fire Have A Return Policy?

Yes, kicks on fire have a return policy.

They only have a return policy when you show them any problem or scratch on their shoes. Otherwise, they don’t offer any refund or swap policy.

After the delivery, if there is any problem, you should knock them down within three days. And you have to explain the problem in detail in your mail, and it’s essential for that policy.

I faced it once, it was quite difficult. But the main thing is they actually maintain all their policies appropriately.

The reason behind their little lateness is that they are busy processing a huge number of products daily. After your complaint, they respond, and then they work on it.

There are various fake retailers in the market, so they have to ensure that product is authentic.

Please recheck and ensure your size and color before ordering; they don’t prefer canceling the order after placing.

Also, they don’t have any exchange policy.

According to Kicks on fire, if you want to cancel your order, then you have to let them know before the order is acknowledged by their warehouse. Because after they start the procedure for delivery it quite difficult to change it.

Due to their high demand, they charge some extra fees for canceling the product.

Final Line

After all the discussion, now you know how legit the kicks on fire are. You can trust them blindly to snap up your sneakers.

Well, I hope this information will help you to find your desired sneaker with an authentic review of kicks on fire.

Like me know if you are interested in any other topic and want to cover in the comment section below.

Till then, take care.

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