Is Rack Room Shoes Legit? [Check Its Scam or One-Stop Shop]

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When you want to get all the popular shoe brands in one store with a generous amount of discount, Rack Room Shoes is the name that pops into your mind.


With so many controversial reviews about the store and website, it’s hard to know if they are legit or not.

If you want to uncover the truth about the Rack Room Shoes, dive into this wright-up as I will provide every detail and proof for your hassle-free purchase.

So, stay put.

Is Rack Room Shoes Legit?

Yes, Rack room shoes, both stores, and website are legit. This 100-year-old retail company has many outlets all over America including Clearwater, San Antonio, and San Ysidro. The website domain is over 23 years old, and you will get free shipping for over $65 online purchases.

From Rack Room, you will find major brands like Adidas Reebok and Tommy Hilfiger shoes for men, women, and kids. They also offer sandals, sneakers, heels, boots, flip-flops, and whatnot.

Your favorite household names like Birkenstocks, New Balance, and Champions are also available here.

If you are into home brands like Cupcake, Bluefin Couture, Limelight, and Restoration, Rack Room is the store for you. Besides shoes, you can also get various accessories, such as backpacks, shoe care products, and socks.

However, their product reviews and customer service are questionable, thus most buyers are concerned if the website is legit like

Do Rack Room Shoes Have an App?

Yes, Rack Room Shoes have an app that you can download on your smartphone. And it’s very easy to use. After downloading, you just need to sign up and then create your own account through the descriptions given.

Now, you might have the question of what’s the benefit of this app? Let me elaborate for you.

If you use the Rack Room app for your next purchase, you will get exclusive discounts and coupons that you can use in-store and online to make major savings.

Unfortunately, you won’t get this coupon offer for certain brands like New Balance and Birkenstocks. But there are so many other options available.rack-room-shoes-app

Including buy one get one free and buy one and get one 50% off and free shipping, you will also get promo codes. On special days like Veterans Day and Memorial Day, it jumps to 20% off.

Note: You can get 10% off in-store purchases every Tuesday with a US Military ID.

Shipping And Return Policy of Rack Room Shoes

You can purchase Rack Room Shoes’ best-selling products from their website. They also offer free same-day in-store pickup and free economy shipping for over 65 dollars.

Let’s find out the shipping and return strategy of Rack Room Shoes:

Shipping Strategy

Rack Room Shoes has three shipping options through FedEx.

Economy shipping will cost you $6.99 with standard and speed-up shipping, which varies on the number of shoes you are purchasing. I got my Nike Air Max on my doorstep between 7 and 10 business days after ordering.

Then there is the Standard Ground Shipping option, which costs around $8.99 and the transportation time is 5 to 7 business days.

Finally, the most expensive Expedited shipping($19.99).

As it charges you more, your products will arrive in between two and three business days. The more money you spend, the quickest you get your shoes. Fair enough!

Many shoe brands offer this service, including Vans, you need to know the return policy of Vans Sneakers to get the best deal out of your purchase.

Return Policy

Well for the policy on return, Rack Room is similar to most e-commerce stores.

I must say, Rack Room is pretty generous when it comes to their return policy. Though you will get 60 days to return your purchased items, they have to be in their original condition.

You must return your shoes unused and with the original receipt. However, a good thing is, Rack Room offers you a gift card of an equivalent value if you lost your receipt.

Anyway, to return your product you have two options; either send your purchase to them at your expense, for which you have to download a return form online to receive a shipping label and dispatch, or drop it off at your nearest rack room stores.


It will take 3 to 10 business days to process your refund.

Note: Rack Room has the right to reject issuing you a full refund.

You can get similar repay service from Vans too. For a smooth process, you should know how long does Vans take to refund your money.

Rack Room Shoe Reviews

One of the major drawbacks of Rack Room shoes is their poor customer service and the adverse reviews they got from clients.

Regarding their service, several users have shown dissatisfaction.

From a survey, I found a dissatisfied wife commenting, “Bought my husband a pair of shoes here. Shoes completely apart in less than 3 months! (summer… not daily wear!) Zero customer service! Store manager and employees were extremely rude! My family and friends will not set foot in their store again. Good luck if you do!


But there are positive reviews about their first shipping, one customer said, “Bought 4 pair for Reef Slides, ordered Monday 10/3 Slides showed up Wednesday 10/5! Great prices, buy one get one half off.!


Every coin has two sides and Rack Room Shoes are no different, though among positive and negative analysis, the lack of after-sales service seems more.

Customers have complained about the online service, as Rack Room Shoes only uses FedEx to deliver their products. Many buyers complained about their rude behavior and suggested using another shipping company.

Rack Room Shoes Alternatives

When you want to buy multiple shoes, you must shop at a store with many choices under one roof. There are other alternative retailers other than Rack Room which can provide you with the same service.

Let’s see the substitutions of Rack Room Shoes:


One of the alternatives to Rack Room Shoes is ShoeMall. From this retailer, you will find your favorite pairs within the affordable price range for children, women, and men.

The top brands of this website are Skechers, Uggs, New Balance, Timberland, and Walkingcradles.


This American company sells designer and name-brand shoes, including accessories. With its Designer Shoe Warehouse store chain, they operate over 500 locations.

They have both online and offline stores to buy from.


Your favorite Puma, Adidas, Crocs, Hey Dudes, Cole Haan, and so many other brands are available here.

DSW has an exclusive collection from Kelly & Katie, Crown Vintage, Coach And Four, including your favorite fall brands Doc Martin, Sorel, Timberland, and many more.

Like ShoeMall and DSW another website is Flightclub, but you need to know if Flight Club is legit before ordering.


How Long do Rack Room Shoes Take to Deliver?

Rack Room Shoes offer 3 FedEx shipping options, Economy shipping takes 7 to 10 business days, Standard Ground takes 5 to 7 business days, and finally, Expedited shipping takes only 2 to 3 business days as it charges the most.

Who Are the Private-Label Brands at Rack Room Shoes?

Rack Room Shoes operate several private-label footwear brands including Bluefin, West Harris, and LimeLight.

Do Rack Room Shoes Sell Fake Nikes?

No, you will find original Nike shoes from Rack Room Shoe Stores.  This company is legit and doesn’t provide fake sneakers.

Are Rack Room Shoes Cheaper?

Yes, Rack Room Shoes are relatively cheaper. If you visit their store and website, you will find 20 to 50% discount for most of their products, and they also offer a buy one get one option.

Who Owns Rack Room Shoes?

Since 1922 Rack Room Shoes were privately owned until the stores were purchased by the Deichmann group of Germany.

Takeaway Thoughts

Rack Room shoes are legit but due to poor service, their reputation has declined. If you, however, want to purchase your favorite sneakers or sandals, it’s best to visit their stores.

For online purchases, talk to their customer service and know every detail about their shipping and return policy to make your process easier.

This is all about the Rack Room shoe, for additional queries, comment below.

Stay Safe!

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