How to Tie Duck Boots [Beginners Guide to Style Your Boots]

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In spite of having enormous popularity, making fashionable lacing with Duck boots isn’t common expertise! Thus, many people fail when it comes to tying the ducks nicely.


However, if you wanna break out of the traditional lacing style and try something different, then this content is for you.

So, read ahead and enlighten your sight with Duck boots’ lace-up!

How Do You Lace Duck Shoes?

Due to the leather-made sturdy upper, the rich-looking duck boot is suitable to wear in extreme winter. And in terms of fitting, they’re somewhat loose-fitted boots. So, each user must know the lacing methods for a well-fit and tidy appearance of the boot.


Now, let’s see the most simple and traditional crisscross Duck boot lacing. You can also tie Sperry duck and Thursday boots in this way.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for cross-tying duck boots laces:

Step 1: Take each aglet and put them inside the bottom eyelets from the upper side. Ensure an equal portion of laces on both sides.

Step 2: Pull the ribbon on the left and feed it through the bottom of the second hole on the right side.

Step 3: Just follow the same procedure for the right-sided lace and insert it into the second eyelet on the left side.

Step 4: Continue tying the laces for the other eyeholes in this manner. If you prefer a snug fit, fill up all the laces. Otherwise, filling up only 3 to 4 eyelets is enough.

Step 5: After filling the holes, make sure that an equal amount of ribbon is left on both sides. Now, you can see that a crossing structure of the lace has been created between the inlets on both sides.

Step 6: If the amount of ribbon is less at the end, tie two tight knots separately on both sides. And if large lace is left, make a bow style or Eastland knots.

Don’t you familiar with the procedure of creating Eastland knots?

Well, to know about it get into the next segment. You will get a proper explanation there.

How to Tie an Eastland Knot?

This lacing method is quite time-saving. That’s why most of the daily workers choose this while tying their duck bootlaces. Because before going to the workspace and while there they obtain the proper fitting only by pulling the wrapped laces.

Here is the step-by-step guide to tying the Eastland knot:

Step 1: After creating a crossing style by running the lace through all the eyelets, take the remaining left-sided lace.

Step 2: Make exactly 1 inch longer loop with that lace.

Step 3: Twist the rest of the lace around that loop. And start this task from the root of that loop.


Step 4: Stop lace wrapping when only a small portion 90.25 inches) of it remains.

Step 5: Now insert the end of the ribbon into the loop and make it fit.

Tying shoelaces in this way help to adjust the shoe fitting only by moving the twisted parts closer or further away. Consequently, this Eastland lacing is favorite among the regular boot wearer.

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How To Tie Duck Boot Laces Fast & Easily?

Do you want to tie your shoelaces in the easiest and fastest way? And also you want your shoelaces to be unique. Then the Italian corkscrew method is the best for your bean boots.

Here’s the entire process of tying duck boot in the Italian Corkscrew method:

Step 1: Enter the shoelace’s aglets into the bottom eyeholes from the upside. In this case, the length of the lace on one side will be longer and the lace on the other side will be shorter.

Step 2: Keep the left-sided lace short and insert it into the same-sided uppermost hole from the inside.

Step 3: Take the long shoelace and insert it into the next empty hook on the other side. In this case, the short lace will be below the long lace.

Step 4: Continue inserting the long string in the next horizontal eyeholes until you reach the top.

Step 5: When you are done with the lace insertion at the top hole, pull the laces, tighten them, and lock them with a knob according to your requirement.


If you’re in the rush to attend your client meeting, just tie the bootlaces in the corkscrew style. Because a maximum of only 2 minutes is enough for setting the laces in this configuration.

How To Tie a Barrel Knot?

Tying a barrel knot at the end of the laces gives a signature appearance to the duck boot. Although the name of this knotting is popular, many people don’t know how to tie a barrel knot.

So, let’s see the process of binding the barrel knot:

  • When all the eyelets will be filled by following any of your preferred lacing styles, take one end of the string and make two simple loops with that.
  • Insert the remaining string through the double loops.
  • Pull the string to tighten the fit.
  • Repeat the same technique for the other end of the lace. And the knot is complete now.


How does it look? Seems familiar, right? You must have seen this design in your bracelets or in the macrame patterns of your living room. That is how the popular Barrel Knot looks like.

How Do You Tie Boots So They Stay Tied?

Heel lock lacing, ladder knot, Eastland knot, and army lacing style stay tied once they are knotted. Lacing the duck boot in any of these four time-saving configurations offers a snug fit. Additionally, it helps to put on and off the shoe quickly.

Accidentally untying the shoelaces while walking – it has happened to all of us in a lifetime.

So, I thought to share a trick so that the ribbons stay fixed, therefore you really don’t need to waste your valuable time in tying the boots again and again.

Now, let’s see the heel lock style to keep tied your shoelaces:

  • Make any ordinary or crisscross tie through all the holes except the last eyehole.
  • Take the left lace and pass it through the inside of the topmost empty eyelet. Do this for the right-sided ribbon also.
  • Now make two loops on both sides using the uppermost and previous eyelet.
  • Take the remaining part of the left lace and insert it into the right loop. And enter the right-sided string inside the left loop.
  • Pull the laces and tighten your duck boot. In the end, tie an ordinary bow or wrap the remaining ribbon around the ankle area and lock it by making a knob.

At first, you may find it a little difficult. But try it for a few days and things will get easier.

To know about army and ladder lacing, go through our separate article on how to lace Dr. Martens. Here, you will find out the entire description of ladder lacing, army lacing, and some other lace designs also.

Final Thoughts

No one likes to tie their shoelaces in the same style over and over again. And I know that you are no exception to this.

As you already learned some options for tying your duck boots in a quick, simple, and unique way, you must apply them.

Let me know which lacing style you like the most. If you have any confusion or further queries just knock at the comment section.

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