Hey Dude vs Skechers [What Differs in These Identical Sets?]

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While shopping for shoes, you might have noticed some shoes are labeled as Skechers, yet looks like Hey Dude. They are just like twins.

Despite having almost identical appearances, some differences between them are visible due to being made by two different brands.


Let’s discuss those differences in brief. So that you can easily make a  purchase when it comes to choosing one between Hey Dude and Skechers.

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What Are the Differences Between Hey Dude & Skechers?

Skechers are mostly popular for their performance shoes and don’t look alike Hey Dude. But the Women’s BOBS Skipper line and Men’s Melson of Skechers are exactly similar to Hey Dude. That’s why they are also known as Skechers Hey Dude or Vice Versa.

These Skechers styles and original Hey Dudes are fabricated with cotton canvas at the upper and memory foam insole. And at first glance, you won’t be able to identify any disparity between these two.

Thus, I have sorted out some subtle dissimilarities by closely analyzing a pair of Hey Dude Wendy Chambray and Skechers BOBS Skipper, which are discussed below:

1. Design

Take a closer look at the pairs. In Hey Dudes there are only two eyelets through which the laces are tied. No side label is seen on Hey Dudes, rather it includes a label at the back.


BOBS Skechers have one more eyehole, i.e there have 3 eyelets in total. Though some Melson Styles of Men’s have two eyelets just like Hey Dude.

Moreover, BOBS styles have a side tag where the word BOBS is mentioned.

Another dissimilarity that I noticed in my sets is, the white midsole of BOBS Skechers contains dots all over the surface. And it is easily visible from the sides. But there’s nothing like that in Hey Dude’s midsole

2. Comfort

To realize the comfort level, I walked for 2km in Hey Dude for half of the month, and in Skechers for the remaining days of the month. In the end, I have perceived that both are equally comfortable for ideal feet.

The soft chambray blended breathable upper, leather lining insole, and Flex & fold technology offers praiseworthy comfort in Hey Dude.

On the contrary, Skechers have finely textured canvas and faux leather-made upper and cushioned midsole. But the huge portion of incredible comfort comes from its Memory Foam™ insole.


However, if the memory foam of your footwear gets dirty, you can browse how to wash Skechers memory foam.

Besides, Skechers and Hey Dudes aren’t equally comfy for people with foot issues such as Plantar fasciitis (PF). Skechers are lagging behind in this phase. But Hey Dude is suitable for PF due to being lightweight, flexible, and cushioned.

3. Price

The pricing of Hey Dudes starts at nearly $30 which reaches up to $80 based on gender, size, and style.

On the other hand, if you consider all kinds of Skechers, you will find out that they claim more from users’ wallets. As a brand, they are in the lead for demanding a high-end price tag.  $100 to $200 priced shoes are available in their collection. However, the starting price is relatively lower ($27.99).

But BOBS Skipper’s price is identical to Hey Dudes. A classic pair is available for $45 to $80, the same as Hey Dude, right?

4. Sizing & Fit

Hey Dude shoes fit snugly to the normal feet. And I have found the proper fit with the true-to-size Wendy Chambray. Half sizes are unavailable in this brand. Thus, people who are in between sizes should go a size down for a tight fit, and size up for a loose fit.

Skechers also run true to size. But the fitting is different. It fits somewhat roomier on normal feet, while Hey Dude is snug. Moreover, it manufactures half sizes shoes for customers.

5. Weight

Hey Dudes are immensely popular for being lightweight casual wear. However, fake Hey Dude shoes are heavy.  But each authentic pair weighs nearly 6 ounces.

As a result, individuals are really enthusiastic to pair up with the shoes for their regular go-to, friends get-together, family meetups, and even for a refreshing walk at the seashore. But do not rely on Hey Dudes for professional running.

Skechers are a bit heavier, 0.5 ounces more than Hey Dude. However, this weight variation is not a major concern. And so, BOBS Skechers are also worthy to use for all sorts of informal activities.


But the limitation is Hey Dudes have a wide range of designs, prints, and colorways. But Skechers that looks like Hey Dude has only a few variations.

Skechers That Look Like Hey Dude

Looking for Men’s Skechers which have the same outer appearance as Hey Dude?

Then, Melson’s Volgo, Chad, Raymon, Railo, etc are nice options for you. These versions have Goga Mat Arch™ cushioned support which helps to stand and walk for a long period with the pairs on.


For wintertime, Melson Mozley is fine with a soft microfiber fabric upper and plush faux-fur lining.

BOBS Skipper is the most familiar line for women’s Skechers that look like Hey Dude. They are crafted from woven fabric which is completely vegan. Other characteristics such as comfort, price, fit, etc are quite satisfactory.

A noticeable difference between men’s Melson and women’s BOBS Skipper is its 1-inch heel.

Hey Dude vs Skechers: Pros & Cons

Hey Dude Shoes

  • »Made of soft cotton canvas.
  • »Breathable and stretchy.
  • »Runs true to size.
  • »Comfortable to walk in for a long time.
  • »Good for flat feet.
  • »Affordable & Easy to Wear.
  • »Pretty Lightweight.
  • »Provides a smart casual outlook.
  • »Multiple choices of color and design varieties.
  • »Improper for a formal outfit.
  • »Doesn’t offer half sizes.
  • »Inappropriate choice for wide feet.


  • »Comfortable memory foam insole.
  • »Proper fit with adjustable lacing.
  • »Easier to break in.
  • »Budget-friendly and lightweight.
  • »Comes with an impressive look.
  • »Roomy interior so a good option for medium-wide and extra-wide feet.
  • »This informal wear is easy to put on and off.
  • »Limited color and design options.
  • »Not so popular as Hey Dude.
  • »Unsuitable for plantar fasciitis & flat feet.

Which One Is Suitable for You Between Skechers & Hey Dude?

First of all, it depends on your personal preferences and budget which one you would purchase. But being an expert shoe researcher, I have some valuable suggestions for you, which can help you to grab the perfect one for yourself.

You should choose Hey Dude if you

– are passionate about charming designs and color tones.
– have plantar fasciitis or low arch issues.
– prefer a snug-fitting shoe.

Otherwise, opt for Skechers when you

– are glad about solid paints.
– have a wide fit and prefer a bit spacious interior.

Only these points are enough to make choice between Hey Dude and Skechers. Though other things such as comfort, material, price, and weight vary, but these features are advantageous in both. So no matter which one you choose, you won’t regret it!

Bottom Line

In terms of delivering decent comfort and a handsome look at a reasonable price, both Skechers and Hey Dude are worthy. Yet, some dissimilarities between them are noted to add only one to your wardrobe.

Meanwhile, you must have already made a decision between Hey Dude and Skechers.

Let me know in the comment section which one you’re gonna pay for. Also if you’ve any further queries, drop them below.

Peace Out!

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