Are Duck Boots Supposed To Be Loose? [Problem Solved]

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Do you want to buy a lovely pair of duck boots but aren’t sure how they will fit?

Don’t worry! Your boot enthusiast pal is here to assist you.

After reading various reviews and trying them on myself, I am here to inform you how duck boots should fit.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on the writing.


Are Duck Boots Supposed To Be Loose?

Yes, duck boots are supposed to be loose. The fitting of duck boots is a little large, which is why most people order a half or full size smaller than their actual size. Little loose duck boots are fine as long as your feet don’t slide inside the boots and the upper fits you well.

Duck boots have a roomier ankle, and this extra space causes the ankle to bunch up. When the boots are new, the bunching may be bothersome. However, as you begin to wear them frequently, the boots will adapt to the shape of your foot and become more comfortable.

So, how much wiggle room is considered normal in duck boots?

Duck boots are designed in such a way that they do not fit properly around the ankle. There is half to an inch of extra room at the ankle for your ankle to flex.

However, just because there’s extra room around the ankle doesn’t mean your feet should be sliding around inside the boots all the time.

The ball of your foot should sit on the ball of the boots for a perfect fit of duck boots. Also, make sure that the upper section of the boots does not rub against the feet.

Loose duck boots aren’t a problem as long as your feet stay inside the boots and they’re comfy enough.

How Should Duck Boots Fit?

Since the ankle of duck boots fit large, most people either choose too tight or too loose boots for their feet which results in an ill-fitted boot.

The key rule is very simple: well-fitted duck boots are those which keep your feet comfortable and secured.

However, there are a few tips and tricks for getting a pair of pitch-perfect duck boots.

So, let’s have a look at how duck boots should fit:

  • Duck boots should not be overly tight or too loose. Tight boots have a narrow toe box, which crushes your toes and causes a variety of foot issues. Whereas loose boots allow your feet to slip out of them, resulting in accidents and falls.

Neither too tight nor loose, duck boots should fit you snugly so that you don’t face difficulty moving your feet.

  • To check whether your boots are too big or smaller than your feet are, wear the boots and insert your index finger between the heel and the backside of the boots.

If your finger fits easily inside the space, you’ve got the correct size.


But if you can’t fit your finger in, the boots are too small for your feet. And if the gap is bigger than one finger, your boots are too big.

  • In boots, your feet should not slip forward and backward. Instead, they should sit on the footbed comfortably and securely.
  • Your instep should not be crumpled up, i.e., don’t buy boots with a too-tight instep, as this puts too much pressure on the bottom of your foot and causes swelling.

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Do Duck Boots Run Big Or Small?

Duck boots run big. Duck Boots does not provide half sizes; instead, all their boots are available in whole sizes. If you’re a size 8.5, you’ll have to select between sizes 8 and 9. Most people choose a half size down from their foot size as it provides the best fit.

Choosing the perfect duck boots can be difficult because they only come in whole sizes. The best alternative is to go to the store and obtain assistance from professionals in order to get the correct size boots.

However, you may have to go through some hoops if you order online.

My advice is to order a half size smaller than your feet size if you are in-between sizes. Duck boots are already large; thus, getting half a size larger will make the boots excessively big for your feet.

And if your feet are the same size all the way around, there’s no need to scale up or down.


However, if your duck boots are too big for you, you can use thick socks to tighten them up.

And if your boots are too small, there isn’t a legitimate way to make them bigger. Instead, return the boots as soon as possible and order a new pair in your size.

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How Do You Break In Duck Boots?

Duck boots are composed of genuine leather, making them stiff when new. This stiffness, however, fades as the leather breaks in.

Breaking in boots comes naturally, but you may speed up the process by following simple steps and saying goodbye to hard boots forever.

Here are the ways to break in duck boots:

  • Put on a pair of thick socks, duck, boots, and go for a long walk. Walking in stiff boots with socks on pushes the leather outwards, allowing it to adapt to the contour of your feet.

The more you wear the boots, the more comfortable they get.

  • Rub the leather conditioner into your boots to break them in. The leather conditioner moisturizes the boots, making them supple and soft.

Apply a small amount of conditioner to the outer of the boot and work it into the areas where it is excessively hard.

  • If your boots are too stiff and feel too snug in width, try a boot stretcher. The boot stretcher not only stretches but also breaks in the boots.

Use the boot stretcher with conditioner on the boots for best results.

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How Long Does It Take To Break In Duck Boots?

Duck boots break in naturally over the course of a month, taking about 2-3 hours of everyday wear. However, if you wear your boots for a long time, they will soon break in. It is preferable to wear the boots on alternate days rather than the same pair every day for healthy feet.

Duck boots exist in various brands, and not all of them require breaking in. Some brands of duck boots are comfy right out of the box and don’t require any break-in time.

So how do you understand your duck boots are broken in?

The hardness of the leather will be gone, your feet will no longer be hurting, and the boots will become highly comfortable.

Bottom Line

Whether you wear your duck boots with blue jeans and a flannel or with a collared shirt and slacks, you’ll look dapper.

However, in order to look excellent, your duck boots must be correctly fitted to your feet.

Yes, duck boots fit very large. But, as long as the boots do not fall off your feet and the upper half does not irritate your skin while walking, little loose duck boots are normal.

Have you gotten all of your answers from this article? Is there anything I’ve left out? Please let me know in the comments section.

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