How to Break in Converse? [9 Effective & Hassle-Free Ways]

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Being the oldest sneaker brand, Converse is super popular among people of all ages. But when it comes to a break-in, It can be a little painful. But don’t let this irritating break in time stop you from wearing these fantastic pairs.


Because with some easy techniques, you can break into converse in no time.

In this article, I will share with you nine effective break-in methods that I successfully applied to my converse.

So let’s dive in!

How To Break In Converse?

A painful break-in is a widespread phenomenon for maximum shoes. Sometimes it can be the reason for getting injuries like blisters. But following proper methods can help you avoid unwanted incidents and reduce the break-in time.

Here, I am sharing 9 painless break-in methods of Converse:

1. Wear Your Converse Often For Short Periods

Wear your new converse in the evening for 20 to 30 minutes regularly. It is a prevalent, effective, but lengthy break-in process. Try this method between your home alley. If it feels too harsh on your feet, take it off immediately.

I suggest you wear the converse first few days on the carpet area. Sometimes the wrong size can be a reason for a harsh break-in period. wearing-converse-on-the-carpet

Though Converse is made of canvas material which is stretchy enough, no material is that stretchy that can adjust with 1 or half size larger leg. So, after 3 or 5 days of wear, If the size is not appropriate, you can exchange them easily.

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2. Plastic Bag

It sounds weird, but wearing a plastic bag over your socks makes it easier to put your feet into your new converse. And also, make a barrier between your legs and shoe.

So when you try your new stiff converse, it doesn’t hurt your legs. And slowly, the shoe will adjust with your feet after a few wearers.

3. Shoe Stretcher

Use a shoe stretcher if you don’t want to take any risk with your precious leg. But it can be risky if you take the wrong size of shoe stretcher. It will not be effective if your stretcher is small. And if it’s larger than your shoe, then your shoe can tear apart.

There are different types of stretchers. Plastic and metal are the most popular. Choose your preferable stretcher and insert it into your converse shoe. use-a-shoe-stretcher

Then turn the top screw until your shoe gets wider, and when your hand starts to feel the pressure, stop it.

Put the shoe in this situation for 1 or 2 nights. But be careful, don’t put over-pressure on your shoe. After two days, put out the stretcher and enjoy your new converse without any pain.

So this painless trick is quite risky, but if you have done it carefully, the shoe stretcher works fantastically to break in shoes.

4. Blister Free Socks

Blister-free socks are a great way to keep away blisters by wearing new converse. I recommend wearing these amazing socks on a regular basis.

Wearing shoes without socks is bad for feet. So investing money in good socks is a wise decision because these socks also work functionally to prevent painful blisters.

These anti-blister socks are available on Amazon and can be found nearby footwear shops. So pick one blister-free sock, and be comfortable and tensionless even in the break-in period.

5. Wear Band-Aids

Another simple and pocket-friendly idea for hassle-free break-ins is using a band-aid on the heel and toe. The heel & toe area is mostly rubbed with the stiff upper.

Protect your heel and toe area with a suitable bandage and create a barricade between the leg and upper of the converse.

6. Heel Pad

If you have flat feet, a break-in period is much more painful than others. For giving you good support, a comfortable heel pad is an excellent option.


The heel pad also prevents the blistering from your back heel and provides extra cushioning, relaxing during a challenging break-in period.

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7. Bend the Shoes to Loosen Them

Bending your new converse repeatedly can make them more comprehensive than before. You just have to hold the toe portion in one hand and the heel portion by another hand.

Then bed it in a V-shape continuously. After a few trials, you can feel that your stiff converse shoe is more flexible than before.

But you have to be careful while bending. Because too much bending can damage your brand-new shoe.

8. Apply Hair Dryer

If you want to stretch your converse fast, use a hair dryer. It gives you quick and outstanding results. First, you have to wear thick socks and then put on your converse. apply-hair-dryer

Then heat the shoe, especially the tight area, with a hair dryer. In the meantime, continuously move your feet; it will help the stiff upper adjust with your leg.

When the shoe is perfectly cool down, then put it out. It will fix the stretching process.

9. Wash Them

Washing your shoe also stretches it. Put some clothes or old newspaper in converse and then soak it in water with a small amount of detergent.

Rub your shoe gently with a brush, especially in tight areas. After rinsing it with clean water, dry it in the air.

Note: Before washing, take off the shoelaces.

Break-in to converse seems painful, but following proper methods reduces the pain and time of the break-in. The techniques I have described will help you to enjoy your new converse with a less painful break-in period.

How Long Does It Take To Break In Converse

The converse break-in period depends on person to person. It usually takes 5 to 6 weeks if you wear it moderately. But if you wear it regularly for a minimum of 30 minutes, it takes 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes it takes only 1 week if you buy the proper size.

So before buying, be sure about your size; it reduces your break-in time and also makes it less painful.

From my personal experience, wearing the new pair regularly at home is the best idea. And obviously, with socks. Though it is a little lengthy process, there is no risk of damaging the new shoe.

The other fastest option is a shoe stretcher and hairdryer. Both take very little time but have a big risk of damage. Therefore, choose the method that suits your need perfectly and enjoy a fitted pair of converse.

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Bottom Line

The break-in period can’t be a reason to avoid wearing such a cool new converse.

In this article, I have described a few easy-peasy ideas to help you reduce the break-in hassle. Follow any of them and must share your experience in the comment section.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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