Leather Vs Rubber Sole : Which Glerups Is Better? [guide]

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Glerups are comfortable slip-on shoes. The felted wool makes it different and unique from other shoes you generally get on the market.

Despite their cozy interior, one question is common: whether you should get leather sole or rubber sole Glerups?

I have carried out thorough research and market reviews to find out the best answer for you.


Both leather and rubber-soled Glerups are great for wearing indoors, however, only the rubbers can be worn outdoors with lower chances of getting damaged. While the leather Glerups provide additional warmth and coziness to your feet, the rubber Glerups are much more durable and have a better grip.

These super comfy Glerups are a fan favorite, but when buying a pair, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration to decide which type of Glerups you want – leather soles or rubber soles.

Keep reading till the end to make an informed decision about buying the Glerups that suits your needs the best.

Which Glerups Is Better: Leather Sole or Rubber Sole?

While Glerups are known for their comfort and convenience, the question regarding which one is better between rubber and leather sole Glerups has been in the market for a really long time.

Before I tell you which one is better, you need to know that a huge factor in the sole area is the purpose of the shoes that you are going to buy.

Moreover, your personal preferences also play a role in determining which type of sole is better for you.

In my opinion, rubber sole Glerups are the better choice. Why? I will be telling you exactly that.

Rubber sole Glerups are more durable than leather sole Glerups. The rubber sole shoes perform much more impressively when exposed to water, and last you much longer than those with leather soles.

Moreover, you can use the rubber soled Glerups both indoors and outdoor. This is owing to their durability with water and mud as well as the rubber soles providing much better grip and traction as compared to the leather soles.

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On the other hand, the leather soled Glerups cannot be dismissed either, as they perform excellently as well.rubber-soled-glerups

The leather sole Glerups are much more stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Besides giving the Glerups a more refined look, they also provide additional warmth and comfort to the user as the leather molds around the shape and dimensions of the feet of the wearer.

However, when it comes to the test of time, they cannot surpass the rubber soled Glerups as they are more prone to wearing off over time than the rubber soles.

The leather soles are made to be mainly worn indoors, while the rubber ones can be worn outdoors without any problem. People have even gone as far as going hiking with rubber soled Glerups.

Water and other liquids are also quite dangerous for leather soled Glerups as they can easily get damaged when they come in contact with water.

So, yes, rubber soles are the better option if you want to buy a pair of Glerups. However, this does not mean you cannot get the leather sole ones.

This is because, at the end of the day, they both have their pros and cons, and you should decide which one to buy based on your personal needs and preferences.

So to know the pros and cons in more detail and make the right decision for yourself, I have gathered all the information and provided a comparison between the two types of soles for Glerups below.

Leather Sole Vs. Rubber Sole Glerups: A Detailed Comparision

When choosing the right type of sole, your considerations must also be taken into account because there are pros and cons to both leather and rubber soles for Glerups.
Below I will be discussing all the properties that have to be taken into account when making your decision – and in some cases, the performance of the leather sole Glerups and rubber sole Glerups is almost the same!

So, without further ado, let’s get started.leather-sole-vs-rubber-sole-design

Shape And Design

Even though Glerups come with different types of soles, leather and rubber, the shape, structure, and design of the shoes are identical.

So, whether you are purchasing a pair of leather sole Glerups or rubber sole Glerups, the materials and manufacturing process for both types are absolutely the same. Regardless of the type of sole you opt for, you will get the popular slip-on design nonetheless.


Let’s face it, whenever it comes to buying shoes, comfort deserves top priority. And Glerups are popular for providing unwavering comfort.

But which type of sole provides more comfort with Glerups, leather or rubber?

Well, both types of soles, leather and rubber, provide a lot of comfort for the user, and you can don them for hours on without feeling any discomfort.

However, the leather sole Glerups are more comfortable than the rubber sole Glerups.

As you know, leather soles do not feel the best when worn for the first time. But as you keep wearing them, they only get better.

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Over time, as you keep wearing the leather Glerups, the leather of the sole molds according to the dimensions and contours of your feet, aligning with the shape of your feet and giving you top-notch comfort.

The natural leather provides exceptional comfort by molding to the shape of your feet, which does not happen with the rubber sole Glerups.

The leather footbed is created using a mixture of leather and cork, that is responsible for creating the flexible and tender base.

Unfortunately, sometimes the ratio of the cork and leather may vary.leather-sole-vs-rubber-comfort

Whenever the cork used is too less or even absent, the quality of the footbed does not remain as good as expected.

Without enough cork, the soles become too thin, resulting in discomfort, inflexibility, and an overall bad experience.

The rubber soles, on the other hand, do not mold according to the shape of your feet and do not feel as comfortable as the leather soles in the long run. But they provide excellent flexibility, shock absorption, and support nonetheless.

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Grip And Anti-Slip Effect

While both rubber and leather sole Glerups provide anti-slip properties on surfaces such as hardwood floors, the grip is much better with rubber sole Glerups.

The rubber sole Glerups provide excellent grip, which is absent from leather sole Glerups. As a result, the rubber sole Glerups can be worn outdoors, and the leather sole ones cannot.

The leather soles have much less grip, which is not sufficient to save you from slipping and falling outdoors. This makes them more prone to accidents.

However, as you wear the leather ones over time, the scrappy leather gains some grip, but not as much as rubber. But you can attach rubber studs on the base of the leather soles to increase the grip and enhance their practicality.


Rubber sole Glerups are much more durable than leather sole Glerups.

As mentioned before, the rubber sole interacts with water in a much more sustainable way as compared to the leather.

The leather soles are prone to degradation when they come in contact with water, unlike the rubber soles.

Leather sole Glerups are made in layers.

As more layers of leather are added to the leather sole, the durability increases. But if the layers are fewer, they are less durable, more fragile, and won’t last you very long.

The rubber sole Glerups are excellent when it comes to durability. However, cracks may appear on the rubber sole, but that can also be fixed with the help of a shoe repairman, lasting for long.

Fashion And Aesthetics

Leather sole Glerups are much more stylish, elegant, and attractive than rubber sole Glerups.

So, if fashion is your number one priority, you might want to opt for the leather sole Glerups, as the rubber sole Glerups are much less appealing at first sight.

Most of the time the rubber soles make them look much chunkier than the leather sole Glerups, but they also come in thinner rubber sole designs, which do not look bad at all.

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Leather sole or rubber sole, Glerups are popular for convenience and comfort. But when deciding between the two types of soles you must take into consideration the utility and needs.

Comparing the pros and cons, the rubber sole Glerups are the better option as you can wear them outdoors, and they are more durable. However, if you want to look very elegant, you might want to get the leather sole Glerups.

Whatever your needs, you can choose the Glerups according to them.

I hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any further queries, please leave them in the comments below and do not forget to share your experience wearing Glerups with us!

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