Improve Grip Of Your Badminton Shoes Easily [Quick Methods]

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Wearing proper sports gear for each specific sport is very important, and the same goes for badminton.

Especially proper footwear is essential for enhancing your performance and gaming experience, and ensuring that you are at the top of your game.

However, just owning and wearing pair of badminton shoes is not enough.


You have to maintain them and take proper care of them because over time they lose their grip, which can cause your performance to deteriorate.

So, why does this happen? How do you fix it and improve the grip of your badminton shoes? How do you maintain your badminton shes?

Well, I have done a thorough research and discussed with professional badminton players to get you the authentic and reliable answers to these questions.

So, let’s get into it with a toss!

Ways To Improve The Grip Of Your Badminton Shoes At Home

When on the world level, players do not have to be concerned about the grip of their shoes since they have sponsors and staff to look after them.

But as a novice or even an intermediate player, you will frequently experience problems with your shoe grip.

However, with proper tools and knowledge, you can take proper care of your badminton shoes so that you can improve their grip whenever you feel or notice the grip deteriorating.

The base of the sole of a badminton shoe has an intricate and complex design, hence simply wiping it on a mat to clean it will not be sufficient.

Instead, it will require a thorough cleaning.

So, continue reading if you want to learn how to improve the grip of your badminton or sports shoes by cleaning them effectively at home.

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I have mentioned the different ways to improve the grip of your badminton shoes below.

Clean The Soles Of Your Badminton Shoes Thoroughly

Many people don’t pay much heed to cleaning their badminton shoes or are simply unaware of the importance of cleaning them.

Cleaning your badminton shoes, particularly their soles, is vital in maintaining and improving their grip.

The steps to effectively clean the soles of your badminton shoes are as below:

Using a clean and dry brush, brush off all the loose dirt from the soles of your badminton shoes.clean-the-soles-of-your-badminton-shoes-thoroughly

Next, using a piece of wet cloth, wipe the sides and base of your soles clean.

Using a sharp, pointed object, clean the nooks and depths of the patterns on the sole – this hands-on, thorough cleaning is important to make sure that all the dirt is removed from the parts that are hard to reach.

Lastly, to increase the grip, mix some water and glue and apply it to the base of the soles of your shoes.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to effectively clean your badminton shoes and significantly improve their grip.

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Use Glue Water To Increase The Friction

If using the cleaning method seems like a bit too much for you, then you can opt for this method as it is simpler.

But remember that there is no alternative to cleaning your shoes if you want to ensure that they last you a long time.

For this method, if you are playing on a wooden or marble court, you can use a mixture of water and glue on the court to increase the grip of your shoes.

All you have to do is mix a sufficient portion of glue and water.

Then using a clean mop, you have to apply a thin layer of the mixture to the surface of the court.use-glue-water-to-increase-the-friction

However, you must be careful not to go overboard with this method.

Applying excessive amounts of this mixture will lead to the development of stubborn black stains on the court.

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How To Maintain The Grip Of Your Badminton Shoes

Now that you know how to improve the grip of your badminton shoes, what are the ways to maintain them so that they do not lose the grip as fast?

Well, maintaining your shoes play a big role in increasing their longevity and making sure that the grip of the shoes remains optimum for as long as possible.

Below, I have mentioned the different ways that you can maintain and care for your badminton shoes so they do not lose their grip as fast.

Play In A Smooth And Clean Badminton Court

Playing badminton in courts that are clean and have a smooth surface is very important.

Using the badminton shoe on a smooth surface will improve the grip, making it sleeker and shinier than before.

Moreover, you should opt for synthetic courts over wooden ones. Because of their anti-slip characteristics and durability, the surface of synthetic courts improves shoe grip.

Use Your Badminton Shoes Inside The Badminton Court Only

It is highly recommended that to maintain the grip of your badminton shoes, you should use them only on your badminton court and avoid wearing them for other purposes than playing.

If you use your badminton shoes outside of the badminton court, the traction will be exposed to dirt and rough surfaces, over time this will cause it to lose some of its crassness.

Badminton shoes are designed only for use in indoor games; using them for other activities, such as running, hiking, playing soccer, or going out to other places, can degrade the shoe’s grip.

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Use A Damp Towel On The Soles While Playing

You should have a wet towel with you during the games and scrub your shoe with it to moisten the soles of your shoes while also removing any dirt that may be on them.

This will help maintain their grip while you are playing.

Another option is a sticky mat, also called a moist mat, which is made up of re-usable sticky layers and is also known as a traction board in some circles.use-a-damp-towel-on-the-soles-while-playing

The top layer is used repeatedly until all of the glue is covered with dust and grime, at which point it is discarded. Then you simply replace the top layer with a new, fresh, and sticky layer.

Routinely Clean The Soles Of Your Badminton Shoes

To maintain the grip of your shoes, you must make cleaning them periodically a habit.

Making a routine out of it will prevent the grip from degrading over time.

Badminton shoes do not come in cheap.

So, if you treat them as an investment, look after them, and clean them routinely, you will be able to maintain the grip for longer and increase the longevity of your badminton shoes.

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Why Does The Grip Of Your Badminton Shoes Decrease?

Many people ask why badminton shoes lose their grip in the first place.

Well, over time as you keep wearing them the grip slowly decreases due to wear and tear.

Wearing Your Badminton Shoes To Places Other Than The Court

Keep in mind that the grip on badminton shoes is only intended for usage indoors.

Even though wearing them outdoors won’t cause your feet any discomfort, if you wear them outside they will get damaged and show signs of wear and tear much faster.

Because the soles of badminton shoes are less resistant to surfaces made of tar or concrete, the grip of a badminton shoe will wear away over time when used on these types of surfaces.

So, if you keep wearing them outdoors for other purposes, their grip will decrease much faster.

Using Your Badminton Shoes For Extended Time

You can use your badminton shoes only for as long as their grip lasts. Once you realize that the grip is gone, the shoes are also gone for good.using-your-badminton-shoes-for-extended-time

Using them for extended time leads to increased wear and tear so they become inapt to playing badminton smoothly.

Even the most durable organic rubber badminton shoes will eventually need to be replaced.

So, even if you don’t wear your badminton shoes all the time, they will wear out after a certain amount of time and need to be changed.

Not Buying The Right Quality Badminton Shoes

When purchasing badminton shoes, you have to make sure that you get high-quality ones.

If the quality of your badminton shoes is not up to the mark, then the poorer the quality, the faster they will lose their grip.

Not Cleaning Your Badminton Shoes Regularly

Cleaning your badminton shoes regularly is a must. If you do not clean them routinely, the grip will eventually fade.

If you don’t clean them regularly, the dirt that becomes lodged in the grip of the badminton shoes causes the shoes to lose their gripping ability.

So, I recommend that you clean it after each use in order to have optimal grip.

Cleaning the shoe with warm soapy water and removing the debris with a sharp tool will stop the shoe from losing its grip.

Exposing Your Badminton Shoes To Heat

Remember that the soles of your badminton shoes are made of rubber.

So, the shoe grip on your badminton shoes will progressively melt and decrease if you repetitively expose them to heat, rendering them completely worthless for usage on the court.exposing-your-badminton-shoes-to-heat

Hence, I recommend that after each use, put your shoes somewhere cool to maintain them in good condition for the next time.


Learning how to enhance the grip on your badminton shoes can help you improve your stability, force, and the ability to put all of your power and strength in the key places when you are playing badminton.

A better grip on your badminton shoes will protect your feet from injuries caused by slippery conditions during gameplay, and save you money on the purchase of replacement shoes again and again.

Hence, it is crucial that you clean your badminton shoes and maintain their grip to optimize your performance and reduce the chances of accidents while playing.

I hope this article was helpful for you and you will be able to improve your grip and use your badminton shoes for longer.

If you have any feedback or queries, please leave them in the comments below.

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