How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last? [Know & Extend the Lifespan]

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For ballerinas, pointe shoes are a staple component for accomplishing the pointe ballet dance steps.

So, being a ballet dancer, it’s obvious you wanna know about Pointe’s longevity. Well, the lifetime of the satin shoes depends on the dancer’s age, skill and practice schedule.


After gathering all pertinent data regarding pointe shoes and my personal experience, I will share with you the actual lifespan of pointe shoes in this article. So, let’s hop in!

How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last?

Unfortunately, the pointe pair last between 10 to 20 hours. The shoe doesn’t spend the entire day after being used professionally. Usually, pointe shoes are made using natural products, so they never last long. Moreover, the shoe easily breaks down when they are wet.

After vigorous practice, the shoes absorb all the perspiration and moisture, and the box area becomes soft. Thus, the shoe needs to be replaced before the next practice at that point because it is no longer usable.

So be sure to let your favorite pointe shoes air dry after each use to increase their durability.

However, for dancers’ performances, most of them use ballet pointe shoes. It offers the best support during a slide, spin or other movements.

Ballerinas use these shoes because the pair offer the best arch and toe support.

Moreover, It also distributes the whole body weight to the shoe surrounding the toe area along with the arch support, whereas the other shoes never offer that type of facility.

How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last for Beginners?

The pointe shoe offers a bit wider life range for starting dancers. The shoe supports the learners for 4 to 6 months, which is a dream for professional ballet dancers. If beginners properly care for the delicate shoe, they may endure longer than the specified period of time.

Pointe shoes also need more meticulous attention because they are more delicate than other dancing shoes.

The durability of pointe shoes for beginners relies on how you care for them. The shoes immediately break down and quickly mold to your feet. The shoes hardly pass the maximum six months.

When you are looking for the most durable pointe shoes, you have to pick the Gaynor Minden’s.

Gaynor Minden’s offer large durability than the other traditional pointe shoes. Because they are not manufactured with the typical material, they use flexible plastic with the usual materials.

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How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last for Professionals?

After intense ballet training, pointe offers only 15 to 20 hours at most. Within a week, the professional ballet dancers must exchange a few pairs. Dry your pointe shoes after your training session so you can wear them for 20 hours; otherwise, 12 hours is a good bet.

Most dancers take at least two to four years to adapt all the ballet techniques before starting with the pointe shoes. So for beginners, the pointe shoes last 4 to 6 months because of the training and skill.

However, you hardly ever wear your ballet shoes for more than 20 hours after the training season.

No need to worry; you are mistaken if you believe it would only last a day. The length of the pointe shoe was fixed in accordance with pointe ballerina practice. If you practice pointe dances for 30 minutes every day, just the specific 30 minutes will be tallied.

Therefore, how long you practice in your silk pointe shoes will determine how long they last.

Why Do Pointe Shoes Wear Out So Quickly?

Typically, materials like paper or fabric that are easily available in nature are used to make pointe shoes.

They created a box point space for accomplishing the special ballet dancing by gluing material together layer by layer.

When you initially put them on, they could feel a little stiff, but as you wear them more frequently, the user breaks them in by bending the shank and compressing the toe box zone.

After making that adjustment, your pointe shoes are at their most comfortable. However, the structure of the shoes must be compromised due to excessive sweating.

Therefore, this is the fundamental cause of pointe shoes’ shorter lifespan. The more you use them, the more moisture they absorb, and the faster the pair wears out or loses its longevity.

I remember my 1st pair lasted only 7 or 8 months after maintaining them properly.

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How Much Do Pointe Shoes Cost?

There are different price ranges for pointe or ballet shoes. However, if you want to get a new pair of ballet shoes for performing the dances, you must budget between $45 and $125. The branded pointe shoes cost between $65 and $90 for their premium qualities.

Additionally, you need to spend more than $20 dollar for elastic, ribbon, toe pads, sewing kits and so on.  And the most disheartening part is the shoes only last a few months after regular use!


You can purchase well-known branded ballet shoes, such as Gaynor Minden, Sansha, Capezio, Bloch, So Dansa, etc., if your budget is between $65 and $75.

How often do ballerinas change their shoes?

A professional ballerina usually changes her shoes after 10 to 20 hours of use. However, the frequency and intensity are the most valid reason which specifies the lifetime of pointe shoes. So, you must switch out your pointe shoes based on your use. The duration will ultimately depend on how long you perform your training.

After your practice, you must inspect them and change them right away if there are any noticeable soft spots.

You also extended the longevity of your pointe shoes, don’t change them before the box, and the shank area is totally softened. There are four main diagnoses; if anyone can be found, you must replace them right away.

4 signs that tell you to say goodbye to your pointe shoes:

  1. Compared to earlier wear, you can feel them softening once the shank is broken.
  2. The box area also feels soft, and you can not make the point accurately.
  3. You feel the base when you make any point with your soft pointe shoes.
  4. You may sense that your feet are broader than they were before the shoes stopped supporting your feet.

Change your pointe shoes immediately if you notice any of the symptoms because the soft ballet shoe invites serious harm to you.

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes are essential accessories for the ballet world. But sadly, the shoes can’t last forever. They are quite expensive, according to the price the longevity is actually disappointing.

Now, I have come up with a few tips that help to enhance your dead ballet shoes’ lifespan a little longer.

Here are the 4 tips for extending the life of pointe shoes:

1. Dry Your Pointe Shoes Properly

Proper drying is one of the crucial reasons for deteriorating your pointe shoes easily. Don’t put the pairs in your bags after freshly use. The sweat and moisture slowly damage the shank and reduce its lifespan.

You must dry out your pointe shoes properly after using them. It’s the most beneficial tip to prolong the longevity of your pointe pairs.

2. Use The Jet Glue

Using jet glue as a hardener to revive your soft ballet shoe. The jet glue is perfect for immediately hardening the shank, wing, and platform of your ballet shoes.

If your pointe shoes are going to die, the jet glue adds some more longevity until you get a new pair of pointe shoes.

3. Alternate Your Pointe Pairs

If you regularly practice ballet, I suggest you get at least two pairs of pointe shoes.

In general, pointe shoes last only 10 to 20 hours but using more than one pair for your dancing time can enhance longevity. They also have sufficient time to dry out your each pointe shoes properly.

4. Beaking them in properly

The break-in process of pointe shoes is quite difficult than other shoes. The experts only follow the hard technique to break them in because they use the pointe shoes for only one performance.

But the Extreme break-in method reduces the longevity. So you have to complete the procedure delicately.

Apply these tips to your ballet shoes. Your pointe shoes must enhance their longevity. However, if you have any other questions about your dancing shoes, talk with your dancing instructor without any delay.

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What age do most ballerinas start pointe?

There is no specific age limitation to using pointe, but the expert suggests the trainee should be at least 11 years or more.

Is pointe ballet painful?

Pointe is unlike other slippers, which are typically uncomfortable in the beginning. If it is not properly fitted, it may cause some problems, but those problems can be resolved.

Can beginners go pointe?

No, the ballerinas must spend at least 2 to 4 years of ballet training. Before using pointe, you must know the technique and instructions of ballet dance.

Parting Thoughts

All ballet pointe shoes have a lifetime, and the longevity depends on how the dancer uses them.

I hope this guide will be helpful in educating you about pointe shoes, including the actual pieces of information. Little care enlarges the lifespan of your beloved pointe shoes.

So, Let me know in the comment section how long your first pair of pointe shoes last.

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