How To Clean Native Shoes? [Make Them Shine Like New]

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With their comfortable and stylish designs, Native shoes can make your walks easier in any weather.

But like other shoes, they also get pretty dirty with time. And being a Native fan, you don’t want such worn-off shoes, right?

Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to keep your Native shoes shining like new, no matter how many adventures you take them on!how-to-clean-native-shoes

So, read along!

How to Clean Native Shoes?

Native shoes are made of durable materials which are water-resistant as well. Their rubber-like uppers make them easier to clean. However, as mentioned on their website, the best way to clean dirt from Native shoes is by hand, using mild detergent or soap.

The Native brand offers a variety of designs and colors and is popular among people of all ages. But they get worn out after a few weeks, especially when the kids wear them in muddy water or extreme dirt.

If you are looking for ways to make your Natives look new, just follow the given steps:

EVA Shoes

These perforated EVA shoes are great to wear on summer days and super easy to clean. EVA is a rubber-like soft and flexible material that makes them water-resistant and doesn’t retain odor.eva-shoes

Here are the steps to follow when you are cleaning EVA shoes:

Step 1: First, make sure the shoes are dry so that you can sweep extra specks of dirt off them with a piece of cloth or a brush. You can simply blow off the dry soil from the shoe surfaces. And also, remove the shoelaces, if there are any, before starting to clean.

Step 2: Put mild soap or baking soda on the shoes and scrub them slowly with a soft toothbrush or a cloth. Scrubbing with a brush is required to remove stains and germs from the shoe surface.

Make sure to rub off the dirt from the inside by using a brush or soaking them in warm water.

You can also use detergent instead of soap, but ensure it does not use harsh chemicals.baking-soda-on-the-shoesStep 3: Rinse the shoes with warm water. Make sure to rinse off all the soap or detergents using running water.

Step 4: Put the wet shoes to air dry in a shaded area after removing the excess water. Don’t ever put EVA shoes in direct sunlight or heat, as they can deform the materials.

Note: Don’t put your EVA shoes in a washing machine or a dryer, as they can damage the shoe materials and colors.

These easy steps make it so effortless to clean your Native shoes and make them look new.

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Non-EVA Shoes

Instead of using EVA, Native Light-Knight shoes use a unique 3D knitting technique to prevent excess waste while also making the shoes comfortable. Their lightweight mesh-like upper is also easy to clean. [non-eva-shoes

To clean these shoes when dirty, follow the below steps:

  • To begin with the cleaning, first, remove the surface dirt with a brush or cloth when the shoes are completely dry.
  • Remove the insoles and laces. Put them aside to clean them separately.
  • Soak the shoes in warm water and apply mild soap or detergent to remove the stains and dirt.
  • Using a soft brush or cloth, gently rub the shoes without leaving any part. Rinse them with water until the dirt and soap used are entirely gone.removing-mud-from-shoe-with-a-brush
  • Clean the soles and laces using the same process.
  • After removing the excess water from the shoes and soles using a dry towel or cloth, put them aside for drying. Don’t use any heat dryer or direct sunlight, as heat can degrade the shoe materials.

You can hand-wash your Native shoes easily at home using these steps, no matter how worn off they are.

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How Do You Clean the Native Shoes in a Washing Machine?

Though using a washing machine is not suggested, it is possible if you are too tired to hand-wash them. Still, avoid using the washing machine to clean iridescent shoes.

To wash Native shoes in a washer, go through the steps given below:

  • Put the shoes in the machine after separating the insoles and laces. Use a laundry bag to prevent the shoe materials from getting damaged by aggressive rotation.
    Place a few towels with them just to balance the weight.
  • Add mild washing detergent or dish soap and 3–4 cups of water to the drum.
  • After turning the machine on with a Gentle Setting, let them get washed for at least 1 hour.
  • Take out the shoes and check if they are cleaned entirely.
  • Put on the shoes for air drying. You can also hang them using clips.drying-shoes-using-clips

Using a washing machine to clean Native shoes is quite simple. But make sure you know all the precautions before starting.

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3 Ways to Get Rid of Smelly Native Shoes

Native shoes get smelly when you wear them continuously for days. That is because of the growth of bacteria inside the shoes. But why get rid of these cute shoes just because they stink when you can remove the foul odor easily?

Here, I’m giving you the 3 best ways to make your stinky shoes as fresh as brand new:

Use White Vinegar

Vinegar destroys the bacteria causing the smell in shoes, as they are acidic. Add 4 spoons full of vinegar to the water before soaking the shoes. You can also spray the white vinegar directly using a spray bottle.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

If you can’t get your hands on white vinegar, you can use rubbing alcohol instead. For this, spray the alcohol directly on the shoes by filling it in a spray bottle. You can also use a cloth after soaking it in alcohol and wipe the shoe surfaces with it.

Use Baking Soda

Besides removing stains, baking soda is also suitable for getting rid of the smell. Simply sprinkle the powdered soda inside the shoes and leave it for 5–6 hours. You can wear them right after dumping the powder.

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How to Clean the White Part of Native Shoes?

You can clean the white parts of Native shoes by following the same ways mentioned above. Add baking soda with water and scrub the white portions with a cloth or toothbrush to remove the stains

Can You Use Magic Eraser to Clean Native Shoes?

Yes, You can use Magic Eraser to clean Native shoes if you apply it gently. Rubbing them too hard with Magic Eraser will remove the colors and designs, not just the stain.

Can I Use Fabric Softener or Bleach When Cleaning My Native Shoes?

You don’t need fabric softener or bleach on Native shoes, as they are not required while cleaning. They are made of natural and recycled materials that are sensitive to harsh chemicals like bleach.


Native shoes offer a range of styles for people of all ages– even babies.

The usage of a perforated EVA upper made the brand a sought-after item for warm months.

Rough use of these comfy shoes– mainly by kids, can make them dirty just after wearing them a few times. As for the best ways to clean Native shoes, this article got you covered. Just follow the steps given earlier and make your dirty shoes clean.

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